Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm Gonna eBay my Nano

Steve Jobs, you wiley bastard, why must you rob me blind?? A month ago, I opted not to pay any of my bills and instead purchased the iPod Nano. Of course, yesterday, Apple revealed the Video iPod. In turn, I disconnected all possible means for creditors to contact me, as I again will opt not to pay any bills this month and instead purchase the new iPod.

So will this change the television business? Probably not, my bad credit has no affect on the business. But the Video iPod? Definitely...eventually. However, I would think it'd take a few generations of this new iPod and a few more studios to jump on board before it substantially affects anything.

One of my initial mentors in the entertainment business made an analogy when the iPod and iTunes music store first came out. He said that the digital music world was intially a crazy town without crosswalks. Everyone walking illegally whereever they pleased. There were no rules, so people didn't follow them. All Apple had to do was create clear crosswalks that everyone could understand and people adhered. We started buying music again. But with television being a free medium, does this analogy still apply? I think so. Though television may be free, television DVDs are quite expensive. Sure, you can download them illegally through BitTorrents (I've caught up on all seasons of Scrubs this way), but it's still a bitch to use. They download really slowly and often fail. So, I for one will be walking on Apple's video crosswalk.

A side issue that I'm curious about is residuals for writers. The WGA still hasn't made much ground on the DVD issue, so I'm sure it'll take a long time before they are even able to address online digital revenue. Of course, it may take me that long to actually be accepted into the Guild, so perhaps it'll be perfect timing.

Anyways, Gizmodo and Engadget have some initial reviews of the new iPod. There's also a rumor that Apple has an even bigger announcement next month? An iPod that can cook, clean and give good head? Hmm, maybe I will wait and pay my bills this month.


Blogger Princess Sparkle said...

I'm still using a Sony Discman!
Cpt. Oats - you can make me a few CDs of your "you should hear" anytime....

11:51 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Princess Sparkle, you are obviously awesome. Seeing that you are also a plastic horse...I will def burn you a few CDs.

2:04 PM  

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