Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Must See Tuesdays?

Before this fall season, I think the last time I made it through an entire episode of a NBC show was the finale of Friends. And even then, it was tough. But now, on Tuesday nights, the only two shows I watch are My Name is Earl and the Office. How the hell did this happen?? I mean I don't think either show is, by any means, great. But they're definitely better than anything else on that night. Maybe NBC will start a "Must See Tuesdays" campaign?

Anyways, I thought last night's My Name is Earl episode was pretty funny. The show's slowly growing on me. A buddy of mine at UCLA's screenwriting program tells me this show is a good one to spec these days. Just got picked up for the full season, critics love it, and agents are probably tired of reading Arrested Development and Scrubs specs. Thoughts?

Speaking of Scrubs, the NY Post has an article about how Bill Lawrence, the show's creator, wants NBC to pull the Office and put his show behind My Name is Earl. I am all for that. Bill Lawrence for NBC President.

Other than Earl though, things don't look so hot for NBC. Hmm, if I were Kevin Reilly, what would I do...let's see...oooh, I know! An employee idea box! Wait, damn it, looks like he beat me to it.

I'll leave you with a few more articles about Earl:
NY Times on Earl's development
Hollywood Reporter on Earl's success


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