Thursday, October 20, 2005


This will be a very uninspired post due to the lack of good television this week (how awful was My Name is Earl?). And also uninspired due to the lack of comments. No feedback after all those free songs? =) I know people are downloading cause my bandwidth's definitely being eaten up! (pushes up dorky glasses from tip of nose)

Anyways, first things first. Veronica Mars. Last night's episode was eh. It was nice seeing a lot of my fav characters (Weevil, Mac, etc), but they didn't get enough screen time. Instead, we got plenty of overacting from that Julie person. Where's Dick and Beaver? What happened to Mr. Casablancas? Why did we only see five seconds of Logan who looks like he has mono? Why is Duncan so annoying this season? Unanswered questions. I usually like my unanswered VM questions to be 'who killed who?', 'did you see that coming?' and 'wanna watch that again?', but not this episode. However, I did enjoy Keith Mars calling out Veronica and his confrontation with "Wallace's father". And god damn, Kristen Bell looked hot when she was trying to tempt the Scottish dude. Anyways, here's a cool article on Sheriff Lamb and an interview with Rob Thomas.

On Wed nights, when VM doesn't come through (which is very, very rare), I can usually get my fix from Lost. But alas, not tonight. I usually love the backstories concerning Jin and Sun, but it should ultimately serve the overarching plot in some way. It was cute finding out how they met and all, nice to see more Asian actors on the screen, but again, I have a million unanswered questions and I'd like the show to address at least one. Not necessarily answer it, just address it! Maybe all the shows are saving their best for sweeps, but I came away from this episode quite apathetic to the fates of everyone on the island. And I also don't like the way they're having Jin "learn English". It's a good idea, as I'm sure English-speaking Jin will bring Daniel-Dae Kim more screen time, but at the moment, he is learning way too many words without much explanation.

Here's a cool website and an excellent article on Lost, with great recaps of past clues and links to good sites. One cool thing I learned was regarding the unintelligible message that Walt says when Shannon sees him in this season's premiere. Apparently, when played in reverse, the message says "Don't push the button, the button is bad." Like woah.

And in other news...
An Arrested Development book is coming out. Here's the cover art.
Will Paul Haggis save NBC's crash course? Mmm, I don't think so.
However, I do think this pilot could help NBC.
Definitions of words from the Simpsons.
According to TVGuide and NY Daily News, Vartan is indeed back on the set of Alias, but how much longer will the show last?

EDIT: I am taking back my sentiments re: Jin learning English. I totally forgot about the little phrasebook that Sun made for him. Thanks janna and scott for leaving comments convicing me otherwise.


Blogger Janna said...

Thank you for the songs, that was very nice of you to make this available to the technically-challenged people of the internet like myself.

I disagree that Jin is learning English too quickly. He's got the phrasebook Sun made him and it's been quite some time with near-total immersion, so I think his few words and just-barely understanding is appropriate.

I got here via the TWoP Grey's Anatomy boards, by the way. Thanks again!

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

I have to agree with the other comment. The Lostaways have been stuck on the island for, what is it, something like 48 days now? I would actually be concerned if Jin hadn't been picking up some english because it's all around him on the island.

Also, thanks for the songs, that's a cool little addition you have on here.

Like janna from above, I also got to this site via the TWoP Grey's Anatomy board.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

I completely forgot about the phrasebook. You guys have actually convinced me otherwise...I'll edit my post accordingly =)

1:52 AM  

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