Monday, November 07, 2005

Getting Warmer in the OC

I'm pretty sure I'm in an abusive relationship with this show. There are many, many moments that are just too painful to watch. Yet, I come back every week, hoping for a few nuggets of goodness, anything to remind me of what we had before. And everytime I'm about to call it quits, the show somehow manages to say the right things, whisper sweet-nothings and reel me back in. It did just that this past episode...

I mean, there are still flaws. I thought the whole Ryan-fishing boat story was ridiculously lame. You know things are getting repetitive when a friend, who's only seen the show a few times, says "geez, that Ryan kid seems to do this a lot." Indeed, he does. The writers need to figure out a different way of expressing Ryan's "fish out of water" issues. I would love to see Ryan hit it off with the new public school kids, ya know, since they're from similar backgrounds. In turn, he could start to neglect Seth and Marissa a bit and begin to think he's better off with his new friends. Then, something awful could happen to Ryan, Seth comes to his rescue, Ryan realizes that true friends stick around when times get rough, wonders where the hell Marissa was through all of this and kicks her off the show. Taylor Townsend then replaces her as a regular cast member. Done. Hmm, actually I may go write a spec along these lines with my writing partner. Will keep you posted.

Overall though, I did enjoy this episode. Things I loved: Dean Douchebag finally getting what he deserves, Taylor Townsend's facial expressions, Summer's parrot squawking, and Seth's "if we have some down time" line to Summer. I mean seriously, he gets no action anymore! And lastly, this may be odd, but I loved Seth's "Dad?" line at the dinner table when Sandy signs the guardian-release form. It seemed so sincerly sad.

Anyways, here's a few OC-related articles:
Seth and Summer Go to Brown? Oh man, I hope not. I get that it's a little ode to Schwartz's hometown of Providence, RI, but seriously, those two would have no chance at an Ivy-League school in the real world. My little sister applied to colleges last year and I was shocked at how much tougher it is now. She had much better stats than I did and somehow got rejected from my alma mater! Come on Quakers, wtf?! No worries though, she is currently a happy, hip NYU student. Sis, if you're reading this, go study. =)

Peter Gallagher's performance and interview on the Today Show, which my buddy Devin produced (thanks for getting his autograph for me!). Entertainment Weekly, however, gives Peter's album a rare 'F'.

An article on Autumn Reeser, aka Taylor Townsend.

An interesting read on the OC effect on indie rock. On a similar note, Veronica Mars creator, Rob Thomas, posted on TWoP about his show's music budget.


Blogger Princess Sparkle said...

very excited to see your entry this a.m. thanks for your thoughts. would love to read your spec.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hey Princess Sparkle,
I enjoy your comments. Due to my laziness, that OC spec may be a long-time coming, but my writing partner (his blog's been added to my sidebar) and I finished a pilot recently, wanna give it a read? Holler with an email addee.

3:22 AM  

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