Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hits and Misses

I've said this many times before, and I don't think I'll stop anytime soon: watch Veronica Mars. Seriously, listen up guys, and some girls, even if you don't watch TV, you must tune in for at least this reason: Kristen Anne Bell. Sweet heavenly hosts, this woman can ring my bell anytime. Ha, bell. I couldn't help myself. And this hottie can sure act, definitely one of the best female actresses on the small screen right now.

A few posts ago, I listed my Top Five Current Hotties. After seeing the Dec/Jan issue of Giant magazine (thanks Tarik!), I feel compelled to update (yes, I'm very fickle):
1. Angelina Jolie
2. Kristen Bell
3. Jessica Alba
4. Rachel McAdams
5. Kristen Kreuk

Anyways, I digress. Veronica Mars. God, the past two weeks have been perfect. That Rob Thomas sure knows how to keep things interesting...unlike, um, Lost. But we'll get to that in a bit. Some of my favorite moments from the past few weeks: all of Logan's one-liners ("my codeword will be...endurance"), the Ice Maker reveal, and the Clarence/Veronica team. I also loved the music in this past episode. I'll definitely be offering that Morningwood song next Musical Monday. =)

Here are a few recent articles related to the show:
Watch Percy try extra hard to get with one of the Next Top Models.

A chat with Jason Dohring.

Another article about Joss loving VM. His cameo last week was quite entertaining. Apprently, he's thinking of doing a few straight-to-DVD Buffy movies. Speaking of which, can someone please send me this?

Life on Mars.

For any readers residing in Austin, Rob Thomas is hosting a Marsathon.

VM better than Buffy?

VM and Scrubs get shout outs in this article about the rise of the geek. Speaking of Scrubs, let me also throw out this little nugget: Mandy Moore to guest star in two episodes.

I also, surprisingly, LOVED last night's episode of the OC. I don't think I've been able to say that in quite a long time. It's usually 'I loved that one specific moment', 'it was decent', or 'God, I'm giving up on this show'. But nope, last night I was zipping through the commercials on my DVR with an eager excitement I haven't felt since Season 1. I also felt 'eager excitement' when HBO had a Cathouse marathon and my roommates weren't home. "Pleasure myself, weap, and repeat." That's a Scrubs quote for ya...but back to the topic at hand...ha, hand. I couldn't help myself again.

So did anyone else enjoy last night's episode? It just felt like the old days. Ryan's all crazy, Sandy and Kirsten love each other, Seth has his cute, yet non-central, love-triangle storyline. Things are good. And I am also loving Taylor Townsend. I know I may get a few hate comments for saying this, but I want Seth to get with her. She cracks me up, her facial expressions are perfect. The parking lot scene was adorable. I thought this was a Josh Schwartz episode cause it was so quality, but turns out, it was written by John Stephens. Bravo, John. I hope you write many more.

Oh by the way, the episode before this one absolutely sucked. Enough said though, they redeemed themselves this week. Here are a few OC-related articles for ya:
I'm sure you've heard about this already, but here's Mischa's supposed Janet Jackson impersonation.

Dartmouth hearts the OC. Then again, what else is there to do at Dartmouth but love the OC? Yes, more hate comments.

the the year 2037.

Kaitlin returns from boarding school.

Now to the misses. I thought Grey's Anatomy was a bit off this week. Meredith's character's getting incredibly uninteresting, the VO's are trying too hard, and they're starting to focus too much on the medical cases rather than the characters. But hey, at least the music's still good right? It wasn't awful though, I still enjoyed the episode, so moving on. Here are a few GA articles:
Timeslot Change?

Anatomy of a TV season.

Not really news, but GA's ratings are soaring.

So the big miss this week? Lost. Goodness gracious, it really sucked this week. I couldn't care less about the other survivors. Seriously, it's sort of standard to have the last few minutes of Lost be intense. They even hyped it up as an "extended episode". And what did we get? A lame ass montage of things we've already seen. I do not understand what they were thinking when they cast Michelle Rodriguez. I winced every time she uttered a line, they were so forced. And she had a lot of lines last night, so there was lots of wincing. Perhaps the producers should spend less time coming up with marketing gimics, and spend more time writing quality episodes. I feel like the show could learn a thing or two from Veronica Mars. Both shows have an overarching mystery, but VM seems to have a planned course, every small clue having a purpose. Lost seems to be putting things together on the fly. I'm officially starting to lose interest. Anyways, here are more articles:
Frustrated with Lost.

Elaborately plotted or flimsy trash?

Hanso Clue?

The numbers don't mean anything?

Yes Michelle, everyone hates you now.

Long, Lost Josh Holloway picture.

Top Five Lost Moments. Not Lost-related, but TV Squad also lists their Top Five Sitcom Sluts.

Bored at the office? Pretend you're a Lost castway.


Blogger NewsGuyNY said...

Couldn't agree more on Lost, VM and my future wife, Ms Bell...she's got a little thing for me I think...she just doesn't know it yet

10:42 AM  
Blogger sam said...

K.Bell is awesome because she's from Detroit and we all know girls from Detroit rule. I do feel like they've made her look a lot older this season though. Last season they'd always out her in cutesy clothes and pigtails/nub-buns, but this season with the longer hair she's looking 25.

As for this week's OC- I also thought it was pretty damn good. Can you put that song from the very end on Musical Monday this week- I loved that, with Ryan and the bloody knuckles and all...old school OC rad...

As for Taylor...I love that they've set her up as someone that the old Seth Cohen could really sympathize with. He, too used to have no friends and be a nerdy loner. HOWEVER, as much as she can sometimes redeem herself, she's clearly just a bit psycho...but I definitely see Seth hooking up with her at some point- DAMN! I loved the special moment with Julie Cooper and Kiki, but I really wish Marisa would throw herself off a cliff.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love reading your stuff and while I so totally still love Lost, I must absolutely positively agree with you on the Rodriguez front. Girl can not act. That crying scene? Soooo forced. Felt nothing for her. OC was good, but I'm still so totally a sethummer shipper. Keep up the awesome blog.

9:51 PM  
Blogger mnr639 said...

All right, look, Oats, that settles it -- I'm borrowing your VM DVD set over Christmas and I'm sure I'll love it, but can the world puhlease have a reality check? This show is in its second season and they're already saying it might be better than a show that many consider a paradigm-shifting entity that lasted 7 years. 7 years! And all of them were great except for the last one, which had to settle for merely being "quite good, a more than adequate conclusion." Also, that article about VM being better than Buffy has a central flaw in its main supporting argument - that Veronica has her adventures in the real world while Buffy had hers in a fantasy land makes VM better. I disagree. Buffy's fantasy settign is what made it all the more potent. I'm sorry, but come 5 seasons in, aren't people going to start scratching their heads and wonder, "You know the amount of mysteries in this high school are exponentially greater than what actually happens in real life. Huh. How about that?" With Buffy, you could never get that way because it never even pretended to be realistic. People were just like "ANOTHER monster this week? Well, it is The Hellmouth and the apocalypse is upon us and blah blah blah." Now again, I can not emphasize enough - I am NOT hating on the VM (or your impeccable taste), I'm just saying we need a little perspective - I don't want to give my heart away like I did to Alias and get betrayed by a HORRIBLE third season, a bizzarre fourth season (what is it? A romantic comedy with spy sisters?) and an unwatchable 5th season. I'm fragile, and my little TiVo heart can't take much more breaking. Oh, and Earl rules.

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool. Janet jackson nude vid, is this real?

3:11 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Sam, I totally agree with you re: Marissa and a cliff. I really do hope Seth and Taylor bump uglies... apparently, mnr639 met the real life Taylor out in LA.

Ah mnr639, I will never call you by your real name. I do see your point about overhyping a show.. which I think is done a lot lately. Everyone thinks Lost is soooo genius, which I must admit, I sometimes do, but this is only its second season. It could end up being like Twin Peaks. But seriously, I think once you watch VM, you may end up agreeing with that article... you can slap me in person when I see you this week.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop ragging on show ever. Veronica Mars sucks!

6:20 AM  
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