Monday, November 28, 2005


Due to the holidays, I've obviously procrastinated a bit on life. I've also been lazy with this blog. I'm also sick. I think it's a sinus infection or an upper respiratory thing.. where's Meredith Grey or John Dorian when you need them? Anyways, now with all my whining out of the way, here's a list of articles I've been meaning to post, sans much commentary (why are you cheering? i like to hear the sound of my own voice, damnit):
E! Online talks it up with the cast of Veronica Mars.

Another interview with librarian-turned-VM writer, Cathy Belben. The website has many other great interviews with writers and cast members.

David Cross discusses the death of AD with Radar. In related news, here's an interview with Michael Cera.

Nikki Reed, the "girl I wanted to say was so hot, but couldn't when she was in the movie Thirteen", is set to do four episodes of the OC.

New York Magazine ponders the future of television, as does Slate. Will CBS turn to Google for help? I still think Apple will pave the way as they did with digital music, and every channel will soon be offering almost all their shows on iTunes. It may just take a bit longer than it did with music.

ABC axes Alias. But they're gonna try and milk it for all its worth before it dies. I think the cow's already out of milk though.

The Five Best X-Files episodes.

The problem with NBC (requires registration, but hey, it's free)

Is Lost just meandering through the creative woods? I still like this show, and it's still better than most, but I no longer feel the need to tune in every single week. Anyone else?

I think Katie Couric should just do it. It's time to move on, no? In contrast, I sincerely wish Mr. Roker would just stick to his Today Show duties. Meet the Rokers? Why, God. Why.

Daniel Radcliffe goes from being Harry Potter to being an Extra. In related news, will Ricky Gervais get his own talk show?

I know this is a bit dated, but I really liked this NY Times article. I actually prefer the "season in one sitting" type of viewing now...having to watch Season 2 of Veronica Mars at the normal weekly pace is killing me. Would I have liked Season 1 just as much had I watched it at a normal pace? Hmm, something to think about when I go #2.

This guy loves Steve Guttenberg, but who doesn't? If I were a showrunner, I'd definitely write a part for Mr. Guttenberg. Wait, my writing partner and I already did that. I guess we just need to take care of the showrunner part now...


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Damn Nikki Reed is actually still 17. Thanks for making me feel like R. Kelly.

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