Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

I hope all you Buffys and Sydney Bristows out there had a great Halloween. I thought my costume was gonna be a total miss, but it ended up being quite a hit, I underestimated the influence of the OC. This is what I was striving for:

And this was the result:

Now, if only life were a teen dramedy and the night actually ended like this:

*EDIT: Another blogger, Shawna Benson, had a much more creative costume.

Musical Monday

I'm trying to post songs from other shows, but I just keep coming back to Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy. So again, here are songs from this past week's episodes:

"Whatever It Takes" - the Faders (on episode "Blast from the Past" of Veronica Mars)

"Today Has Been OK" - Emiliana Torrini (on episode "Into You Like A Train" of Grey's Anatomy)

"The City Lights" - the Umbrellas (on episode "Into You Like A Train" of Grey's Anatomy)

"Back Where I Was" - The Hereafter (on episode "Into You Like A Train" of Grey's Anatomy)

Monday, October 24, 2005

I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

I'd like to expand upon yesterday's link regarding Saturday Night Live's suckage. Again, the simple solution - hire funny people. Case in point: For those of you unfortunate enough to watch SNL last week, remember the sketch during Weekend Update where Fred Armisen plays a "blind comedian"? Well, an improv group in the city called the Whitest Kids U'Know also does a sketch where they play "blind comedians". I'm not gonna incenuate that SNL stole a joke, BUT rather, point out how incredibly unfunny it was compared to TWKUK's sketch (takes a while to download). Same premise, different outcome. Of course, my point would be more pointy if I had video of the SNL sketch (anyone?). Lorne Michaels, if you're reading this, and I'm sure you do every day, hire the Whitest Kids U'Know.

Along the same lines, Andy Samberg, one of SNL's new cast members, did a few short films starring Sarah Chalke of Scrubs. It's a parody of the OC, called the 'Bu, and it's (suprise!) not that funny. I mean, I chuckled in my mind. BUT that's more cause I was imagining all the funny things I'd say if I ever met Sarah Chalke in person. My love for her did compel me to watch every single episode. Sarah, if you're reading this, I am very single. That's pretty much all I have to offer you. Let's bump uglies.

For all you comic-reading Seth Cohens out there, Sin City might be coming to the small screen. BUT that's not all the Weinsteins have in store for the small screen, there's more.

An interview with Dr. Burke from Grey's Anatomy. BUT seriously Burke, Sandra Oh is so annoying!

MSNBC's Top 10 Current Scariest TV Characters. BUT what if we weren't limited to current shows, who else could we list? Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files always gave me the heeby jeebies. And the actor, Joel Gray, creeps me out in any character he plays (he was the "other Sloan" in Alias last season and was Doc, the dude who stabbed Dawn on Buffy). Guess I'm specifically scared of really old men. Thoughts?

We must stop this unholy union. The fate of Middle Earth depends on it...Evangeline Lilly, I know your stuck on an island, BUT why??

Daily News

Cancel SNL? That's one solution. The other, more subtle solution would be hiring funny people.

In related news, NBC officially gives up on the ratings race.

Season 2 of Scrubs comes out on November 15th, and they want your input on which commercials to use, vote here. If anyone wants to mail me a copy, I will love you forever...forever ever, forever ever, ever ever.

Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines is set to guest-start on Scrubs. I do love me some Cheryl Hines, but does anyone else thinks Curb's sorta hurting this season?

Portland hearts Arrested Development, thus I heart Portland.

Could the Video iPod save shows like Arrested Development and Veronica Mars from cancellation?

An interview with Arrested Development creator, Mitchell Hurwitz.

Bohemian Rhapsody, the "Lost" version.

Boston Herald's list of great new characters this season. Dr. Addison Shepherd of GA and Kendall Casablancas of VM made the list!

The Wheat and the Chaff of this fall season. They mention Veronica Mars, which is always nice.

Assistant Atlas' "Shark-Jump Watch" for this fall season. Pretty much spot on...

If you're a writer and haven't been reading John Rogers' blog lately, he just made it a lot easier to find the topic of your interest. His series of posts on "the pilot pitch" are quite helpful.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Musical Monday

If you do download any of the songs, a short "thanks, i loved that song" or "i hate you, you made my ears bleed" in the comment section would make these posts more interesting for me.

"Not Tonight" - Tegan and Sara (on episode "Bring the Pain" of Grey's Anatomy)

"So Jealous" - Tegan and Sara (on episode "Green-Eyed Monster" of Veronica Mars)

"I Hear the Bells" - Mike Doughty (on a future episode of Veronica Mars and episode "Bring the Pain" of Grey's Anatomy)

"Where Is My Mind?" - the Pixies (on episode "Driver's Ed" of Veronica Mars)
*since I love this song, here is Nada Surf's cover as well.

"Don't Forget Me" - Way Out West (on episode "Bring the Pain" of Grey's Anatomy)
*disclaimer: I normally don't have "trance" on my iPod, but I must say, the song really tugged at the heart string's in this episode.

*EDIT: All the links should be working again. I switched my file-hosting site, so the mp3s are actually high-quality now too!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


This will be a very uninspired post due to the lack of good television this week (how awful was My Name is Earl?). And also uninspired due to the lack of comments. No feedback after all those free songs? =) I know people are downloading cause my bandwidth's definitely being eaten up! (pushes up dorky glasses from tip of nose)

Anyways, first things first. Veronica Mars. Last night's episode was eh. It was nice seeing a lot of my fav characters (Weevil, Mac, etc), but they didn't get enough screen time. Instead, we got plenty of overacting from that Julie person. Where's Dick and Beaver? What happened to Mr. Casablancas? Why did we only see five seconds of Logan who looks like he has mono? Why is Duncan so annoying this season? Unanswered questions. I usually like my unanswered VM questions to be 'who killed who?', 'did you see that coming?' and 'wanna watch that again?', but not this episode. However, I did enjoy Keith Mars calling out Veronica and his confrontation with "Wallace's father". And god damn, Kristen Bell looked hot when she was trying to tempt the Scottish dude. Anyways, here's a cool article on Sheriff Lamb and an interview with Rob Thomas.

On Wed nights, when VM doesn't come through (which is very, very rare), I can usually get my fix from Lost. But alas, not tonight. I usually love the backstories concerning Jin and Sun, but it should ultimately serve the overarching plot in some way. It was cute finding out how they met and all, nice to see more Asian actors on the screen, but again, I have a million unanswered questions and I'd like the show to address at least one. Not necessarily answer it, just address it! Maybe all the shows are saving their best for sweeps, but I came away from this episode quite apathetic to the fates of everyone on the island. And I also don't like the way they're having Jin "learn English". It's a good idea, as I'm sure English-speaking Jin will bring Daniel-Dae Kim more screen time, but at the moment, he is learning way too many words without much explanation.

Here's a cool website and an excellent article on Lost, with great recaps of past clues and links to good sites. One cool thing I learned was regarding the unintelligible message that Walt says when Shannon sees him in this season's premiere. Apparently, when played in reverse, the message says "Don't push the button, the button is bad." Like woah.

And in other news...
An Arrested Development book is coming out. Here's the cover art.
Will Paul Haggis save NBC's crash course? Mmm, I don't think so.
However, I do think this pilot could help NBC.
Definitions of words from the Simpsons.
According to TVGuide and NY Daily News, Vartan is indeed back on the set of Alias, but how much longer will the show last?

EDIT: I am taking back my sentiments re: Jin learning English. I totally forgot about the little phrasebook that Sun made for him. Thanks janna and scott for leaving comments convicing me otherwise.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Random News

They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world. Mine resides in Panama, and I guess Conan O'Brien's resides in Finland, as the Head of State.

This could be interesting. Tina Fey and Aaron Sorkin are both developing pilots about the backstage going-ons of a show like SNL. Aaron vs. Tina. Either way, they both lose since the final destination is NBC. Oh, snaps.

Watch your favorite Scrubs stars and other celebrities curse like sailors (put on headphones if you're at work).

Oh and after you watch Zach Braff curse, you can cap it off with his Garden State co-star's favorite swear word.

Marissa wants more allowance. Hopefully, they write her off the show.

Or perhaps Peter Gallagher can throw her some change after his album goes quadruple-platinum. Ya know, the same day I impregnate Angelina Jolie. For those of you who missed Sandy Cohen's rendition of "Don't Give Up On Me" on the OC last season, download it here (I must say though, he is a good singer).

Not cool. First, he gets beat up by a girl on last week's episode. Then Sawyer gets robbed at gunpoint in real life. Meanwhile, Michael, or Harold Perrineau, gets stalked by "the others" in real life.

I realize my subject line isn't very clever, but why on earth did they write off Vartan? An explanation?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Musical Mondays

So every Monday, I'm going to try and post a few songs on here that I hear on various tv shows. I'll leave the links up until I run out of storage space. Here are this week's selections:

"I Turn My Camera On" - Spoon (on episode "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang" of Veronica Mars)

"What Can I Say" - Brandi Carlile (on episode "Enough is Enough" of Grey's Anatomy)

"Just Another Girl" - Pete Yorn (on episode "Credit Where Credit's Due" and pilot of Veronica Mars)

"Breathe Me" - Sia (on episode "Everyone's Waiting" of Six Feet Under)

"We Used to Be Friends" - the Dandy Warhols (on some episode from Season 1 of the OC and the theme song of Veronica Mars)

*EDIT: And one more for good measure: "I Fought the Angels" - the Delgados (on episode "Deny, Deny, Deny" of Grey's Anatomy)

**EDIT: All the links should be working again. I switched my file-hosting site, so the mp3s are actually high-quality now too!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Best Show on Television

I know I'm a little late on this, but I'm finally on the Veronica Mars bandwagon. I'll be playing second trumpet. Seriously, this show is, without a doubt, my favorite series on television right now. If you haven't seen an episode, please go and buy Season One on DVD before you watch this season! It has one of the best finale payoffs EVER!

For those of you who would rather take Joss Whedon's word over mine, which is pretty much everyone including myself, he raves about the show on his blog here and reviews the first season DVD here. He'll also be making a guest appearance as a rental-car manager. Show creator, Rob Thomas (not of Matchbox 20 fame, thank God), talks about Joss' walk on and Kevin Smith's here.

And for you Buffy fans, the show has recurring roles played by Charisma Carpenter (hot!) and Alyson Hannigan. I also love that Tina Majorino (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) and Steve Guttenberg have awesome recurring characters.

After such an amazing first season, I thought the first two episodes of this season were okay at best. And by okay, I mean still better than almost every other show out there. But this past week's episode was finally a return to old-fashioned Veronica Mars genius.

Things I loved: Duncan and Logan finally fighting, Mr. Casablancas' shredding scene, Lamb and VM's staredown.
Things I did not love: Awkwardly long karaoke scene. I understand it was a cameo of the Dandy Warhols' lead singer, but at least have him sing something not entirely in falsetto.

Rob Thomas has his own website, where you can download the original pilot script, DVD commentary, and check out some of his past projects like the quickly cancelled Cupid.

Here are some other great VM websites:

*EDIT: Also Veronica Mars gets Punk'd. Be cool, soda pop.
And a pretty funny screencap biography of Logan and Duncan.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Lord Giveth and Taketh

Two quick things. First, Arrested Development will indeed return on November 7, for a FULL HOUR. Woo! Still crackin' up over "Bob Loblaw"...

And Jeff Zucker may get the boot.

*EDIT: Or perhaps Jeff is doing just fine.

Have a Cluckity-Cluck-Cluck Day

First and foremost, SPOILERS ahead. So if you haven't watched this week's Lost, you've been warned.

Anyways, I thought last night's episode was decent. A bit slow compared to the rest of this season, but I did enjoy the "happy" tone of this episode. However, Lost never fails to have at least one character annoy the hell outta me every week. Last week, it was was Jack. This week it's Dominic Monaghan and freakin' Michelle Rodriguez. They should just go away and do a Girlfight sequel, have a little Hobbit vs. Bitch action in the ring.

A few moments I did enjoy: Kate taking a shower (why is she dating Dominic in real life?? more reason to hate him), Sawyer muttering "bitch" over black, Hurley's "island-baby" comment, Jin's perfect English in the opening sequence, and Bernard's (formerly of Perfect Strangers and Growing Pains "fame") emotional scene at the end.

One scene I missed initially, but was made aware of thanks to TWoP's Lost Forum, is when Hurley is drinking milk in the opening sequence. On the side of the carton, you can see Walt's face under the words "MISSING"!! Nice touch. Wonder if it means something bigger? How could Hurley know that Walt is missing?

Also, I scoured a few forums and found a couple interesting observations/theories:
1) There are six numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. There were six Dharma project stations. 42 survivors ended up at one station, 23 at another. Does that mean the four other stations respectively had 4, 8, 15, and 16 survivors?

2) Hurley's boss in this episode, Randy, and Locke's box company boss from last season, Randy, are one and the same.

3) Not sure what this means, but the actor that appeared as "the Bearded Man" in last season's "Exodus: Part 2" episode is set to appear again as Desmond's mysterious partner in crime, Kelvin, in Oct. 19th's "...And Found" episode. Isn't Kelvin supposed to be dead?

Lastly, here are some cool Lost-related sites:

*EDIT: More Lost websites.

I'm Gonna eBay my Nano

Steve Jobs, you wiley bastard, why must you rob me blind?? A month ago, I opted not to pay any of my bills and instead purchased the iPod Nano. Of course, yesterday, Apple revealed the Video iPod. In turn, I disconnected all possible means for creditors to contact me, as I again will opt not to pay any bills this month and instead purchase the new iPod.

So will this change the television business? Probably not, my bad credit has no affect on the business. But the Video iPod? Definitely...eventually. However, I would think it'd take a few generations of this new iPod and a few more studios to jump on board before it substantially affects anything.

One of my initial mentors in the entertainment business made an analogy when the iPod and iTunes music store first came out. He said that the digital music world was intially a crazy town without crosswalks. Everyone walking illegally whereever they pleased. There were no rules, so people didn't follow them. All Apple had to do was create clear crosswalks that everyone could understand and people adhered. We started buying music again. But with television being a free medium, does this analogy still apply? I think so. Though television may be free, television DVDs are quite expensive. Sure, you can download them illegally through BitTorrents (I've caught up on all seasons of Scrubs this way), but it's still a bitch to use. They download really slowly and often fail. So, I for one will be walking on Apple's video crosswalk.

A side issue that I'm curious about is residuals for writers. The WGA still hasn't made much ground on the DVD issue, so I'm sure it'll take a long time before they are even able to address online digital revenue. Of course, it may take me that long to actually be accepted into the Guild, so perhaps it'll be perfect timing.

Anyways, Gizmodo and Engadget have some initial reviews of the new iPod. There's also a rumor that Apple has an even bigger announcement next month? An iPod that can cook, clean and give good head? Hmm, maybe I will wait and pay my bills this month.

Must See Tuesdays?

Before this fall season, I think the last time I made it through an entire episode of a NBC show was the finale of Friends. And even then, it was tough. But now, on Tuesday nights, the only two shows I watch are My Name is Earl and the Office. How the hell did this happen?? I mean I don't think either show is, by any means, great. But they're definitely better than anything else on that night. Maybe NBC will start a "Must See Tuesdays" campaign?

Anyways, I thought last night's My Name is Earl episode was pretty funny. The show's slowly growing on me. A buddy of mine at UCLA's screenwriting program tells me this show is a good one to spec these days. Just got picked up for the full season, critics love it, and agents are probably tired of reading Arrested Development and Scrubs specs. Thoughts?

Speaking of Scrubs, the NY Post has an article about how Bill Lawrence, the show's creator, wants NBC to pull the Office and put his show behind My Name is Earl. I am all for that. Bill Lawrence for NBC President.

Other than Earl though, things don't look so hot for NBC. Hmm, if I were Kevin Reilly, what would I do...let's see...oooh, I know! An employee idea box! Wait, damn it, looks like he beat me to it.

I'll leave you with a few more articles about Earl:
NY Times on Earl's development
Hollywood Reporter on Earl's success

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hello Stranger

First off, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to take your shoes off and get comfortable. This is my little blog dedicated to television and screenwriting.

When I started my first script, I soon realized that there's a good reason people pay for screenwriting school. I had a formatting question every other line, no clue what structure to follow, etc. If it weren't for some of the sites listed in the sidebar, I would have never finished. So definitely check them out. John August's and Alex Epstein's blogs are especially helpful for formatting and general newbie questions.

Anyways, I hope this site can be helpful too. Or at the very least, steer you towards good television.

Captain Oats