Monday, November 28, 2005


Due to the holidays, I've obviously procrastinated a bit on life. I've also been lazy with this blog. I'm also sick. I think it's a sinus infection or an upper respiratory thing.. where's Meredith Grey or John Dorian when you need them? Anyways, now with all my whining out of the way, here's a list of articles I've been meaning to post, sans much commentary (why are you cheering? i like to hear the sound of my own voice, damnit):
E! Online talks it up with the cast of Veronica Mars.

Another interview with librarian-turned-VM writer, Cathy Belben. The website has many other great interviews with writers and cast members.

David Cross discusses the death of AD with Radar. In related news, here's an interview with Michael Cera.

Nikki Reed, the "girl I wanted to say was so hot, but couldn't when she was in the movie Thirteen", is set to do four episodes of the OC.

New York Magazine ponders the future of television, as does Slate. Will CBS turn to Google for help? I still think Apple will pave the way as they did with digital music, and every channel will soon be offering almost all their shows on iTunes. It may just take a bit longer than it did with music.

ABC axes Alias. But they're gonna try and milk it for all its worth before it dies. I think the cow's already out of milk though.

The Five Best X-Files episodes.

The problem with NBC (requires registration, but hey, it's free)

Is Lost just meandering through the creative woods? I still like this show, and it's still better than most, but I no longer feel the need to tune in every single week. Anyone else?

I think Katie Couric should just do it. It's time to move on, no? In contrast, I sincerely wish Mr. Roker would just stick to his Today Show duties. Meet the Rokers? Why, God. Why.

Daniel Radcliffe goes from being Harry Potter to being an Extra. In related news, will Ricky Gervais get his own talk show?

I know this is a bit dated, but I really liked this NY Times article. I actually prefer the "season in one sitting" type of viewing now...having to watch Season 2 of Veronica Mars at the normal weekly pace is killing me. Would I have liked Season 1 just as much had I watched it at a normal pace? Hmm, something to think about when I go #2.

This guy loves Steve Guttenberg, but who doesn't? If I were a showrunner, I'd definitely write a part for Mr. Guttenberg. Wait, my writing partner and I already did that. I guess we just need to take care of the showrunner part now...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Musical Monday

Well, I hope these songs make this post-Thanksgiving Monday a bit more bearable. GA went a little mainstream with their music this week, but still good nonetheless. Have a marvelous, musical Monday.

"Night of the Dancing Flame" - Roisin Murphy (on episode "Much Too Much" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on link and follow instructions.

"Lotion" - Greenskeepers (on episode "Much Too Much" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on link and follow instructions.

"You and Me" - Lifehouse (on episode "Much Too Much" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on link and follow instructions.

"High" - James Blunt (on episode "Much Too Much" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on link and follow instructions.

"Dakota" - Stereophonics (on episode "Ahoy Mateys" of Veronica Mars)
*do not hit right click, just click on link and follow instructions.

"Ocean City Girl" - Ivy (on episode "Ahoy Mateys" of Veronica Mars)
*do not hit right click, just click on link and follow instructions.

"God Is On The Radio" - Queens of the Stone Age (on episode "Ahoy Mateys" of Veronica Mars)
*do not hit right click, just click on link and follow instructions.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Tunerrific Tuesday

Seriously, GA must have a much bigger music budget than other shows. Anyone have the inside intel and wanna post a figure? Not only do they offer more quantity, but more quality too. Anyways, thanks for being patient and waiting an extra day for these goodies, here ya go. Have a Tunerrific Tuesday:

"New Song (From Me To You)" - Dressy Bessy (on episode "Thanks For the Memories" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"Too Hard" - Mark McAdam (on episode "Thanks For the Memories" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"Serenade" - Emiliana Torrini (on episode "Thanks For the Memories" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"Not Going Anywhere" - Keren Ann (on episode "Thanks For the Memories" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"Sad Eyes" - Josh Rouse (on episode "Thanks For the Memories" of Grey's Anatomy)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"Interruptions" -Rogue Wave (on episode "The Anger Management" of the OC)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"Rock & Roll Queen" - the Subways (on episode "The Anger Management" of the OC)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say" - the Subways (on episode "The Anger Management" of the OC)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"The Nth Degree" - Morningwood (on episode "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner" of Veronica Mars)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

"Run" - Air (on episode "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner" of Veronica Mars)
*do not hit right click, just click on the link and follow download instructions.

Musical Monday

Unfortunately, Musical Monday will have to be postponed 'til Tunerrific Tuesday, as I have to turn in a script by the end of the day. Sorry for the delay guys...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Cardiac Arrested?

Almost everyone has pronounced Arrested Development dead. Fox did pull it from sweeps and did pull back to 13 episodes. But I still have hope. If we all watch the remaining episodes (and when I say we, I mean like 15 million of us), maybe Fox will have a change of heart. Until then, there is no joy in Mudville. Anyways, for your reading pleasure:
Can Showtime save Arrested Development?

David Cross' take on the situation. And the Observer 's take. And Poor Buster.

*EDIT: Here are some more links re: the death of happiness:
Upcoming episode of AD to be called "S.O.B.s" - for "Save Our Bluths."
Save Our Bluths, the online campaign.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hits and Misses

I've said this many times before, and I don't think I'll stop anytime soon: watch Veronica Mars. Seriously, listen up guys, and some girls, even if you don't watch TV, you must tune in for at least this reason: Kristen Anne Bell. Sweet heavenly hosts, this woman can ring my bell anytime. Ha, bell. I couldn't help myself. And this hottie can sure act, definitely one of the best female actresses on the small screen right now.

A few posts ago, I listed my Top Five Current Hotties. After seeing the Dec/Jan issue of Giant magazine (thanks Tarik!), I feel compelled to update (yes, I'm very fickle):
1. Angelina Jolie
2. Kristen Bell
3. Jessica Alba
4. Rachel McAdams
5. Kristen Kreuk

Anyways, I digress. Veronica Mars. God, the past two weeks have been perfect. That Rob Thomas sure knows how to keep things interesting...unlike, um, Lost. But we'll get to that in a bit. Some of my favorite moments from the past few weeks: all of Logan's one-liners ("my codeword will be...endurance"), the Ice Maker reveal, and the Clarence/Veronica team. I also loved the music in this past episode. I'll definitely be offering that Morningwood song next Musical Monday. =)

Here are a few recent articles related to the show:
Watch Percy try extra hard to get with one of the Next Top Models.

A chat with Jason Dohring.

Another article about Joss loving VM. His cameo last week was quite entertaining. Apprently, he's thinking of doing a few straight-to-DVD Buffy movies. Speaking of which, can someone please send me this?

Life on Mars.

For any readers residing in Austin, Rob Thomas is hosting a Marsathon.

VM better than Buffy?

VM and Scrubs get shout outs in this article about the rise of the geek. Speaking of Scrubs, let me also throw out this little nugget: Mandy Moore to guest star in two episodes.

I also, surprisingly, LOVED last night's episode of the OC. I don't think I've been able to say that in quite a long time. It's usually 'I loved that one specific moment', 'it was decent', or 'God, I'm giving up on this show'. But nope, last night I was zipping through the commercials on my DVR with an eager excitement I haven't felt since Season 1. I also felt 'eager excitement' when HBO had a Cathouse marathon and my roommates weren't home. "Pleasure myself, weap, and repeat." That's a Scrubs quote for ya...but back to the topic at hand...ha, hand. I couldn't help myself again.

So did anyone else enjoy last night's episode? It just felt like the old days. Ryan's all crazy, Sandy and Kirsten love each other, Seth has his cute, yet non-central, love-triangle storyline. Things are good. And I am also loving Taylor Townsend. I know I may get a few hate comments for saying this, but I want Seth to get with her. She cracks me up, her facial expressions are perfect. The parking lot scene was adorable. I thought this was a Josh Schwartz episode cause it was so quality, but turns out, it was written by John Stephens. Bravo, John. I hope you write many more.

Oh by the way, the episode before this one absolutely sucked. Enough said though, they redeemed themselves this week. Here are a few OC-related articles for ya:
I'm sure you've heard about this already, but here's Mischa's supposed Janet Jackson impersonation.

Dartmouth hearts the OC. Then again, what else is there to do at Dartmouth but love the OC? Yes, more hate comments.

the the year 2037.

Kaitlin returns from boarding school.

Now to the misses. I thought Grey's Anatomy was a bit off this week. Meredith's character's getting incredibly uninteresting, the VO's are trying too hard, and they're starting to focus too much on the medical cases rather than the characters. But hey, at least the music's still good right? It wasn't awful though, I still enjoyed the episode, so moving on. Here are a few GA articles:
Timeslot Change?

Anatomy of a TV season.

Not really news, but GA's ratings are soaring.

So the big miss this week? Lost. Goodness gracious, it really sucked this week. I couldn't care less about the other survivors. Seriously, it's sort of standard to have the last few minutes of Lost be intense. They even hyped it up as an "extended episode". And what did we get? A lame ass montage of things we've already seen. I do not understand what they were thinking when they cast Michelle Rodriguez. I winced every time she uttered a line, they were so forced. And she had a lot of lines last night, so there was lots of wincing. Perhaps the producers should spend less time coming up with marketing gimics, and spend more time writing quality episodes. I feel like the show could learn a thing or two from Veronica Mars. Both shows have an overarching mystery, but VM seems to have a planned course, every small clue having a purpose. Lost seems to be putting things together on the fly. I'm officially starting to lose interest. Anyways, here are more articles:
Frustrated with Lost.

Elaborately plotted or flimsy trash?

Hanso Clue?

The numbers don't mean anything?

Yes Michelle, everyone hates you now.

Long, Lost Josh Holloway picture.

Top Five Lost Moments. Not Lost-related, but TV Squad also lists their Top Five Sitcom Sluts.

Bored at the office? Pretend you're a Lost castway.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Musical Monday

Once again, GA had the best music this past week. I couldn't really hear any of the songs from the VM episode, and the OC's selection was so-so. Anyways, here ya go.. have a musical Monday.

"Far Away Blues" - Joe Purdy (on episode "Let It Be" of Grey's Anatomy)

"Miss Halfway" - Anya Marina (on episode "Let It Be" of Grey's Anatomy)

"I Melt With You" - Nouvelle Vague, originally by Modern English (on episode "Let It Be" of Grey's Anatomy)

"Sexy Mistake" - the Chalets (on episode "Let It Be" of Grey's Anatomy)

"No Sleep Tonight" - the Faders (on episode "Let It Be" of Grey's Anatomy and episode "Blast From the Past" of Veronica Mars)

"Publish My Love" - Rogue Wave (on episode "the Swells" of the OC)

"Sugar" - Ladytron (on episode "the Swells" of the OC)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In the Words of Rod Stewart...

Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you: I love you, don't die. Let's make babies. Seriously, why did they have to kill off the hottest character on Lost? Not cool, Lindelof. Not cool. The episode was pretty good though. It all sort of felt like filler cause all I wanted to see were the last 5 minutes, which rocked.

Post-kidnap Walt scares the bejeezus outta me. According to this article, if you play Walt's lines backwards from this episode, he says, "They're coming, and they're close." Creepy. In the past, he said, "Don't push the button, the button is bad."

My take is that Shannon wasn't shot by AnaL (Ana-Lucia). If you click on the picture to the left, there seems to be a stab-wound of some sort, not a bullet-wound. But then again, I'm no doctor. But Jack is. And yes, it was Jack that walked by in the flashback. Walt's teddy bear also appears in the flashback. Crazy.

So yeah, I have no idea what the hell's going on. If you peruse the forums (TWoP's and Lost-Media's are my favs), theories abound. But by far, my favorite is this one. I also love that some are going crazy over this possible nativity scene from last night.

And as usual, some articles:
Set Your TiVo's Accordingly Next Week.

NY Times on Lost Leaks.

Lost Theories on the Number '108'.

Lost on Paper.

More Korean-Americans on Television. Article references Sandra Oh, Daniel Dae-Kim, etc. I would hardly call it a Korean-American "invasion" though. Diversity on television still has a long way to go...

Earl and Hurley, the rise of no-shower star power.

ABC steals NBC's wealth.

Freakin' suck it up and cancel Joey.

WTF?! Fox cuts back on episodes of Arrested Development!?!? They are also cutting back on Kitchen Confidential, but that doesn't make me that angry.

Speaking of which, watch Kitchen Confidential on MySpace.

Congrats Conan!

Zach Braff updates his blog with a video post! Seriously guys, go buy Season 2 of Scrubs on DVD. My goal is to write for that show before it goes off air... must go write that spec now.

What Do You Watch on Tuesdays?

I really enjoyed last night's episode of the Office, both funny and touching. I'm surprised at how well they've been able to find their own voice and personality apart from the BBC version. It'll never be as good, but it's still pretty damn funny. In contrast, I'm one more crappy episode away from giving up on My Name is Earl. The past few weeks have been just awful. I know Scrubs creator, Bill Lawrence, would rather his show be coupled with My Name is Earl, but I think the funnier hour of comedy would be a Scrubs/Office coupling. Of course, ratings-wise, the former is the obvious choice, as My Name is Earl has much better ratings than the Office. As they say, no one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the America public.

Anyways here's some more articles:
B.J. Novak "blogs" his experience on NBC's the Office. While Rainn Wilson "blogs" here.

Conan O'Brien appears in the new White Stripes music video (directed by one of my favs, Michel Gondry). Pretty cool to see 30 Rock (my place of employment) through the eyes of Mr. Gondry.

Another article about the OC effect.

Aquaman to get his own show? Anyone else miss Entourage? Sort of random, I saw Adrian Grenier walking across Houston Street alone the other night. I wanted to scream "let's hug it out", but just gave a half-assed head nod instead. There was a stream of women walking/stalking behind him.

Totally unrelated to TV, you can now download a subway map for your iPod.

Lastly, have you seen this commercial? It has Cat Powers' cover of the Nerves' "Hanging on the Telephone." I love Chan Marshall.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Like to Make Lists

If you have some extra cash flow, buy Season 2 of Scrubs on DVD. I started watching it last night (shout out to my buddy Tarik for hooking it up!), and I was reminded why this show is in my Top Five Sitcoms of all time. The list:
1. Seinfeld
2. the Simpsons
3. the Office (the BBC version)
4. Scrubs
5. Undeclared

I'm sure tons of people disagree with my list, but I have my reasons. What would yours look like?

Anyways, the DVD has some awesome extra features. Lots of bloopers, commentary, featurettes. I especially love how Bill Lawrence and Donald Faison tease Zach Braff about his hair and cockiness. [insert hairy cock joke here] [insert inserting cock joke here] I do love ZB, but it's nice to see someone make fun of the golden boy once in a while. Perhaps this is why I'll never erase his infamous Punk'd episode from my DVR. If you don't have it recorded, MTV's having a Punk'd marathon tonight, starting at 11 pm.

I don't know about other writers, but I have this weird thing where some shows that I love will actually hinder me from writing, while others inspire. For example, whenever I watch Veronica Mars or Arrested Development, I think 'Crap, that was so stinkin' good, I should just give up.' But when I watch the OC or Scrubs, I think 'Crap, that was so stinkin' good, I should go write a spec for it.' And I don't think one reaction means one show's better than the other. I love Scrubs more than AD, and VM more than the OC... this is a boring tangent, I'll stop. Point being, Scrubs is THE sitcom, still in production, that I'd love to write for.

Speaking of Arrested Development, last night's one hour extravaganza was the funniest bit of television so far this fall, but apparently no one was watching! This show is genius. Why won't you watch, America?! It's seriously amazing how much they throw into each scene. I wish Bob Loblaw and Charlize could stay forever. Production is apparently on hold while Jason Batement recovers from throat surgery. FYI, Charlize is one of my Top Five Current Hotties. The list is as follows:
1. Angelina Jolie
2. Rachel McAdams
3. Kristen Kreuk
4. Jessica Alba
5. Charlize Theron

Again, feel free to disagree. Alrighty, I'll leave with you some more articles:
Five Minutes with Zach Braff.

An old EW article looking at winter's crop of returning shows, mentions Scrubs as worth the wait.

*EDIT: Although Punk'd promos have been teasing VM star Kristen Bell getting Punk'd for a while now, the episode has yet to air. Clever. Keeps me watching every week.

Anyways, E! Online has a nice column where they cover a few of my favorite things: Scrubs, Arrested Development, video chat with Kristen Bell and another with Adam Brody.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Getting Warmer in the OC

I'm pretty sure I'm in an abusive relationship with this show. There are many, many moments that are just too painful to watch. Yet, I come back every week, hoping for a few nuggets of goodness, anything to remind me of what we had before. And everytime I'm about to call it quits, the show somehow manages to say the right things, whisper sweet-nothings and reel me back in. It did just that this past episode...

I mean, there are still flaws. I thought the whole Ryan-fishing boat story was ridiculously lame. You know things are getting repetitive when a friend, who's only seen the show a few times, says "geez, that Ryan kid seems to do this a lot." Indeed, he does. The writers need to figure out a different way of expressing Ryan's "fish out of water" issues. I would love to see Ryan hit it off with the new public school kids, ya know, since they're from similar backgrounds. In turn, he could start to neglect Seth and Marissa a bit and begin to think he's better off with his new friends. Then, something awful could happen to Ryan, Seth comes to his rescue, Ryan realizes that true friends stick around when times get rough, wonders where the hell Marissa was through all of this and kicks her off the show. Taylor Townsend then replaces her as a regular cast member. Done. Hmm, actually I may go write a spec along these lines with my writing partner. Will keep you posted.

Overall though, I did enjoy this episode. Things I loved: Dean Douchebag finally getting what he deserves, Taylor Townsend's facial expressions, Summer's parrot squawking, and Seth's "if we have some down time" line to Summer. I mean seriously, he gets no action anymore! And lastly, this may be odd, but I loved Seth's "Dad?" line at the dinner table when Sandy signs the guardian-release form. It seemed so sincerly sad.

Anyways, here's a few OC-related articles:
Seth and Summer Go to Brown? Oh man, I hope not. I get that it's a little ode to Schwartz's hometown of Providence, RI, but seriously, those two would have no chance at an Ivy-League school in the real world. My little sister applied to colleges last year and I was shocked at how much tougher it is now. She had much better stats than I did and somehow got rejected from my alma mater! Come on Quakers, wtf?! No worries though, she is currently a happy, hip NYU student. Sis, if you're reading this, go study. =)

Peter Gallagher's performance and interview on the Today Show, which my buddy Devin produced (thanks for getting his autograph for me!). Entertainment Weekly, however, gives Peter's album a rare 'F'.

An article on Autumn Reeser, aka Taylor Townsend.

An interesting read on the OC effect on indie rock. On a similar note, Veronica Mars creator, Rob Thomas, posted on TWoP about his show's music budget.

Musical Monday

Got a lot for your listening pleasure today:

"Blind Asylum" - Orenda Fink (on episode "the Perfect Storm" of the OC)

"Weight of the World" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (on episode "the Perfect Storm" of the OC)

"Appearances" - Citizens Here & Abroad (on episode "the Perfect Storm" of the OC)

"Holding Me Up" - the Dandy Warhols (on episode "the Perfect Storm" of the OC)

"Forever Young" - Youth Group, originally by Alphaville (on episode "the Last Waltz" of the OC)

"Chewing Gum" - Annie (on episode "Something to Talk About" of Grey's Anatomy)

"Other Side of the World" - KT Tunstall (on episode "Something to Talk About" of Grey's Anatomy)

"Get Through" - Mark Joseph (on episode "Something to Talk About" of Grey's Anatomy)
*warning: this song gets a little annoying after a few listens.

P.S. Sort of music-related (whether Ashlee Simpson has anything to do with music is highly questionable), here's a video of her drunk at McDonald's.

P.P.S. Went to the Imogen Heap show in NY this past week, she is freakin' amazing. Apparently, she just finished a track for the Chronicles of Narnia movie! Which I am dying to see... one of my fav books growing up. Anyways, here's her song "Hide and Seek" (on episode "the Dearly Beloved" of the OC).

*EDIT: Forgot about this song: "Since You've Been Around" - Rosie Thomas (on episode "Something to Talk About" of Grey's Anatomy). Rosie Thomas songs are like the perfect tv-drama music. The first song I ever heard of hers was "Farewell" on episode "the Enemy Walks In" of Alias.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

News & Views

Absolutely LOVED last week's Veronica Mars. My favorite moment: Veronica telling Duncan, "Why don't you leave the heavy thinking to me, Sugarpants?"

I do wish there were more Weevil and more Casablancas family. But Rob Thomas explains on TWoP why our fav characters can't be in every episode (third post down under 'slaverat').

There's an interesting story behind the writer of this episode. Her name's Cathy Belben, and she's the only librarian-turned-screenwriter I've ever heard of.

And here's some more VM news:
Enrico Colantoni is one of five TV actors you don't want to miss.

A nice article on Jason Dohring, and another.

VM is listed as one of the "peaks" of this fall season.

A scene from last season's VM finale makes it on a list of Scary Television Moments (do not read if you haven't seen Season 1!!).

Willow and Cordelia share the screen once again...on Veronica Mars.

USA Today mentions VM and Grey's Anatomy as two of the four second-year series that are at the top of the 2005 television class.

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, the last few weeks have been spot on. There are plenty of flaws to this show, but it really doesn't matter 'cause its just so stinkin' fun to watch. Glad to see that ABC is rewarding them with the coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot.

One random thing: has anyone else noticed the five-act structure on GA lately? Apparently, it's the new trend. Alex Epstein blogs about this topic.

On the opposite end, NBC takes its first steps towards recovering: admitting they're desperate. At least they have one positive headline: ESPN's Bill Simmons loves Aaron Sorkin's Studio 7 pilot.

Lastly, Smallville's apparently doing really well in the ratings. I haven't catched any episodes in a long while, should I be TiVoing this show?