Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In the Words of Seth Cohen...

"Eu-freakin-reka!" (click on link for video) I believe this phrase will catch on again when SCI FI Channel debuts their new series, Eureka, this summer. I was able to watch a rough cut of the pilot recently, and "Eureka Ryan!", I really enjoyed it. Great concept, clever pilot script that hooks you in for more eps and I dig the look and feel of this show (John Rogers actually blogged about the pilot script back in September). It's been described as Northern Exposure meets Twin Peaks. You can watch the preview here. My one major gripe with the show? Eu-freakin-reak of stiff acting. Sorry I just had to use Eu-freakin-reka again. The acting wasn't that bad, just a little awkward at times. But overall, it's good enough to set up a season pass on the DVR when it comes out.

Speaking of SCI FI Channel, they seem to be on fire lately. TIME magazine just named Battlestar Galactica the best show on television, the Triangle mini-series did amazing ratings, and
the channel as a whole is garnering a lot of praise
. That being said, I haven't watched Battlestar Galactica since the beginning of Season 1, so I will need to catch up via DVD. Have any of you guys been watching? Comments? In any case, here's a few more BSG articles for ya:
Maureen Ryan over at the Chicago Tribune also approves.
TV Squad names the show in its top 5.
NY Times article on Grace Park's character, Sharon. (spoiler alert!)
EW puts show on its Must List.


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