Monday, January 30, 2006

Welcome to the CW, Bitch.

Quick little post of some more articles re: the new channel.

EW's take on the CW (Entertainment Weekly)
What shows will make the cut? (MSNBC)
The Dream CW Lineup. (Chicago Tribune)
Predicting programming. (New Jersey Star Ledger)
Does this mean the end of Everwood? (TV Guide)
If you can't beat 'em, merge 'em. (Time)
A win-win situation? (San Francisco Chronicle)
the CW: Could Work Channel (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
We're stuck with the name. (Defamer)
And this lucky bastard is happy about all of the above. (Broadcasting & Cable)
Of course, the name could change. (NY Post)
Did Buffy slay the WB? (LA Times)

Speaking of Buffy, did you hear about Buffy in Space? And here's some Joss Whedon related-news:
Season Two of Firefly in the horizon? If not, could buying the DVD help? Joss sees the future.


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