Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blogged Down

So many blogs to read, so little time. Some of you may have noticed a few additions to the YOU SHOULD READ sidebar. In particular, I want to highlight the Good Weather For Airstrike blog, as they post downloadable, video-iPod friendly music videos quite often. They were even mentioned in a NY Times article. I've added many other awesome music blogs, so make sure to check 'em out. Speaking of the video iPod, according to ThinkSecret, Apple is getting ready to roll out a new video iPod in the near future. Highlights could include a 3.5-inch diagonal display and a touch-screen digital click wheel. Engadget posted some mock-ups of what this could look like:

It's like porn for nerds. And I need a fresh pair of boxers.

Anyways, some of you mentioned the Grey's Anatomy Writers blog in your comments. And yes, we should all be reading. Love that they are doing this. Although this seems to be standard now for all hit shows, I think the blogs for Grey's and Scrubs are by far the best, as they actually take you into the thought-process of the writers. I particularly enjoyed Shonda Rhimes' recent post on the production process behind this past week's episode. Speaking of Shonda, check out this great little feature on the fabulous showrunner. Also check out this video post of the Scrubs gang doing a table read for their 99th episode.

Here are some other TV show blogs for your reading pleasure:
Scrubs' Video Blog (third time posting this, but I just love this blog that much)
Dwight Schrute's Blog (the Office)
B.J. Novak's Blog (the Office)
Jenna Fischer's Blog (the Office)
Battlestar Galactica Blog
Best Week Ever Blog
Barney's Blog (How I Met Your Mother)

Lastly, here's an awesome article about blogs, their monetary worth and hierachy (thanks to those that forwarded this to me). If any of you are ridiculously rich and would like to invest your money wisely, this website currently values my blog at $9,597.18, while I'm only worth $5,717.86 at this site. This is good news, as I'm only worth $805.40 as a human being.


Blogger sam said...

Gee, my blog only seems to be worth my own 2 cents-- ba-dump-ching!

11:09 AM  
Anonymous kavina ( said...

holy f***
i want that iPod in my
this is so shite cos i bought the video ipod now which means that a new one in a couple of (many) months will be out of the question and the people who can actually afford it later will laugh at me.
does anyone else echo how much life sucks?

x x x

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:44 PM  

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