Thursday, March 23, 2006

In the Words of Phantom Planet...

California, here we come. Cheesy, yes. But so is pizza, and you like pizza. So my writing partner and I just returned from an amazing trip to LA, with one bit of big news: we are now repped by two amazing agents at William Morris! We had offers from a few other big agencies, and all were very appealing, but ultimately, we knew these two agents were the way to go. Seriously, we couldn't be happier and more confident about our decision. Very excited and eager, so now, it's on to staffing season! Cue music, begin opening titles, "California, here we come."

At any rate, out of this trip also comes a few goodies for you readers:
- I had the pleasure of visiting the OC set and will soon update with pics, a recap, and the long-awaited interview with writer/producer/favorite person ever, J.J. Philbin.
- While in LA, we also had lunch with the talented and hilarious writer, Jon Hurwitz (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle). He's also agreed to do an interview, so I'll keep you posted on that.
- Also on the horizon are long overdue pics and review of the James Blunt concert at Webster Hall (thanks to Amber for the tickets!).
- Lastly, I know when I was prepping for this trip, it was quite helpful to read over the agent-hunting experiences of other writers/bloggers, like Ras and Alessia Costantini. So if you guys are interested, I can try to recount, without naming specific names, our experiences over the past few months that have brought us to our current spot in the space-time continuum.

Thanks to all for being patient with the lack of posts. Keep checkin' back and holler like you mean it.
*EDIT: Forgot to mention that you can now type and it will forward you to this site. So keep linking it up!


Blogger Lainer said...

Congratulations!!!!! :-)

11:19 AM  
Blogger Shawna said...

Congrats! I would love to hear the details...I crave information. :)

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Jackie said...

Hey. I come here all the time for the music, but I'm also an aspiring screenwriter, so I love the rest of your posts as well. I actually work for a company called 3 Ball Produtions and our offices are on the Raleigh Studios Manhattan Beach lot, right above the O.C. soundstage. I bet we were there at the same time. Weird. Anyway, best of luck to you and congrats on getting the interviews and the agents!

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Orit said...

Wow, CONGRATULATIONS for getting agents! I wish you good luck,
That's cool that you got to the set of The OC. Have you gotten to see/talk to Kelly Rowan? Would love to see the pictures and the recap, as well as the long-awaited J.J. Philbin interview :)

Congrats again

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please do post a recount of your agent experiences

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Jessica said...


It sounds like your trip was an awesome success in all regards. I can't wait to see pictures, read about The OC set, and read the JJ Philbin interview! Oh and James Blunt!

Plus at some point in the future I'm sure I'll be seeing some big things from you ...

1:54 PM  

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