Tuesday, June 27, 2006

May The Schwartz Be With You

I am a huge dork. Seriously, ask any of my close friends and they will proclaim to the skies, fists-clenched, that Captain Oats is one of the biggest dorks they know.

Speaking of screaming to the skies, my writing partner wrote a really funny post a while back about the perfect movie trailer formula, def worth a read or three.

Anyways, I digress. So, I'm a dork. I used to spend many nights alone in my room (and by "used to" I mean like five minutes ago), where usually after a long cry and/or spooning with my body pillow, I'd watch the bonus features on my OC DVDs and hope that some day I'd meet either Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody or Josh Schwartz.

Somewhere along the way, I start a blog that, let's be honest, at best sounds like the blog of giddy 12 year old girl (no offense to my giddy 12 year old girl readers, just saying), and next thing you know, I've met two out of the three without being a complete stalker. Am I bragging? Hells yes. Why? Because this is what a dork brags about. Okay, the time I met Brody, my friend Mary and I were probably being a bit stalker-ish, but that's beside the point (hey Mary, if you're reading this, don't ya just miss those days? actually happy going to work, filled with moxy, a lil pep in our step.. *sigh* ).

So, the night I met one of my writer-idols took place on May 5, 2006. First off, a big thank you to Silly Pipe Dreams reader and friend, Lyle, for inviting me to this private shindig. Anyways, as many of you know, Josh Schwartz (creator of the OC) and music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas have been featured in many, many, many articles for bringing indie music to the mainstream. Recently, they did a panel for the Tribeca Film Festival. I did not go to this, as it cost $20 and I am a cheap bastard.

But I did go to the private concert that followed. And sweet heavens, what a great lineup. First up, Matt Pond PA:

You OC-watchers may know them as the band that covered Champagne Supernova. Their songs are mostly average, but they do have a few gems. My favorite track: "So Much Trouble" - Matt Pond PA

Then came one of my favorite bands, Nada Surf, or at least 2/3 of the band (Matthew and Ira):

I've posted on Nada Surf a few times, so it seems appropriate to leave you with this song: "Do It Again" - Nada Surf

Next was a surprise performance by Mr. Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie:

You'd think people would go ape-shit, but everyone was kinda low-key the entire night. Must be an "industry" thing? I was screaming like a little girl. Again, I don't remember what songs he played, but I wanna say Crooked Teeth was in there? Either way, here's Ben covering Avril: "Complicated" - Ben Gibbard (live)

And lastly, Mates of State:

I love seeing these two live. They have such great chemistry and energy, being married probably helps, but they were definitely the best act of the night. They performed my two favorite songs:
"Goods" - Mates of State
"For The Actor" - Mates of State

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists were up after them, but I was quite tired, so I didn't stick around (for a better summary of this concert, go to this blog). But at some point during all of the above, I did meet Josh Schwartz. I tried to act cool as a cucumber, but failed miserably. He does read the blog though! And he is a very nice, humble human being... as far as I can tell from the short time we spoke. Anyhoo, the point is he could've been a dick, like many other famous folk, but he was quite the opposite. Wait, no, that'd make him a pussy. So scratch that. The sentence, not the genitalia. But yeah, he took the time to chat, offered advice, joked around... and that made this baby writer's night. It also reminded me to always put good karma out into the world.. so may the Schwartz be with you.

p.s. man, i totally wanna watch Spaceballs now, remember this awesomeness? leave comments!!

p.p.s. stream Muse's new album here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tunerrifically Tardy

Hi again. I seriously suck at blogging. I am a horse's ass. I keep saying I'm gonna blog more, but I've been saying a lot of things, for years, like be a better human being, and that hasn't happened either. So.

But there's nothing much to blog about song-wise during the summer. The only show that's really caught my ear with their music selection has been Entourage (though I must say, I can't stand the theme song). If you haven't watched the first two eps of this season, you're missing out. This season's started off amazingly well. Last Sunday's episode tickled me to no end. Yes, that's right, it tickled. But I digress, here's a few songs that I've noticed from the show that also reside on my iTunes playlist:
Entourage - "Aquamom"
"Be Easy" - Ghostface Killah (feat. Trife)
"Feelin' Alright" - Joe Cocker

Entourage - "One Day in the Valley"
"Keep Me In Your Mind" - The Koreans

BUT, all that being said, the show you REALLY should be watching Sunday nights is HBO's new sitcom, Lucky Louie. It's created by Louis CK. He is one of the funniest men on the planet, perhaps the best standup comedian out there, and he used to be the head writer for Letterman. A lot of critics have been hating on the show, and granted, there are some flaws to it, but the fact is.. it makes me laugh. A lot. Sure, some people will say it's just a bunch of dick jokes. But I say.. I love dick jokes. And it's also an honest take on having a wife and kids, being broke, and failing to make a girl orgasm. Hmm, cum to think of it, I um, guess I don't relate to this show at all? Anyways, it reminds me of Roseanne, but way funnier/raunchier/vulgar-ier. So check out the following clips (which don't do the show justice cause marketing depts at networks suck), watch some Louis CK standup, and decide for yourself:
Lucky Louie clips
Louis CK on the Tonight Show
Louis CK on the Daily Show
Louis CK standup

Okay so this is gonna be a longer post than I thought. While I'm throwing YouTube clips your way, I should also point out these two that my buddy Trevor recently showed me (btw, i'll soon be posting an interview w/trevor and his troupe The Whitest Kids U'Know):
Local News Blunder
Funny DUI

Oh, also, check out this failed WB pilot that's gotten some buzz through YouTube. It's from Bill Lawrence (creator of Scrubs/one of my idols) and two writers from Family Guy. It's called Nobody's Watching, and you can watch it here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. The pilot uses the same sad music as Scrubs, probably just to save on costs, and also features a song used in a past Scrubs episode:
Nobody's Watching - "Pilot" and Scrubs - "My Bad"
"Camera One" - Josh Joplin Group

Speaking of pilots, some of you may have heard that FX was doing a promo in conjunction with their show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, where viewers could submit their own pilots online for a chance to create their own show (at the moment, you can also download some free eps of It's Always Sunny on iTunes). Well, they've chosen the top 20 and you can vote for them on myspace. I still refuse to sign up for myspace. I'm not sure why. Anyways, I thought the end of "The Nacho Chronicles" was pretty funny, as well as "Good Cinema", and it was cool to see Jack McBrayer (Arrested Development) in "Peanut Hunt!".

Alrighty, I'm done. See you guys in two months... jk, I'm gonna post a lot this weekend, including "hanging out" aka brief run-in with Josh Schwartz, an update on the writing career, and my opinions on some of the upcoming fall shows. Stay tuned.

*EDIT: also, in a previous post, i was only able to find the streaming version of a song on Grey's, but i just found out it is this week's free iTunes song, so go and download here:
Grey's Anatomy - "Break On Through"
"Sailed On" - Landon Pigg

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ricky Gervais meets Larry David

Thank you, YouTube.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thanks for Waiting

Hi friends. Thanks for all the fun road trip suggestions and for being so patient.. and I guess I'll have to re-visit Tulsa and have some of you show me around/beat me up. Oh Internet, how I missed thee. Now that I'm all settled in LA, with not much to do, I'll be blogging regularly again.. I'll post more on my personal endeavors later on, but in the meantime, here are the tunes:
How I Met Your Mother - "Come On"
"This Modern Love" - Bloc Party

Scrubs - "My Deja Vu My Deja Vu"
"World Spins Madly On" - the Weepies

Scrubs - "My Urologist"
"Easier to Lie" - Aqualung

Scrubs - "My Transition"
"Delirious Love" - Neil Diamond
"Boy on TV" - Keren DeBerg
"Why" - Elefant
"Baby Back Ribs" - Chili's Theme Song
*link above is the scene with Ted's a cappella group, they also sing it in this scene.

Veronica Mars - "Not Pictured"
"Time Flies Tomorrow" -Paul Westerberg
"See My Friends" - Gravenhurst
*originally by the Kinks

Grey's Anatomy - "17 Seconds"
"Gold Lion" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking" - Snow Patrol

Grey's Anatomy - "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response"
"Universe & U" - KT Tunstall
"Look At Her Face" -The Coral Sea
"Through The Backyards" - Au Revoir Simone
"How We Operate" - Gomez

Grey's Anatomy - "Losing My Religion"
"Under The Waves" - Pete Droge
"Side 2" - Dressy Bessy
"Colors" - Amos Lee
"Destination Vertical" - Masha Qrella
"Grace" - Kate Havnevik
"Chasing Cars" - Snow Patrol

the OC - "The Graduates"
"I Don't Care What My Friends Say" - Chris Holmes
"Breaking the Ice" - Mojave 3
"Speeding Cars" - Imogen Heap
"Bossy" - Kelis
"Hallelujah" - Imogen Heap
*originally by Leonard Cohen, best covered by Jeff Buckley, also done by Rufus Wainwright.