Friday, September 29, 2006

Fudiculous Friday

For now, I'll just post the tunes. I think I'll do a review of this week's shows on Sunday, maybe make last week's Season Pass a weekly thing, I'd love to see the comments section become a forum of sorts (thanks for all the comments on Monday btw).

Also, I just got back from the M. Ward concert, which was splendid. Tonight, I'm going to Nada Surf/Guster, so look out for a review of concerts since moving out to LA (included will be The Format, Willie Nelson/Ryan Adams/Neko Case, Ben Kweller, Mates of State/The Long Winters, and many others, accompanied of course with mp3s).

How I Met Your Mother - "The Scorpion and the Toad"
"It Was Love" - The Elected

Heroes - "Genesis"
"Eyes" - Rogue Wave

House - "Lines in the Sand"
"Waiting on an Angel" - Ben Harper

Smith - "Two"
"Deadwood" - Dirty Pretty Things
"Revelations" - Audioslave
"Out of Control" - Rancid
"We Want The Airwaves" - The Ramones
"Black Swan" - Thom Yorke
"Savin' Me" - Nickelback
*not linking to this, man's gotta have principles (though i loved that they threw the Nickelback CD out the window)

Grey's Anatomy - "I Am a Tree"
"The Time Is Now" - Moloko
"Crashing Down" - Mat Kearney
"Theme From Chalets" - The Chalets
"The Mating Game" - Bittersweet
"Running On Sunshine" - Jesus Jackson
"Open Your Eyes" - Snow Patrol

*EDIT: So if I'm going by the comment count, I'm guessing Musical Monday is more popular than Fudiculous Friday? (Yes, this is a thinly guised way of demanding more comments. I'm passive aggressive and needy. Ladies?)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Musical Monday

Aaaaand we're baaaaaaack. Joey Mack here with whole fuzz, the Man in the Box, Andrea with traffic... no? No one remembers that sketch? Okay, moving on. Here's the tuneage, comments make the world go round:

How I Met Your Mother - "Where Were We?"
"Boys Don't Cry" - Grant Lee Phillips (originally by The Cure)

House - "Informed Consent"
"Into Dust" - Mazzy Star
*also on "The Escape" of The OC

Smith - "Pilot"
"Hide and Seek" - Imogen Heap
*also on "The Dearly Beloved" of The OC and The Last Kiss, this song has gone the route of "How to Save A Life", and is now officially played out.

Jericho - "Pilot"
"All These Things That I've Done" - The Killers
"Run" - Snow Patrol
"Pieces" - Rascal Flatts
*purposefully didn't link this track, not a big fan
"Who Says You Can't Go Home" - Bon Jovi
*purposefully didn't link this track, not a big fan
"Better Days" - Goo Goo Dolls
*purposefully didn't link this track, not a big fan

Grey's Anatomy - "Time Has Come Today"
"Lullaby" - Dixie Chicks
"Take Me Anywhere" - Tegan and Sara
"Quicksand" - Sleeping At Last
"Nothing Brings Me Down" - Emiliana Torrini
"Gone Daddy Gone" - Gnarls Barkley (originally by Violent Femmes)
"Under The Milky Way" - Grant Lee Phillips
"All I Need" - Mat Kearney

Six Degrees - "Pilot"
"Feel Good, Inc." - Gorillaz
"Better Days" - Goo Goo Dolls
*purposefully didn't link this track, not a big fan
"Here Comes Now" - Jakob Dylan
*purposefully didn't link this track, not a big fan

Friday, September 22, 2006

Talking to Taylor Townsend

Quick note. Dreams do come true kids. If you study hard, eat your vegetables, and perfect your stalker skills, you will eventually get to interview one of your TV crushes. That's right OC-fans, an interview with Autumn Reeser, aka Taylor Townsend, is forthcoming!!

Leave any questions you'd like me to ask her below. Spread the word to all the blogs and TWoP too! Oh, also, it was her birthday yesterday, so wish her a happy belated birthday.

p.s. the Jon Hurwitz interview is still happening too, we just haven't worked out our schedules. So keep leaving questions!

Season Passes

The summer season has finally passed, and we're back into the glorious Fall TV Season. Originally, this post was going to be a preview of sorts, sharing my thoughts on screeners and whatnot from the summer, but it's a bit late for that, and you know me pretty well by now, so I'm positive no one actually expected this to happen.

Instead, we'll go with a 'what am I DVRing' angle. I'm sure all of you have been walking around aimlessly for weeks until now, desperate to know what I watch, what I eat, where I sit. And by all of you, I mean my mother. Mom, I'm watching Square One (don't tell her it's gone), I'm eating tofu sandwiches with sides of pomegranete filled with antioxidants, and I'm sitting up straight.............. and I love you.

Anyways, asterisks next to the show indicates that it's Season Pass-able. Question mark means I'm giving it 2-3 episodes. If a show is not even mentioned, that means it sucks. Being mentioned doesn't mean it doesn't suck. So grab a seat and a sandwich, this is gonna be riveting. No really, take a seat, it may take you the season to finish reading.

*How I Met Your Mother* (CBS at 8:30)
Did you guys watch the premiere? Loooooved it. I was skeptical of this show last year, it seemed very middle of the road, and at times, very boring. But it got better with each episode, and they started to find their voice. The first ep this year continues this upward trend. As does my 'upward trend' for Robin... if ya know what I mean. I'm talking about an erection here people. Plus, the episode ended with a great cover of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" by Victor Malloy Grant Lee Phillips (thanks Krissi!). Look for that on the next Musical Monday. So yeah, definitely Season Pass this one.

*Arrested Development* (G4 at 8:30)
God bless G4 for picking up the reruns. I try and record them everyday. Who else misses the Bluths??

The Class (CBS at 8)
This was the most highly touted sitcom this past development season. From the creator of Friends, it's pretty much the same thing... without the funny. Poorly cast. What is truly sad is that it may still be the best new comedy this season. As my agents have told me numerous times, "looks like comedy's dead Sonny... Sonny? There, there. Come on now, stop crying... there's nothing you can do... What? No, we can't lend you money... I'm sorry, we just can't... Please, stop crying... Seriously, stop crying or we'll drop you... Good, good... See, everything'll be fine, we'll get ya staffed in no time." This was five months ago.

Wife Swap (ABC at 8)
The only reason I mention this show is because one of my favorite people in the world is one of its casting producers. Still not gonna watch though.

Prison Break (FOX at 8)
Are they finally, you know, doing what the title says? I have no idea, seemed like they didn't do a whole lot of prison breaking when I watched a few eps last year. And Wentworth Miller is much too good-looking of a man for me to watch, my low self-esteem just won't allow it. But seriously, his face is so damn symmetrical.

*New Adventures of Old Christine* (CBS at 9:30)
Ms. Dreyfus is what really makes the show, but the supporting pieces are pretty solid too. Usually makes me LOL at least a few times. Love the younger brother. The ex-husband's girlfriend, New Christine, is hilarious.. and the kid's darn cute too. My friend Kelley and I went to a taping.. the ep should be airing soon.. it's the one with a Scott Bakula cameo! Love Quantum Leap! But not like these ladies at our taping. The 'unofficial fanclub' was in attendance, and during down time, the MC would talk to the audience and whatnot. Well, of course, he starts talking to the thirteen drooling 60 year-olds in the front row wearing Quantum Leap jackets. Next thing I know, the 'head stalker lady', a cross between Rhea Perlman and Jerry Stiller, is telling us how she lost her virginity in the back seat of a Chevy back in 1752. My ears still burn.

? Heroes ? (NBC at 9)
What they should've done is just called it what it is: X-MEN. I bet it'd get more ratings this way too. The pilot was well made and everything, it's just a bit... boring. Seems like everyone's trying way too hard to capture the new craze for serialized shows, while forgetting that each stand-alone episode should have some emotional/mental payoff as well. If not, might as well just wait for the DVD? Anyways, when I was a kid, I would always try and put the edge of my pointer figers together like the girl from Out of This World. I would do this alone in my room, and sometimes, stretches of time would go by without anything happening, and I would momentarily think that I actually stopped time. Yeah, cute. But then, I'd walk around and peek into dressing rooms, hoping to capitalize before my new power ran out. Yep, some things never change.

Monday Night Football (ESPN)
I will watch when the Vikings play again on Oct. 30th. We're 2-0 so far. Yeah, I watch sports. Throw the old pigskin around sometimes too, a little rough-housing and whatnot... yeah, no, I don't. I just watch sports. Not even that much. Um, I'm gonna go watch Gilmore Girls.

MONDAY: 10-11 PM
*South Park* (CC at 10)/*Family Guy* (TBS at 10)
It's sad when the only things to DVR are reruns. I guess we've already discussed the South Park vs. Family Guy debate here. But just to reiterate, South Park wins. Did you guys hear that Comedy Central's re-airing "the ten South Park episodes that changed the world?"

? Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ? (NBC at 10)
This was the most highly touted drama this past development season. Definitely well-made. Great cast, good dialogue.. Sorkin really knows how to write those witty zingers.. but all that being said, I didn't really enjoy it.
The problem is that it just all feels too self-absorbed. Much like this blog. I mean they have these long dialogues and edgy moments, but it's all because of a scrapped sketch? It'd be one thing if it was the Free World at stake like West Wing.. but they did do a great job capturing the excitement before an SNL taping. I miss 30 Rock. My first day working SNL as a Page, I was driving up from Philly, running late of course, and didn't have time to change shoes. So I stuck with my Chucks, only to have one of the Page managers threaten to send me home. Luckily, one of my best buds, Mike, happened to walk out of the elevator. Instantly I asked, "Hey Mike, can I borrow your shoes?" He took them off and traded, no questions. Now, that is a true friend. Unfortunately, the above Page manager was still able to throw down some punishment by sticking me at the worst possible spot. Outside the studio windows, curtains closed. So my wonderful friend Mary and I stood there miserably, while hearing joyous laughter and applause from inside the studio. The show was almost over, and my first SNL shift was about to be a bust, when suddenly, the entire hallway started to smell like weed. You see, the musical guest was Snoop Dogg that night. At the same time, NBC Pres, Jeff Zucker walked towards us, heading to the green room and asking 'What is that smell?' And I answered, 'Peanut butter, sir. Bad peanut butter.' He laughed and carried along. And that's when Mary and I knew... that I had never smoked pot before.

*House* (FOX at 8)
I do like this show.. but only when I'm in a certain mood. I guess when I'm feeling domestic. *sigh* Really stretching with that one. But no, the 'what new crazy disease we got today' routine gets a little old sometimes, but Hugh Laurie really is amazing on the show.

? Friday Night Lights ? (NBC at 8)
Never watched the movie, but I did enjoy Varsity Blues and Rudy. Hell, let's give this a shot. I'm sure Jeff Zucker said this very same thing.

*Veronica Mars* (CW at 9)
The first season was pure brilliance. One of my favorite seasons of TV ever. But I got a little antsy last year with all the overarching mysteries, it was just too much. I read in an interview, which I'm too lazy to link to at the moment, that Rob Thomas acknowledged this weakness of Season Two and plans to make changes accordingly. But as long as we have Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring, I'm sure this show will stay top notch.

? The Knights of Prosperity ? (ABC at 9)
My favorite comedy of the new season. Which isn't saying much, but this one definitely made me LOL. I think twice. Both of which included Mick Jagger and his Asian boy-servant. Make sure you don't miss those scenes. Though I wish they had left the title as Let's Rob Mick Jagger...

? Smith ? (CBS at 10)
Really well shot, Ray Liotta rocks, but I still have my doubts. It was above average, I'd give it a B, probably a B+ had they named the show Smithers.

Jericho (CBS at 8)
So. freaking. slow. There was a movie version of this, it's called The Day After. Made in 1983, but somehow more realistic. Really depressing though.

? 30 Rock ? (NBC at 8)
I prefer this show over Studio 60. Alec Baldwin is spot on hilarious, love that they have a Page in there (played by Jack McBrayer), and am glad that they recast Rachel Dratch's character. I'd say the weak link is actually Tina Fey. Who knew it'd be so hard to play yourself? I'll abstain from a masterbation joke here.

Twenty Good Years (NBC at 8:30)
Love Jeffrey Tambor obviously. Love John Lithgow. Hate this show. They'll be lucky if they get twenty good episodes... huzzah! zinger!

*Lost* (ABC at 9)
Didn't really enjoy the middle part of last season.. that's when they totally LOST me. I know, I know, I'm ashamed. But, how can you not continue watching right? Season Pass it. Let's just hope the writers have a concrete plan this season.

WEDNESDAY: 10-11 PM (ABC at 10)
? The Nine ?
Trailer looked intriguing. But the Nine doesn't seem PRIMEtime ready... get it?? Not a prime number???? That's years of watching Square One, bitches!!

*The Office* (NBC at 8:30)
How awesome was the premiere? Definitely the best sitcom on air. I hope they don't focus too much on the Jim-Pam relationship, I know that's their bread and butter, but I watch for the comedy not the will-they, won't-they drama. But omfg, can you believe Pam broke it off with her fiance??? Like, Jim and Pam have to soooo be together now, I just can't stand it, they just HAVE to!

My Name Is Earl (NBC at 8)
I haven't laughed out loud since the pilot episode.

Ugly Betty (ABC at 8)
My previously mentioned buddy Mike is interning on this show, so I'll be watching... for Salma Hayek on set! Well I won't. I don't work there. But Mike will. She's one of the EPs, and apparently, she'll be directing a few eps. Mike's got his chapstick and 'For Her Pleasure' condoms all stocked up. Seriously though, I do hear good things about this one, so I'll give it a shot. The episode, not Mike.

Happy Hour (FOX at 8:30)
Shoot me in the face, this show sucked.

*Grey's Anatomy* (ABC at 9)
Most anticipated episode of the month. And overall, quite satisfying. Bailey is so awesome. Loved the George/Derek quarantine scene. But there were some annoying things.. the flashbacks.. pregnancy storyline was a little weird.. I really hate the VO.. don't think they should do away with it, but just.. I dunno.. write narration that isn't so cheesy. But I'm not gonna delve into the negative here, I'm just glad this show's back. Got some good music, good laughs, good tears really itchy eyes. Can't wait for next week.

*The O.C.* (FOX at 9)
Not coming back til Nov. 2nd. But Josh has promised some stellar episodes, so I'm excited for the new season.

*Drawn Together* (CC at 10:30)
Just watch my favorite episode here and here. Any show with a character screaming "nooooooooo!" to the skies, nine times in one episode, deserves to be recorded.

? Six Degrees ? (ABC at 10)
Not great, but not bad either. Maybe it's cause I miss NY a lot these days, but I think I may stick with this show a few more episodes. Only in NYC does the six degrees of separation ploy ring true. The best part of living there was that you truly could make random friends at a corner store across the street, on the subway or in the alley with a crackrock. This show would never work in LA because the characters would meet, one would make the other promise to hang out soon, and then no one would return any calls. Ooooooh, ouch Sonny, very ouch. That's right City of Angels, I'm talking to you!!

Rest your brain.

Get wasted and destroy your brain. But record...

*Robot Chicken* (CARTOON at 11:30)
Just watch this clip.

*The Wire* (HBO at 10)
I haven't fully caught up yet. Still in the middle of Season Two right now. But from what I can tell so far, this is a HIGHLY underrated show, and I hear Season Three is one of the best seasons of drama ever. So catch up quick and start watching this season! Next year will be its last!

*The Simpsons* (FOX at 8)
A staple of pop culture. Still makes me chuckle.

*Family Guy* (FOX at 9)
Last episode was sorta weak... but I watch for the moments of brilliance, not the total package.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC at 10)
I will give this show one chance. And one chance only. Two-dimensional figures like Calista Flockhart should not be shown through three-dimensional mediums.

I'll give you the full lowdown as the year progresses, but in general...
- One of my favs of all time. No need to expound. Can't wait for the musical episode. Why must we wait NBC? Why???

? The Loop ?
- Caught up on a few eps, not too shabby. Did anyone watch last year?

Andy Barker, P.I.
- Awful. Such a disappointment.

The Singles Table
- Poorly written, but John Cho rocks enough to keep me watching. Found it oddly endearing too.

p.s. Musical Mondays will indeed return. I may start doing them on Fridays now, with Grey's move to Thursdays. If you checked the Grey's site tonight, you'll see that the music listed for the premiere episode is completely wrong now fixed. Check back here on Monday, and I'll have the tracks from Grey's, How I Met Your Mother, and a bunch of other shows.

And for making it to the end of this post/novella, here's one song from the Grey's episode:
"Quicksand" - Sleeping At Last

Thursday, September 14, 2006

More O.C.ecrets Revealed

I was gonna save this bit of news for my Fall TV Preview, but I think that post may take a while. So, here I am with some scoop on the upcoming season of the OC.

Most people are speculating that this will be the final season.. due to declining ratings, FOX only ordering 16 eps, etc. However, with that in mind, I'd assume, and am told, that this equals more creative freedom. So who knows, the show may return to its Season One glory.

I've had the good fortune of corresponding with Mr. Josh Schwartz a few times this summer, and he shared the following news:
"New soundtrack will be out first week of December. the OC meta mix. Mates of State doing CALIFORNIA. Tally Hall covering SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Goldspot doing FLOAT ON. Band of Horses, Lady Sovereign doing Pretty Vacant, Syd Matters doing Hello Sunshine, Rogue Wave does the happiest version of Debaser... you get the idea.

Some of our favorite songs that have been on the show covered by some of our favorite bands. 12 Totally Brand Spanking New Tracks. Never done before for a TV soundtrack. Alex Patsavas has outdone herself..."

Sounds pretty freaking awesome. iTunes account is loaded and ready to buy. Here's a few more tidbits some of you may find interesting:
"You will be getting lots of Taylor Townsend... And Chris Pratt is amazing as Che, Summer's new eco-svengali at Brown... The Bait Shop has been torn down... it's a new era, Sonny Lee Captain Oats..."

Though I hate to see those cool posters in the Bait Shop go to waste, I think tearing down the Bait Shop is a smart move. And more Taylor Townsend sounds like a.. wait for it.. God-send to me! Hey-oh! (oh no he didn't just do that?) Oooh yes, I did. And though we've learned to be skeptical of new characters, aka Oliver, I am going to try and keep an open mind about this "Che" fellow. But I may che-che-che-change my mind. HA.

Feel free to link to all your blogs, message boards and TWoP. Let me know what you think!

And in the meantime, here are some of my favorite covers:
"Bitches Ain't Shit" - Ben Folds (covering Dr. Dre)
"Toxic (live)" - Nickel Creek (covering Britney Spears)
"Joga" - Ben Gibbard (covering Bjork)
"Since U Been Gone/Maps" - Ted Leo (covering Kelly Clarkson/Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
"Wonderwall" - Ryan Adams (covering Oasis)
"Two of Us" - Aimee Man & Michael Penn (covering the Beatles)
"Hurt" - Johnny Cash (covering NIN)
"Eleanor Rigby" - Kim Weston (covering the Beatles)
"Head On" - Pixies (covering Jesus and Mary Chain)
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Tori Amos (covering Nirvana)

No Tongue For The Last Kiss

The above title makes no sense, but I'm sticking with it.

So, some people, myself included, have been drawing the obvious comparisons between this movie and Garden State. And I'm here to say that they're quite different... and this one's worse. I hate having to write bad things about this movie.. it had so many good elements going in: great soundtrack, great actors, what could go wrong?

Oh yes, that's right.. a bad script. From back-to-back Academy Award winner, Paul Haggis, no less. My writing partner has been saying for months that Haggis probably wrote this during the shitty times and decided to cash in while he's still hot. I checked, and that sounds about right. He wrote this four years ago, which was between his days on Family Law and Mr. Sterling.

Regardless, this movie exemplified all three of my big pet peeves.. one of them being the same gripe I had about another Haggis script, Crash (B+): everything was too contrived.

With Crash, the first time through, I loved it. I cried, I laughed, went through more emotions than my sophomore year of high school (oooh how that was a rough year.. damn you lisa, damn you). But then you dwell on it, and suddenly you realize so dark the con of man! Not only did all the characters have the race element go down in over-the-top fashion, but they were all connected? And all in a matter of days?? In the words of Gob Bluth, "Come on!"

But at least with Crash, I didn't realize this the first time through. Here, it is all too apparent. I mean every single character involved with this group of friends has their respective relationships go to shit within the span of a week. In that same week, we also had a wedding and a death? Come on! Even the good music goes to waste over the dramatic montages, where they try so hard to pull at your heart strings that you tug back.

Also, was the voiceover really necessary? There was NO reason.. I repeat, absolutely NO reason.. for this movie to start with a voiceover!! I'm not even sure if it ever came back. If you're gonna use it, do it right. This was just lazy.

Lastly, and this is my biggest complaint, why on earth do filmmakers believe that a ridiculously fine girl (Bilson was so hot) would share a glance with a guy across a reception and suddenly become so enamored that she gets all up on that mofo like he's been dipped in catnip and covered with hundred dollar bills??? I have never ever heard of this happening to anyone I know nor have I personally experienced this. Maybe I'm a complete loser, maybe I have ugly guy friends (sorry guy friends), but do girls seriously attack some stranger's balls over a glance shared across a long distance?? If you are one of these girls, my number is 267-253-####. I know a place with a pretty wide field, we can share the glance there.

But I'm not overexaggerating here, some parts were so ridiculous that I heard collective "what??"s and "oh my god"s from the audience. Why? Because in real life, the non-famous Zach Braffs have to initiate with a girl, and maybe on a good day, will get a number. Which they will call only to hear "this number is no longer in service." (Damn you Amanda... damn you)

Anyways, by no means, am I saying that I'm a better writer than Paul Haggis (not in a public blog anyway). Nor am I saying that he's a bad writer. He's a good writer. No question. But these things annoy me to no end. Of course, there's also a chance that this wasn't Haggis' fault. It was based on some French movie, so maybe the story sucked to begin with. I haven't watched the original because I am uncultured and have a hard time watching foreign films.

However, Haggis did do some good. A lot of the scenes, individually, were great. Tons of hilarious material. With all the talk about it being a "darker turn from Garden State (B+)" for Braff, I found this much lighter and funnier. Unfortunately, these little scenes of goodness don't piece together very well.

The actors were great, the acting definitely elevated this movie an entire grade point. Braff was awesome as usual.. being able to pull off the comedy and drama side-by-side with ease, which I think most other male actors his age would have butchered. And kudos to Jacinda Barrett too... who knew a Real World alum could actually act? The real stars though were the supporting cast.. Blythe Danner and Tom Wilkinson were splendid as always, loved Casey Affleck. I really wish one of their stories had taken center stage instead. Also, anyone else think Michael Weston and Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny..) are almost the same person? Both are hilarious. They do the same high voice thing when they get mad. I probably wouldn't have noticed if Charlie Day had replaced Weston in middle of the movie. And have I mentioned how hot Rachel Bilson is in this movie?

Overall, the humor was unexpected and wonderful, but so much so that it took away from the drama. A movie that balanced this well was Little Miss Sunshine (B+). But here, instead of the comedy enhancing the dramatic moments, The Last Kiss unfortunately allows the funny to detach you from the actual consequences at hand.

Final grade: B-.

Oh and to the two freshmen girls from Pepperdine who shared their popcorn with me, thank you.

p.s. since the soundtrack is such a selling point for the movie, i'm not gonna post all the tracks. you can buy the full soundtrack here. but captain oats won't leave you hanging, here are some of my favs:
"Reason Why" - Rachel Yamagata
"Arms of a Woman" - Amos Lee
"Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Reprise)" - Rufus Wainwright
"Paperweight" - Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk

Thursday, September 07, 2006


You have no idea how much the above title permeates my life... actually, some of you may.

But anyways, a quick note. I haven't watched the Today Show since I quit that God forsaken place back in November. BUT, I definitely will this Friday, and I urge all of you too as well. Why? Because Zach Braff will be on. As a side note, one of my best friends in the world is producing the segment, so I'm positive the interview questions will be great and well put together (if it sucks, we know who to blame). My buddy also highly recommends The Last Kiss.

If you guys don't already, be sure to check out Braff's blog and his myspace. If you live in CA, be sure to enter this Last Kiss contest before 10 am Friday, and if you win, I'm sure you'll bring me along.

I'll be throwing up more info on The Last Kiss in my Fall Movie Preview post, which should be up this weekend, along with my Fall TV Preview, Concert Reviews and a general desperate plea to get laid.

So, again. This Friday, Sept. 8: Zach Braff on NBC's Today Show.
(most likely around 8:30 am, which may mean you'll have to endure a suri cruise segment, a gene shalit review, and one of those 'is your spouse emotionally cheating and fall fashion tips to prevent it' deals where they have women you've never heard of, nor ever want to meet, try and speak without being interrupted)

Okay, that is all. You may continue thinking up genius questions for Jon Hurwitz below.

*EDIT: Well it was a very short interview, but pretty interesting to hear his thoughts on Scrubs. From the interviews I've seen lately, Braff and Bill definitely seem to be squashing any rumors regarding this being the last season or Zach's departure from the show. In today's interview, Zach said that "Scrubs is gonna be on a long time. It's all up in the air.. about how long.. or how long I'll be there. But it's definitely gonna go on a lot longer."

A very different perspective from this interview last year, where Bill said "after next year it [the show] will probably go away. We always geared up six years in our head." I certainly prefer today's take on things. Here's hoping the show stays on 'til Turk and JD are old and grey!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Help Wanted.. Again!

So the last time we interviewed a writer, you guys submitted excellent questions, so I thought I'd open it up to everyone again. This time, we have the privilege of talking to JON HURWITZ, the co-writer of one of my favorite comedies, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

A lot of people tend to think that everyone in "the industry" is a douchebag. These people are absolutely correct. But every once in a while, there are exceptions, and Jon Hurwitz is definitely one of the exceptions. Ever since day one of meeting him at the backstage of Conan, he's been amazingly nice and down to earth. On top of that, he's one of the funniest writers out there. He's also introduced me to the Belgian beer, Chimay. Delicious.

Anyways, he's got an upcoming movie, The Wingman, with Christopher Walken and Rob McKittrick attached, several projects in development including The Gym Teacher for Mandate Pictures, as well as a TV deal with Fox. Yeah, he's a little too awesome. Sometimes I want to kick him in the chin.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask Jon (whether it's regarding the Harold and Kumar sequel, his Wharton degree, or his feelings on hippies and vegans, feel free to either leave a comment and/or email. The interview will happen in the next week or two... but to get you guys going, I'll give a tentative question cut-off date of this Friday, Sept. 8 Tuesday, Sept. 19 just keep the questions coming =). Hope to hear from everyone!

*EDIT: Two comments? For shame people, for shame!! (thank you anon and jeb for commenting) Perhaps everyone needs to be reminded of the genius that is Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, here is my favorite scene:

Monday, September 04, 2006

Housekeeping, You Want Mint For Pillow?

Wanted to point out a few tweaks to the blog. First, as you can see in the sidebar, I've finally succumbed to MySpace. Rupert Murdoch, you son of a bitch. Help me feel better and add me as your friend! Seriously though, why is this so addicting? I was never that into Friendster or Facebook. I think with MySpace, they intentionally make the initial setup incredibly arduous. You sign up, and your first thought is 'woah, this is really ugly.' Thus, you're forced to invest some time into it, making it look presentable and whatnot. So of course, after spending hours and hours making sure there's enough profile wit to charm strangers, and that the song you picked accurately reflects who you are now to your 9th grade classmates, you're gonna damn well make sure that every soul on planet earth adds you as a friend. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyways, I've added a few sites to the "you should browse" list. Also, if you scroll down, you'll see little rss feed buttons that'll make this Silly Pipe Dreams experience much more convenient. And I finally started organizing my pictures, so be sure to check out my Flickr album.

Next, I've updated the "you should hear" list. Gone are Coldplay, Shane and Shane, James Morrison, No Doubt, Jewel, Corinne Bailey Rae, Copeland, Tori Amos, and Lovedrug. I still enjoy these groups, but either a) it's a bit redundant to put overplayed bands like Coldplay, No Doubt and Jewel or b) I realized I listen to other bands much more than the above.

So, the newly inducted are the Format, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, TV on the Radio, the Magnetic Fields, Mates of State, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Rufus Wainwright, Silversun Pickups, and Teenage Fanclub. Go add them as your myspace friend too!

Lastly, and most importantly, I've updated the "you should lust" list.. gone is Charlize Theron (i hear she's a bitch), replaced by the wonderful, kind and beautiful, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. My friend and I recently went to a taping of the New Adventures of Old Christine, and sweet heavens, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a hot bundle of goodness. I've loved her since the first time I saw Seinfeld, but this taping was a good reminder. She gets hotter with every year, and she has the ability to make anything funny or cute with the raise of an eyebrow or a scrunching of the nose. Congratulations Julia, you're now officially lustable.

Oh, and I know it was a holiday weekend and all, but leave some comments damn it! I'm needy!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Songs for Sunday

Hey friends, so what did you all think of the Entourage finale? I feel like this season's been pretty subpar... nothing really happens in an episode, it feels like they're strugging to fill twenty minutes... the dialogue between the four guys seems more awkward and forced with every episode... but thank God they have Jeremy Piven to keep the show interesting. That being said, the finale was pretty good. I guess we won't find out who Vinnie's new agent is until early 2007, but if you like spoilers.. SPOILER WARNING... click here. Anyways, with fall tv season around the corner, Musical Mondays and this blog in general will be ratcheting up a notch with more mp3s and more posts. In the meantime, here are your tunes:

Entourage - "I Wanna Be Sedated"
"I Gotcha" - Lupe Fiasco
"The Last Time" - Gnarls Barkley
"Blitzkrieg Bop" - The Ramones

Entourage - "What About Bob?"
"Rockaway Beach" - The Ramones
"Supermassive Black Hole" - Muse
"Drive Slow" - Kanye West
"Staring At The Sun" - TV On The Radio

Entourage - "Sorry, Ari"
"Campaign Of Hate" - The Libertines
"Tell Me When To Go" - E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak
"Taper Jean Girl" - Kings Of Leon