Monday, October 30, 2006

Musical Monday

Hope everyone had fun at their respective Halloween parties. I don't think I'll ever top last year's costume. I walked into a party last year and actually had a group of girls scream "O.M.G. IT'S SETH COHEN!!!!" And no, they were not in 7th grade. 9th, if you must know. I even had people in line to take pictures with me. When I'd ask if I could take my Spiderman mask off, people would shush me with a finger and demand that I leave it on at all times.

This year was quite a different story:
Halloween 2006

Get it? Yeah, no one at the party did either. In hindsight, I was a little big with the holes.. (that's what SHE said! Sorry, couldn't help myself.) Here's an actual conversation that took place between my writing partner and I that night (note, he is obsessed with the Office):

SONNY: Can you guess what I am?
PAT: A domino?
PAT: An ellipses??
Tears forming.
PAT: A jackass with circles on his shirt???
SONNY: DAMMIT!! I'm three-hole punch Sonny!!! Like Jim in the Office!!!!!!!
A few party-goers walk away from my vicinity.
PAT: Sonny, I think if Steve Carrell walked into this party, he wouldn't know what you were.

Ten drinks later. Sonny runs through the hallways, arms flailing.


Okay, so the last part didn't happen, I was the designated driver. But had I not been, that surely would've been the outcome.

Anyways, my TV thoughts this week:
HIMYM was pretty off, definitely the weakest one this seasaon. South Park was amazing, Satan throws his own Halloween party in the vein of MTV's My Super Sweet 16... "I want my Ferrari cake." Genius. And that's pretty much all the TV I watched this week... I know, I need to get my priorities straight.

Random notes:
Check out my writing partner's parody of Grey's Anatomy. Pretty hilarious.
Also, looks like, starting Nov. 30th, Thursdays are gonna get pretty crowded, with Scrubs and 30 Rock joining NBC's 9-10 lineup.
Meanwhile, looks like Studio 60 may get the ax soon.

Sorry for the lack of tunes this week, not a lot going on in TV land. But download these fast, my new server, FileDen, puts a bandwidth limit on all the links:

How I Met Your Mother - "Aldrin Justice"
"We're #1" - The World Record [buy album]

Heroes - "Hiros"
"Freebird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "Charlie Don't Surf"
"Never Lonely Alone" - Space Needle [buy album]

Thursday, October 26, 2006

nOCeriously, It's Back.

Welcome back to the OC, bitch! There's been some buzz in the blogosphere that the show is back to its Season One goodness.

You're thinking, 'Captain Oats, could this be true?' Hells to the yes, my friend, it is true. You may also be thinking, 'Captain Oats, aren't you a little too old to be seriously dissecting the OC?" True again, my friend. True again. But aren't you a little too old to be calling me Captain Oats? Snaps. Think on that. Ass.

And yes, I've just had a hypothetical fight with myself on the internet. I haven't had much sleep lately.

Okay. So, for those of you who don't want any spoilers about the first four episodes, here are my general thoughts:

- I could go for some Taco Bell right now.

- The show gets better with each episode. The strength of the show has always been its ability to balance drama and comedy, you know, since it's a dramedy. But last season, the drama got way out of hand. Fortunately, they've done their best to start clean slate. Unfortunately, they can't just erase Marissa completely, so they have to deal with the repercussions of her death, which I think they've done quite well. I think the further away they get from Marissa's death, the better it'll get. The fourth episode, "The Metamorphosis", is the best, and funniest, I've seen since Season One, and it definitely sets the stage for an interesting season. TV Guide's Ausiello seems to agree. (scroll down)

- Julie Cooper and Taylor Townsend steal the show so far. Melinda Clarke gives her best performances to date in these first four eps. And Autumn Reeser, well, we know how I feel about her. All she has to do is speak in a foreign language, and I'm in love (my count is four so far: English, Korean, French and Spanish). Brody's still awesome as usual, Bilson's hilarious as a tree-hugging environmentalist, and McKenzie got freaking ripped. Forget protein shakes, Marissa Cooper car accidents are the best way to get buff.

- FYI, that interview with Autumn is still happening, so leave some more questions for her here.

- Regarding the new characters: you don't need to worry about the OC: Next Gen crew. All the material with Kaitlin and Luke's younger twin brothers serves as comic relief, and it's a wonderful, light-hearted change of pace from all the death-drama. Che, Chris Pratt of Everwood fame, seems a bit much at first, but he grows on you over the episodes. Just wait til the naked guitar playing.

- I don't know why I decided to use bullet-points.

- I need to smoothly transition out of this.

- Hmm, almost there.

- Okay, I think I can do it now.

They are streaming the first episode early on MySpace, starting today, so definitely check it out! But not if you own a Nielsen box! In that case, wait until November 2nd! Seriously guys, let's give the show back some ratings love eh?

Well, I hope this has spurred you to add the OC to your Season Pass. You may be thinking, 'But I don't have a DVR' or 'I can only record one show', well I'm a problem-solver not a maker. Here's what you do: you watch the OC on Thursdays, and you can catch Grey's the next day online. Lord knows Grey's doesn't need the ratings right now. However, if push came to shove, I'd probably choose Grey's. But luckily, me and push are totally cool, so no shoving will take place.

Lastly, the bread and butter, here are the songs from the first ep:
(check out the tracklist for the upcoming soundtrack)

the OC - "The Avengers"
"Running Up That Hill" - Placebo (covering Kate Bush)
"Song for Sunshine" - Belle & Sebastian [buy album]
"Mr. Blue" - Catherine Feeney [buy album]
"Bad Dream" - Keane [buy album]
"Save Me" - Jude [buy album]
"The Bootleg Saint" - Sam Roberts [buy album]

I may be missing one song that was playing at the bar scene with Summer/Ryan. Let me know if you figure it out.

Anyways, if you want to know more about the first episode, click below. But warning, SPOILERS abound. If not, keep checking back this week, as I'll continue posting about the other three episodes individually. Leave a comment!

*EDIT: My MP3 server, EZArchive, is down for the next few days. I think they're revamping their system.. so that's why none of the song links work. I'll post the next episode preview as soon as everything's back up and running. Thanks in advance for being patient.

**EDIT: I've decided to switch to FileDen for the time being, so the above songs should work now. Not sure what's going on with EZArchive. Looks like once they update their servers, all the past mp3 links will not work. So. My apologies in advance.

EPISODE 401 - "The Avengers"
Overall, I'd give this episode a B+. There were lots of little things that either felt too slow or too serious, but considering one of the main characters just died, Josh and Co. did an amazing job mixing in moments of humor, and they displayed each characters' grieving process really well.

Don't wanna do a full recap here, so I'll just point out a few things.

First, the episode starts five months after Marissa's death, which I thought was a smart move. The episode also pulls a little J.J. Abrams-action by starting with a big teaser, then cutting back in time, here we go back 36 hours, before returning to the same point around the end of Act Two.

I absolutely love the fact that Taylor had to secretly return from France. Her phone conversation with Summer was definitely the best moment for me:
SUMMER: (into phone) Taylor? Oh my God.
TAYLOR: (into phone) I think you mean Mon Dieu, Summer.
SUMMER: How was Paris?
TAYLOR: (in French accent) Oooh, increible!

Also loved this bit between Seth and Summer:
SETH: I was being sarcastic.
SUMMER: I don't do sarcasm anymore, I'm post-ironic.
SETH: You mean earnest?

The Kate Bush cover by Placebo works really well as a theme throughout the episode, with the lyrics "and if I only could, I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get him to swap our places. Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building. Say, if I only could..."

My one big gripe was the Comic Book reveal at the end. It felt really cheesy. But at the same time, you can tell they went over-the-top on purpose. Sandy even refers to it with the "make a fool of ourselves" line to Ryan. Still, it was a bit much hearing Kirsten seriously recite the dialogue, "The ice queen was surrounded by an impenetrable force field. Her silver cell phone her only link to the outside world." I actually asked Josh about this recently, and he had a great explanation:

" for the comic book scene - yes, they know it's ridiculous (Ryan says "You made me a comic book?") And there's that Sandy line later. But they have no other way of communicating with him. And some people like the cheese... so if it works for them on a sentimental, let me relive the early years through graphic images kind of way then great. We've always been a little cheesy at times. If you don't buy it, that's fine too because the point is... it doesn't really work. They have the intervention - and yes Ryan seeing how much the Cohens miss/need him helps him decide to go back home. But he also decides to go see Julie, kick the shit out of Cagefighter guy and hunt down Volchok.

If he had just moved back home and been happy and the comic book intervention fixed everything that would be one thing. But it doesn't really work. Which gets us off the hook. (We had a scene with Kirsten and Sandy in the bathroom where they worry that this whole plan lies in the hands of Seth's Geek Squad - but we cut it for time...)

I also like using the first episode of a season to restate the premise of the show..."

Of course, you probably haven't seen this episode yet, so this makes no sense at the moment.

Check back tomorrow for the intel on Episode 402 - "The Gringos". I'll leave you with some more screencaps:

Though they didn't get much screentime, I'd like to see more of Leon and the other comic book nerd. Freaks and Geeks is my favorite show of all time, and it'd be great to have some similar geek storylines take center stage.

Che and Summer rocking out with the didgeridoo. I'd "didgeridoo" Summer anytime, if ya know what I mean. Talking 'bout sexual intercourse here.

Well, Mischa Barton has now been put into ghost form on the screen twice in her career: once as the vomiting girl in the Sixth Sense, and now here. Honestly, this was the other gripe of mine with this episode. Showing Marissa's ghost, whether purely in Summer's mind or not, definitely falls out of line with the tone of the show. Am I watching the Ghost Whisperer or the OC? Cause if it's the former, I didn't get the gratuitous Jennifer Love-Hewitt cleavage shots I was promised.

Julie Cooper. Fighting herpes one day at a time. Just kidding.... or am I?

Is it creepy that I've printed and framed this picture, placed it on my nightstand and have told everyone that this is my new girlfriend? I did not print and frame this picture, nor did I place it on my nightstand and tell everyone that this is my new girlfriend.
*edited due to fear of a restraining order... and adoration of this woman.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Musical Monday

Eitan and Jacquelyn's Wedding ReceptionGotta keep this short, but I'm gonna have to hold off on the OC post til tomorrow Wednesday. I know, another broken promise. No, I'd never put work above you. Baby, please don't leave. Let me make it up with a nice dinner.. we can even watch Meet Joe Black afterwards. Awwe, come here. See, I love you. We good? Yeah? Good... so... can I get a quickie?

My TV thoughts this week:
GREAT HIMYM, the man-date idea has been recycled so many times, but they did a hilarious job. Haven't seen this week's Heroes, but I hear good things. Again, I watched Studio 60, and I still don't like it, hope it gets cancelled soon. Veronica Mars was at its worst ever, the only redeeming factor was its Guitar Hero reference. Haven't seen this week's Lost, please don't spoil. Stopped watching Ugly Betty, sorry, just not doing it for me. Grey's was solid as usual. And the last five minutes of The Office were ridiculously cute. Random side note, my agent's assistant got married this weekend (congrats J!). At the wedding reception, my friend Amber, and my writing partner and I, got to talk to Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak of the Office (we all share the same agent, and yes, this is me gloating). They were very nice and down to earth, even politely pretending to laugh at my nervous "jokes". More power to them.

Alrighty, music's kinda weak today, but here are the tunes:

How I Met Your Mother - "World's Greatest Couple"
"Fernando" - ABBA [buy album]
*pretty hilarious use of this song

Heroes - "Collision"
"The Girl in the Other Room" -Diana Krall [buy album]

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - "The Cold Open"
"Hippo Walk" - Mongo Santamaria
"California Love" - Zapp and Roger
"Lush Life" - John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman [buy album]
"Side 2 Side" - Three 6 Mafia [buy album]
"Faster Kill Pussycat" - Paul Oakenfold (feat. Brittany Murphy) [buy album]
"Under Pressure" - Queen & David Bowie [buy album]

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - "The Focus Group"
"Alguem" - Ananda Project
"Sem Contencao" - Bebel Gilberto [buy album]
"Throw It All Away" - Zero 7 [buy album]
"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" - Dave Mason (covering the Shirelles) [buy album]

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - "The West Coast Delay"
"New Shoes" - Paolo Nutini [buy album]

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - "The Long Lead Story"
"Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight" - Amos Lee [buy album]
"Come Again" - Sting [buy album]
"Fields Of Gold" - Sting [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "Wichita Linebacker"
"Hold On, Hold On" - Neko Case [buy album]
"Fidelity" - Regina Spektor [buy album]

Lost - "Further Instructions"
"Feel Like Going Home" - The Whiteley Brothers

Grey's Anatomy - "Oh, The Guilt"
"Clonie" - Nellie McKay [buy album]
"Kaleidoscope" - Kate Havnevik [buy album]
"Wild Is The Wind" - The Second Band
"Be Good Or Be Gone" - Fionn Regan
"Don't Mistake Me" - Keisha White

Friday, October 20, 2006


Sorry guys, Fudiculous Friday's gonna have to be postponed til Musical Monday. I know, I know.. I'm a horrible person. But know that it's because things have been quite busy with the writing career: finishing up specs, meeting with studios and production companies, things are turning a corner again.

Anyways, come back Monday though! Not only will there be a Musical Monday, but also spoiler-free and spoiler-filled posts about the first four new episodes of the OC. As I've mentioned before, it's back to Season One-goodness, and the fourth episode, "The Metamorphosis", is perhaps now one of my favorite episodes of the OC ever..

In the meantime, here's a little sneak peek of the upcoming OC soundtrack (official release date is now 12/5):
"Smile Like You Mean It" - Tally Hall (covering the Killers)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fudiculous Friday

Not sure what's going on lately, maybe it's me, but I'm just not feeling a lot of my favorite shows.

Veronica Mars was a bit better, but still, the only reason I keep watching this season is show loyalty, not for quality. And good Lord, I hate the new opening credits. Way to ruin a perfectly awesome song. On a positive note, it was nice to see Rider Strong.. reminded me of my Friday nights as a youngen, watching Boy Meets World while flipping through the yearbook and drawing hearts on my high school crushes. Nine years later, not much has changed.

Grey's was better too, but I dunno, the writers seem to be trying too hard? Again, maybe it's me. The Denny reveal at the end did move me though. One positive: I walk away from each episode with a determined resolve to get on the Eric Dane workout plan. Last time I almost dropped a towel was in high school... women fled, babies cried, men committed seppuku. Nine years later, not much has changed.

The only two shows I've been consistently enjoying are How I Met Your Mother and the Office. Maybe comedy's making a comeback... which would be a sweet gift from the heavens for my writing partner and I. By the way, I added some more positive news to the Story of Me. I'll be reposting updates periodically.

Oh and I've been loving Lost so far. Finally, we have episodes where stuff actually happens! Genius!

Lastly, Josh Schwartz kindly sent me (and a few other bloggers) the first four episodes of the new OC season. And I'm here to say that they are AWESOME. I will be posting a full update, with spoilers and some new OC music as well. Stay tuned!

Sorry for such a crappy Fudiculous Friday, but don't hate, celebrate. Leave a comment.

How I Met Your Mother - "Ted Mosby: Architect"
"Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect" - the Decemberists [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"
"Sym. No. 41 in C major, KV 551 'Jupiter': I. Allegro Vivace" - Mozart
"Thank Heaven For Little Girls" - Maurice Chevalier
"True Colors" - Cyndi Lauper (sung by the sorority sisters)
"Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" - Rupert Homes

Grey's Anatomy - "What I Am"
"If Looks Could Kill" - Camera Obscura [buy album]
"Standing In The Way Of Control" - The Gossip [buy album]
"Back In Time" - Au Revoir Simone [buy album]
"Province" - TV on the Radio [buy album]
"Fall For Nothing" - Mindy Smith (thank you diana!)
"So:Lo" - Kate Havnevik

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fudiculous Friday

Hi friends. Gonna keep this short. Two things.. 1) I just can't watch Six Degrees anymore, so it may not be included in future Fudiculous Fridays.. and 2) Veronica Mars premiere was a pretty big disappointment. Leave a comment!

Friday Night Lights - "Pilot"
"Remember Me as a Time of Day" - Explosions in the Sky [buy album]
"Black Betty" - Ram Jam
"Yee Haw" - Jake Owen
*um, no.

Veronica Mars - "Welcome Wagon"
"Socks and Shoes" - Four Fifty One [buy album]
"Rump Shaker" - Wreckx-N-Effect
"Buttons" - Pussycat Dolls
*i'm sorry, i couldn't help myself.

The Nine - "Pilot"
"When the Stars Go Blue" - Ryan Adams [buy album]
"Thinkng About Tomorrow" - Beth Orton [buy album]

Ugly Betty - "Pilot"
"Wanna Fly" - Vassy [buy album]
"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall [buy album]

Six Degrees - "What Are the Odds?"
"Love Love Love" - Tristan Prettyman [buy video]
"Shout Out Loud" - Amos Lee [buy album]
"Marching Bands of Manhattan" - Death Cab for Cutie [buy album]
"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall [buy album]
*this song may join "Hide and Seek", "How to Save a Life" and "Better Days" in redundancy land.

Grey's Anatomy - "Sometimes a Fantasy"
"Idlewild Blue (Don'tchu Worry 'Bout Me)" - Outkast [buy album]
"Take What You Take" - Lily Allen [buy album]
"Dirty Mind" - The Pipettes [buy album]
"Step It Up" - The Bamboos [buy album]
"Ballad of a Bitter End" - The Poems [buy album]
"Can't Get It Right Today" - Joe Purdy [buy album]

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Story of Me

I celebrated my 25th year of life last night. And by celebrate, I mean walking across the street to a dingy bar called Del's Saloon and weeping on the shoulder of my friend Mike. (Mike, your touch was soothing and tender. Ladies, get on that shit.) I will be having a little drunken get together of sorts this Saturday at a bar, so if you reside in LA, in the words of Notorious BIG, "tell your friends to get with my friends and we can be friends."

I've had a few drinks in me, so not sure how this post is gonna go, but I wanted to take the time to reflect.

It's odd when both friends and strangers read one's blog. On one hand, this is the only way I keep in touch with friends/acquaintances that I'd rather not speak to over the phone. On the other, I hesitate to update on personal things because I figure most of you "strangers" don't care. You're here for the free mp3s, and once you see long blocks of words without blue links, you won't be stopping back as often. And losing traffic makes me sad. I say "you", but what I really mean is "me," cause I do the same thing, "give me the free shit and leave the venting for your therapist." But you see, therapists are expensive.

By the way, my therapist says I overanalyze and talk too much. Throw in neediness, and I'm quite the catch. Luckily for me, there's a wonderful woman that is crazy enough to think so.

At any rate, here's my solution. I open this post with an mp3, and if you choose to read on, this song will serve as a fun, little soundtrack to this story. Here ya go:
"Keep It Together" - Guster [buy album]
*by the way, went to the guster show last weekend, amazing. check out the pics. review to follow.

Anyways, this is just my journey to where I am now. It's all about me, and some of you will find this overly self-indulgent. If you are one of these people, I do not care for you, I only care for me. But take everything with a grain of salt, I have no real experience, this is just the route I've taken as a baby writer.

DISCLAIMER: For a funnier, more concise, yet out-dated version of this story, check out my writing partner's blog. That being said, let me start at the beginning...

OCT. 2, 1981:
I'm born in Seoul, S. Korea... with a Jew-fro, foreshadowing all the Jewish friends I will make in my lifetime.

Let's move ahead a bit.

SEPT. 1999-MAY 2003:
I join a collegiate a cappella group. No one takes me seriously ever again.

I hate all my finance and business courses and approach my honors program counselor, when the following conversation ensues (seriously this conversation actually happened):

COUNSELOR: Sonny, you're really struggling with these courses. I'm afraid you're not quite cut out for the honors program.
ME: I know, I'm so sorry. I'm just not passionate about business.. I think I'm going down the wrong path.. I can't imagine being an investment banker. Can you please help me? You know, counsel me?

A few uncomfortable beats.

COUNSELOR: Um. What are you interested in?
ME: Honestly? I guess movies, music.. and God?
COUNSELOR: Have you considered seminary?
ME: Seriously?
COUNSELOR: Seriously.

I run outside and throw myself at oncoming traffic. I live. God exits.

MAY 2003:
I graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Economics, pretty much wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars my parents sacrificed. Mom, that Porsche is on its way, I promise!

I spend the rest of the month networking and watching Swimming with Sharks. At one point, I even take a trip to LA, handing out resumes to every office on that stretch of road in Santa Monica. I take a picture with Ozzy Osbourne at a Coffee Bean. Much like Kelly Osbourne, I realize Ozzy's touch is not a fool-proof harbinger for success.

I have no health insurance. One day I begin coughing up blood. Pretty sure that's how Nicole Kidman died in Moulin Rouge, so I freak out. Med School Friend tells me it's probably walking pneumonia. Drug Friend hooks me up with antibiotics. I live. God exists.

JUNE 2003-DEC. 2003:
I wander like a nomad, moving to about 6 different apartments in 7 months. Two big low points happen during this period of time... let's pretend I'm a muppet. I most resemble Beaker.

Finally deciding to move to NY, I pack my Honda CRV full of most of my belongings. Before leaving, I decide to spend one night at my friend's apartment, parking my car right by her window. Keep in mind, earlier this week, I had my tires slashed, cell phone die, and was thus forced to take trains for every interview in NY. Anyways, my friend and I wake up the next morning/afternoon, jonesin' for some Wendy's. I walk to my car and notice one of my ties strewn about on the snow. Shit. Balls. The back window is shattered and everything in my car is missing. EVERYTHING. My Martin acoustic, my Gibson SG, my bag of important documents which included my diploma, my entire CD collection, they even took maps. I stand there in complete and utter shock.

No joke, it actually starts raining. My friend can attest to this. This is winter, mind you, so it was the kind of rain that hurts your face. We call 911, three hours later, nothing. It's not until 11 pm that night when campus police finally arrive to get a statement, where they essentially tell me they will be doing nothing to find my possessions.

I proceed to listen to the one CD the robbers left behind: Good Charlotte. Fine, I made this last part up. But they would have if I had owned Good Charlotte! Fine, I did own Good Charlotte and have since repurchased twelve copies, ensuring I will always be reminded that there are worse human beings out there.

I finally arrive in the great city of New York, park my car in a garage, and am billed the remaining amount left in my bank account.

One of the apartments I subletted was on the UES, where I lived with an older woman, who I will refer to from here on out as "Bitch." My sublet ended at the end of November, I had a place lined up in Brooklyn starting on December 1. I had planned on moving out of Bitch's apartment on December 1, we rarely communicated because she was a bitch, so I assumed this was fine. I come home from work on Nov. 30, and she tells me I have to move out that night since her boyfriend is moving in tomorrow afternoon. I ask her if I can please move out tomorrow morning, as I won't even have the keys to my new apartment until the next day. Bitch bitches as bitches do. I sigh. And begin getting everything I own together and packing it into my Honda CRV. At 2 am, I leave, never saying bye to Bitch, and drive around aimlessly. After witnessing what I'm pretty sure was a drug deal gone awry, I decide to just drive to my new place. It is locked. I park my car on the side of the road, take out a comforter, and shiver myself to sleep. Again, this was in December, so it was f-ing cold. If symptoms of hypothermia are shitting and pissing yourself, then I had hypothermia.

MARCH 2004:
I begin the NBC Page Program. Pretty much the happiest time of my life. Met some life-long friends, amazing memories, smiles all around. I could tell a million stories, but I think these pictures, and these pictures capture everything.

JULY 2004:
I begin working at the Today Show. The worst job of my life. Every day I came in at 1 pm and left around 1 am. Sometimes 5 am. Basically, the opposite schedule of every other soul in Manhattan, aside from the pimps and clockers... who are good people and have helped through many a rough nights, thank you pimps and clockers, I salute you. I tried to make up for this by going out every day of the weekend and drinking myself silly. This did not make up for anything.

I also found myself becoming a horrible human being. The week that Terri Schiavo and the Pope both passed away, I angrily shook my head at God and made damn sure I got paid overtime, while the rest of the world solemnly mourned.

SEPT. 2004:
I'm driving home from the Today Show at 3 am over the Queens Borough Bridge. I ask the driver to stop. I step out, take a long, hard look at the water below. I step back inside and call my friend and fellow former Page, Pat Walsh, asking him if he wants to do something with our lives. We decide to write a pilot together about the Page Program.

OCT. 2004-SEPT. 2005:
A lot of drinking. A lot of ice cream. A lot of lonely nights watching the Notebook. We justify it by calling it "method writing." Our characters are tragic.

OCT. 2005:
Something spurs us to finally finish the pilot, an hour-long dramedy. We like it a lot. We pass it around to former Pages who are now climbing the ladders as assistants to more important ladder-climbers. People like it, people laugh, but many return with the common note of "you should make it a sitcom instead."

NOV. 2005:
We revise and package it into a sitcom, which actually did indeed make it much stronger. Through connections, the script ends up on the desk of a Development Exec at Network B. He reads it, likes it, but tells us it's not really in tone with Network B, and thinks Network F would probably love it. We rack our brains trying to find connections at Network F.

Two weeks later, we start getting congratulatory emails from friends with a Variety article attached. The article states that Network F has picked up a pilot of the exact same name and premise as ours. The kicker, this pilot was being produced by the studio of aforementioned Network B. We naturally wonder if anything shady is going on...

Fate steps in and a new co-worker starts at the Today Show, who used to work for the head of Network B, as well as the Head of Comedy at Network B Studios. She reads our pilot, loves it, and emails her former boss asking what's up. Former Boss says he's never heard of us of course, but trusts her judgment, and asks to read our pilot anyway.

We don't hear back from Former Boss.

JAN. 2006:
We make New Year's resolutions that are quickly broken. We also read that Former Boss has been promoted to head of Comedy Development at Network B. Hmm.

FEB. 2006:
Former Boss calls us out of the blue, saying he finally read it and loved it. He asks if we have agents and other material. We lie and say we're 'working on other specs.' He kindly offers to introduce us to a handful of agents he personally recommends. We rejoice for a good minute, then realize we have to start those "other specs."

Above agents read our material, love it and schedule meetings.

MARCH 2006:
Pat and I fly out to Los Angeles to meet with these agencies.

At the rental car station, we excitedly tell the counter lady why we're in town, she smiles and says "well you guys seem fun, let's upgrade you to a convertible, no extra charge." Expecting a Ford Mustang, Pat and I high-five and yell "Look out, City of Angels!"

We find ourselves cruising down Wilshire in a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Senior citizens laugh at us as we drive by.

Meetings go extremely well, we get a handful of offers by the end of the week, we decide to go with the William Morris Agency, we get a set tour of the OC. We ride down Wilshire singing Californiaaaa, Californiaaaaaaa, here we-

Senior Citizens continue to point and laugh.

APRIL 2006:
Staffing season begins. Pat and I fly out again to LA for a week of executive meetings. They go extremely well, with execs making praising calls to our agents that people "work all their lives to hear."

Bags of money/women are assured in our futures. Plans are made to move out to the coast with the mostest.

MAY 2006:
I'm again packing everything I own into my trusty Honda CRV. This time covering all my belongings with a blanket. Yep, that'll stop 'em.

I drive cross-country, throw open my apartment door as a perfect breeze blows through my hair. I still have all my belongings. Ah, good times ahead.

Weeks go by, we don't hear from our agents. Panic sets in, sweating problem begins, buckets of Xanax are bought.

Finally, our agents call to tell us that this season didn't quite go as planned. Comedy is dead. I shove my head into the above bucket of Xanax.

JUNE 2006-SEPT. 2006:
As Elton once said, "it's the circle of life and it moves us all." Well, it's moved me to a new city, same point.

I find myself again with no health insurance. I sleep on an AeroBed that deflates through the night, causing me to wake up every night at 4 am to re-inflate. My roommate's girlfriend hears this every night and sympathetically brings me her foldable army cot.

The heat wave hits Los Angeles, breaking records left and right. I sweat out my soul on the new army cot and somehow get bronchitis. I freak out. Drug Friend hooks me up with antibiotics. I live. God exists.

Pat and I decide to bring on a manager from Principato-Young. He also quickly becomes a great friend.

Through random connections, we meet with a semi-known Actor in Asian circles. He hires us to write his passion project, a gritty drama of sorts. We toss our comedy hats to the side and shake hands. We realize that we will not get paid until much later and our handshake grows very weak.

We spend the rest of our days temping, writing, drinking... and repeat.

OCT. 2006:
And we wait.

We've finished the above work-for-hire movie. We wait for our check.
We've finished an original comedy feature (by we, I mean Pat, he did 99% of the work). We wait for money, cash, hoes/rejection.
We wait for next staffing season.

I wait for the hangover that will follow this night of drinking.

At the end of the day though, I'm actually optimistic. I'm grateful to have agents and a manager, grateful to have our first movie project actually be in development, grateful to have a hilarious writing partner, grateful for amazing friends, grateful for the coolest blog readers in the internetiverse. You guys rock my socks for reading this blog.

Things may be turning a corner. I'm getting a glorious pillow-top queen-sized bed this Friday, two good friends from NY are in town this Saturday for the birthday throwdown, and we start hearing back from studios about this comedy feature in the next two weeks or so.

I recently watched this high school graduation speech given by Conan O'Brien, and it reminded me to keep having my silly pipe dreams, and that many have already come to fruition.

I hope this was as therapeutic for you as it was for me. Leave a comment. Love you, mean it.

In the words of Guster, "let's keep it together, can we keep it together. we're singing a new song now, and everything starts today." be continued...

OCT. 6, 2006:
I receive a pillow-top, queen-sized Serta bed for a wicked price from the Mattress Store. I don't wake for 36 hours.

OCT. 7-13, 2006:
Friends from NY visit. I throw a birthday party. I realize I have more friends in LA than I had thought, the ice around my heart slowly thaws. Check out the pics. Many drinks were had, I don't wake for 36 hours.

Upon waking, I find positive news arriving on the writing front. My writing partner and I are in the process of pitching a movie to my old boss, he liked one of our ideas, so talks are continuing. We've also begun to hear back on our comedy feature and pilot floating around town. The thing about this industry is that it is so rare for someone to read something and say "here is a bazillion dollars." Everything revolves around meetings. The meetings aren't relevant either. It's pretty much like dating. Forty-five minutes of trying to charm their pants/wallets off, not listening to a word they say while coming up with your next hilarious anecdote.. and sweating profusely. The positive: people are liking our stuff, the meetings are rolling in, and it's getting a little chillier in LA. Charming people's pants off happens to be our forte too. Only in this realm though, in the dating world, the pants stay firmly on. Damn you, pants. So say a little prayer for us. be continued...