Thursday, February 08, 2007

Threnodic Thursday

Ah, alliteration. I'm a fan. Here are my thoughts for the week (sorry, haven't watched tonight's episodes yet). Alright, boom, check it.

HIMYM: A decent episode. Not amazing, but enjoyable. I liked how they referenced Marshall's obsession with the Loch Ness monster, I chuckled at the TiVo prayer, and I loved the "Sensory Deprivator 5000." This episode was a little weaker in terms of plot compared to the rest of the season, but still, I'm continually amazed at how much this show has improved this season. A friend of mine recently spoke to someone on the HIMYM set, and this anonymous source mentioned that a big part of the improvement has to do with the addition of Greg Malins as an executive producer. Having been a huge part of the Friends-era, Greg has used his experience to apparently help refine the storytelling of the show. Thank you, Greg. TV Squad has an interview with the creators, who also discuss this season's different tone and a forthcoming wedding on the episode.

The Class: There is something very wrong with the world right now. I've really enjoyed the Class lately. Am I crazy here? For the first time ever, I laughed more during the Class than I did during HIMYM. You can check out the episode on Innertube. Now, if someone would just cut Duncan's heinous hair, I might start spreading the word about this show.

Heroes: Still need to catch up on the last two, but I've heard ca-ra-zay things. Looking forward to it.

Veronica Mars: Ditto the above, minus the "ca-ra-zay."

Office: Some great lines in this one, but overall, a so-so episode. Favorite bit was Michael addressing the stripper as Stripper.

30 Rock: The funniest episode of all the sitcoms this past week. You must watch the episode here. If only to see Paul Reubens as Gerhardt Habsburg, the last male member of the Habsburg family, so inbred to the point that his body no longer produces joint fluid. Amazing. Isabella Rossellini also guest-starred as Jack's ex-wife, and it was great to see Will Forte too (nicest of all the SNL cast members). Oh, and Jane Krakowski was surprisingly smokin' in that dress.

Grey's: Princess Sparkle and I had a friendly wager going regarding the previous proposal cliffhanger. Unfortunately, I bet that Christina would say 'no.' Christina and Burke's last scene was quite endearing though, so I'm kinda glad I lost the bet. I thought this episode was okay, I enjoyed the Meredith-Mom-Chief story, I loved and will always love all things Katherine Heigl and Kate Walsh, but that was about it. George and Callie need to bring it down a notch. Holler at your boy Denny though, he's coming back from the dead.

The OC: "The Case of the Franks" was, to be frank, pretty weak. Thank you. There were some cute moments, but not even Taylor Townsend could save this episode for me. The flashbacks, the forced resolutions, it was all a bit too much. Still, only three episodes left, I will "love you till the end," OC. Anyway, one fun side note, Michael Schur, JJ Philbin's husband and writer for the Office, made a little cameo appearance in this episode as the G.E.O.R.G.E. rep. Max Greenfield, aka Deputy Leo, from Veronica Mars also dropped by as a young Sandy Cohen. Check out Give Me My Remote for the full report.

Friday Night Lights: Not up to par with the last two episodes, but still pretty good. I don't really get into the big-issue episodes regarding race and things with, you know, actual substance. I prefer the simple relationship drama, what can I say, I'm a simple man. It was great seeing Tyra closeline Lyla during the powderpuff game. And now, many of you will not watch this show because I just said "powderpuff game." But no, really, this is the best drama on television right now! Episodes are finally available on iTunes, where you can download the pilot for free. Now go and catch up, I'll be waiting right here for your thoughts. Seriously, go now. [waiting] Okay, you're back, wow that was fast. You didn't really watch, did you? Fine, whatever, you never listen to me. I hate you.

Click below for the tunes. I've noticed that some of you are actually purchasing albums through the links! Huzzah! Go capitalism, keep spending that hard-earned cash, my friends! Keep. Spending. Leave a comment!

How I Met Your Mother - "Monday Night Football"
"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn and John [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "Poughkeepsie, Tramps & Thieves"
"Yeah!" - The Golden Dogs
"Wheels" - Mark Lanegan
"A Thousand Kisses Deep" - Leonard Cohen [buy album]
*thanks Princess Sparkle!
"Never The Same Again" - Moonlight Towers [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill"
"I'll Take Care Of You" - Mark Lanegan [buy album]
"Western Meadowlark" - Brown Recluse Sings

Friday Night Lights - "Upping the Ante"
"I Remember" - Chris Brokaw [buy album]
"Sexyback" - Justin Timberlake [buy album]
"Jesus Christ" - Brand New [buy album]
"So Divided" - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [buy album]

Friday Night Lights - "Blinders"
"Lord Give Me A Sign" - DMX [buy album]
"Huddle Formation" - The Go! Team [buy album]
"U & Ur Hand" - Pink [buy album]

The OC - "The Case of the Franks"
"Theme From Picnic (Moonglow)" - Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra [buy album]
"Talk About The Passion" - R.E.M. [buy album]
"Start Today Tomorrow" - Youth Group [buy album]
"Unaware" - The Midway State [buy album]

Grey's Anatomy - "Wishin' and Hopin'"
"Runaway (feat. Psapp)" - Sybarite [buy album]
"Elevator Music" - Beck [buy album]
"Barracuda" - Miho Hatori [buy album]
"Canal Song (End of Sentence)" - Iain Archer [buy album]
"Believer" - Susanna & The Magical Orchestra [buy album]
"Fireworks" - The Whitest Boy Alive [buy album]

Scrubs - "His Story IV'"
"Thrift Store T-Shirt" - Brent Jordan [buy album]


Blogger Katie said...

SONNY ! I was just saying the same thing to my old roommate about The Class... I really enjoyed the episode; more than HIMYM !

I've been eagerly awaiting your post and can now go to sleep happy ! WEEEEE !

Have a great weekend !

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll download later, but I just wanted to say that I love that you're back, Sonny. Hope you're feeling a bit better -- or, at least, that all this fine television is helping.

Also, THANK YOU for convincing me to watch "30 Rock". I had written it off after the first two episodes, but when you took a break, I went back, watched them all, and now I'm crazy hooked. I look forward to Tina and Alec over (current) "Scrubs" any day now. And I LOVED today's SNL alum cameo. I actually melted. Too cute.

That is all!


1:01 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

How much does it suck that we can't watch any of the innertube/ etc. videos in Canada...

So frustrating!!!

1:23 AM  
Blogger NYOne said...

I really still plan to catch up on FNL and HIMYM...someday. I don't know if I can ever come around to 30 Rock. The promos for it, when not featuring Alec Baldwin, always look terrible. I have to agree with your assesment of the OC - with so few eps left, you would hope they would turn the awesome up to 11, but I still have faith that the finale will be something special.
Question: are your old links to buy albums set up through the new system? I've been meaning to get a Camera Obscura album ever since your New Year's post and I'd be happy to do it via LinkShare.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hey Katie, glad I'm not the only one enjoying the Class! Hope you have a great weekend too.

Hi Mel, I'm glad you're watching 30 Rock! Pretty. Freaking. Hilarious. I had written the show off as well after the first few... but they really improved drastically over the year. I got back into the show after downloading "Blind Date" for free on iTunes. Such a good episode.

Hey Lisa, move away from Canada to Los Angeles, where it's warm and sunny... and where it's filled with smog, douches of epic proportions and insane traffic. Come on, take the plunge!

Hi NYOne, hope you got my email from a week or so ago. Give 30 Rock a shot! It's worth it for Alec Baldwin alone! Anyway, I will be updating past links tonight, so feel free to purchas the Camera Obscura album through a LinkShare! You are awesome. As are Camera Obscura.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous AT said...

Thanks for the music! Always fun to hear your thoughts on the shows too! Have a great weekend

7:30 PM  
Anonymous megan said...

I recently started watching 30 Rock and its hillarious- Paul Reubens as the last of Hapsburg line was genious!
And of course thanks for the tunes. :)

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tunes. You're right, '30 Rock' is pretty awesome. Paul Reubens cracked me up.

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Marina said...


Thanks for the tunage.

You have totally gotten me into Friday Night Lights. I gave it a go in December after one of your shoutouts and I'm hooked!!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hi AT,
You're welcome. Weekend's going eh, but the weather's nice.

Hey Megan,
Yeah, I've re-watched that episode a dozen times now... I can't get enough of Gerhardt Habsburg! (or Hapsburg as it is often spelled in English)

Hi Anonymous,
You're welcome! 30 Rock is the new Arrested Development (sort of, nothing can come close to the wacky wonderfulness that is AD).

Hi Marina,
You're welcome! So glad you started watching FNL!! I appreciate you actually listening to my suggestions, makes this blog seem worthwhile. =)

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Love Love Friday Night Lights. It is absolutely my favorite show, meaning it's better than Veronica Mars (not hard lately) the OC, Greys Anatomy, even Ugly Betty! Thanks for bringing more spotlight to the show.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks as always for the music and for pimping FNL. I have watched and loved it from the start but it needs more viewers.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

ah thanks again for all the music. i definatly agree with you on all your shows the office was hilarious though... "ben franklin, do you wear boxers, briefs, or pantaloons?"

and once again, 30 rock was amazing. love seeing will forte!!!

thank you i hope your weekend was fantastic!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hi Anonymouses,
Yes! FNL lovers unite!!

Hey Rebecca,
Yeah the Office episode had some good one-liners, but as a whole, something felt off.

Will Forte is seriously one of the nicest people I've ever met. At SNL after parties, while the rest of the cast members would feign exclusivity and coolness, Forte would always mix it up with the Pages.

Hope your weekend's been fantastic too!

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Krissi said...

Heeeeellooo Cap't!!

As usual, great tunage! I've been checking out 30 Rock since you told us to give it a second shot, and I'm so glad I listened to you. The last eppy with Paul Reubens was just killer good.

I also wanted to let you know that I do buy some of the albums, but I don't do it through iTunes (believe it or not there are non-iPod users out here)!! :-)

I just don't believe a company -- any company -- should tell me how many times I can burn a tune or on what item I can play their music on, ya know?! Anyhoo, before I get on a major soapbox about the RIAA, I'll just thank you again for the tunes and the reviews!! You really do rock, Sonny!

Hope everything is going well for you!

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sonny! I love your music, and live religiously by your site. However, I have one gripe: last year you had music from the hills, but you don't have it this season!! Please bring those songs backkkk

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Richard said...

Hi Sonny,

Just heard on the radio (triple j) here in Aust that the last song on the OC will be a Patrick Park song. Heard about this? The women that programs the music (first name Alex, can't remember her last name) was on and said he finishes it off!

Thanks mate for the music

2:07 PM  
Anonymous laura said...

Thanks, as always, for the music!

And if you're still looking for breakup songs, might I recommend "All The Night Without Love" by Elvis Perkins. It's a heart-wrenching sort of way.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

autumn reeser is the of the only reasons i watch the oc anymore, this season is the best one yet. im glad marissa left the show. wish it wasn't ending, the taylor/ryan dynamic is so entertaining. taylor's hilarious!

10:59 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

quick comment. thanks for the music cap oats. is it me or is this download of "unaware" by the midway state different from the one on the oc? love you!

12:00 AM  
Anonymous sarah said...

Thanks as always for the great's helping me fill the long week before the end of the Grey's Anatomy three-parter

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Carrie said...

Thanks for the music! Add me to the list as a FNL lover as well. Last week's episode was particularly amazing. I just love the Taylor family.

I think the Patrick Park choice for last song on the O.C. is interesting. I was sure they would go to a "callback" song like "hallelujah" or "honey and the moon." Patrick Park is great, though, so I'm glad he's getting the exposure.

Thanks for giving us all of these awesome tunes.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hi Anon 2:01,
Thanks for reading! Sorry I gave up on the Hills... I don't know if I can get back into it though. I kinda hated myself for a while after my last Hills marathon. =)

Hey Richard,
Yeah, I did hear that! So awesome. I believe the song is "Life is a Song." Looking forward to the finale...

Hi Laura,
You're welcome! I will def check out the Perkins track, thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Anon 10:59,

Hi Janet,
Good ear! It is indeed a different version, they re-recorded a newer version and I believe that was the one used on the show. You can hear it on their MySpace.. you know what, I'll actually update the link with the newer version in a little bit.

Hi Sarah,
You're welcome! I cannot wait for Part Three!!!

Hey Carrie,
Hellooooo fellow FNL lover! Come in, make yourself comfortable. Yeah the Taylor family is great, I love their marriage... Matt and Julie are adorable together too.

Yeah, I'm eager to see the finale montage too.. the Patrick Park song isn't something I would've guessed either. Great tune though like you said.

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Piney said...

You Rock! You picked most of the winners. But I must say I did go against you and picked Forest Whitaker. I love that guy! Thanks for the music. Snowy day here and took some new tunes to listen to.

6:13 AM  
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