Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tunerrific Tuesday

The Black Donnellys - "The World Will Break Your Heart"
I haven't watched yet, nor do I want to, but the episode is available online here.

The Riches - "Pilot"
Been hearing great things about this new show. I love FX. Caught up on Rescue Me recently. What an amazing show. I'll have to post some songs from that series sometime because their music selection is wonderful, one of the best opening credit songs of recent memory ("C'mon C'mon" by The Von Bondies).

Anyway, I digress. I haven't watched The Riches yet, but you can catch up online here. I still need to watch Eddie Izzard: Dressed To Kill, which my friend Mike swears is the funniest two hours of comedy ever. Well, I'm not sure if he said "ever." But let's pretend he did. Pressure's on, Mike! So, be my Netflix friend and add it to your queue too.

South Park - "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson" (A-)
It amazes me how consistently funny this show has been for eleven years. This episode started off with a bang. Watch the first few minutes here. "Oooh, naggers. Of course." Hilarious. Also loved Cartman's Poltergeist reference, "Caroline, don't go into the light!" The latter half trailed off a little, but it was still a solid episode. I absolutely love how South Park always tries to show all sides of an issue. I thought they tackled the race card pretty well here.

Friday Night Lights
FNL fans, unite. We must implore NBC to renew this show. According to Variety, the chances of its survival are pretty good. This is the best drama on television right now. Watch all the episodes online and spread the word!

Grey's Anatomy
Some more casting news about the Grey's spinoff show. Why do I have a feeling this is gonna suck?

The Winner - "The Single Dates" (B-)
Without Rob Corddry, this show would be just another lukewarm sitcom with a laugh track, but Corddry elevates the material to a level where his lines are at least oddly endearing when they're not funny. Episodes are available online here. So far, I've only seen the first two episodes, and the second one is definitely better than the first. Good to see Rescue Me's Lenny Clarke here as the crazy dad too.

30 Rock
In the above "on the bubble" article, 30 Rock is also mentioned as a "safe" bet for a second season renewal. Another good sign: NBC has decided to cut short Andy Barker's run and bring 30 Rock back a bit earlier than intended on April 5, where it'll be part of a new "Super-Size" night of comedies. Also, on April 12, the show will switch spots with Scrubs and move up a half-hour to 9 pm. NBC, I, for once, genuinely salute you!

Autumn Reeser (A+)
Silly Pipe Dreams favorite, Autumn Reeser (Taylor on The O.C.), has been cast in an "Untitled Tom Wheeler Pilot" for THE CW. The show will revolve around a "brilliant graduate student (Ryan Devlin/Mercer on Veronica Mars) and his friends, who use their skills to solve crimes." Also known as Veronica Mars. Oh, snaps. Reeser will play the main character's down-to-earth girlfriend, a paralegal and daughter of an FBI agent. Nothing screams down-to-earth like paralegal and FBI agent. I will be eagerly awaiting the screener for this one.

Click below for the tunes, and leave a comment!

The Black Donnellys - "The World Will Break Your Heart"
"Across The Water" - Aeone
"Caught By The River" - Doves [buy album]
"It's Good To Be In Love" - Frou Frou [buy album]
"Boys Will Be Boys" - The Ordinary Boys [buy album]
"In Your Own Way" - Caleb Kane [buy album]
"Waiting For My Real Life To Begin" - Colin Hay [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "Papa's Cabin"
"A Night" - The Harlem Shakes
"Catch My Fall (In It For You)" - The Elliots [buy album]
*MySpace link

Scrubs - "My Fishbowl"
"Half A World Away" - R.E.M [buy album]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

regarding the riches...
eddie izzard is a talented genuis... i hate to say it, but his acting isn't that great and neither is the show. i really really tried to get into it too. maybe it was the horrible accents that did it?

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Mona said...

SO happy for Autumn... I hope the show works out for her! although, I can't really imagine Taylor Towsend being "down to earth"... hmmm.

you rule, as always.

1:11 PM  
Blogger NYOne said...

Um, squee - we are Netflix friends now! This is very exciting to me. And yes, Dressed to Kill is to comedy what the Shins are to music - it will change your life.
The Autumn Reeser pilot sounds promising. I was actually shocked by how decent an actor Ryan "ET on MTV" turned out to be, so good for him for getting another show.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hey Anon 1:08,
Sorry to hear you didn't like the show. Horrible accents can do it. Hopefully, I'll disagree with you once I watch it!

Hi Mona,
Yeah, I hope Autumn doesn't play too much of a "down to earth" character. I love her most when she's a bit crazy.

Hey NYOne,
Woo, Netflix friends indeed! Left you a movie note. =)

2:43 PM  
Anonymous K said...

Cool news for Autumn Reeser - I hope it works better than it sounds :/ But thanks for the updates & the tunes!

3:47 PM  
Blogger Loe said...

Dressed to Kill is the greatest comedy album I've ever heard/seen. You need to see it immediately. And then buy all of his albums and spread the love.

However...I didn't like The Riches all the much, either. Eddie's got a crap accent and the show moved a little too slowly for me. But I'm giving it five episodes to redeem itself. That's how much I love Eddie.

And yes, the spin off Greys is going to suck. :)

4:57 PM  
Anonymous megan said...

Woot woot! So glad to hear FNL and 30 Rock are likely coming back next year. I've been talking up both shows to my friends.

Have you given up on Lost? Im continually tempted to and yet I keep finding myself tuning back in..like a battered wife who keeps thinking this time its going to be different because we used to be so happy... ::sigh::

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

I agree about Scrubs. It's like they're trying to make it suck, so that when it's over people won't miss it.

You're dead on with South Park. They are great when it comes to taking current issues and twisting them around. Last week's episode was hilarious.

Have you heard anything about October Road? From the previews, it looks like it's going to be good.

5:19 PM  
Blogger catherine said...

thank you for the tunes :)!!!!!!!!!

best blog EVER!

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should stick with The Black Donnellys for at least a little bit longer...need we remember The Class? Sometimes it takes a little while for shows to find their niche. Plus they have okay music. Speaking of which...
Am I the only one who thinks that there are not very many good songs since The OC left us? We need a show that can fill that hole!!!

2:53 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

thanks for the tunes!

yeah, didn't really like the riches either - minnie driver's acting makes it seem like a drama, but she unintentionally makes it hilariously-funny-in-the-bad-way with her really poor attempt at a southern accent...

but maybe you'll like it. :)

and seriously, can someone just tell me the grey's spinoff is a big horrible april fools' joke? that'd be great. thanks.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hey K,
You're welcome. Can't wait to see more Reeser.

Hi Loe,
Dressed To Kill is in my Netflix queue. Can't wait. Sucks that The Riches isn't really doing it for a lot of people... I'm gonna check it out this weekend.

Hey Megan,
Well, FNL and 30 Rock aren't locked down yet, but fingers crossed. And part of me still wants to catch up on Lost.. kinda torn.. hear ya on the battered wife analogy.

Hi Brandon,
I hear October Road sucks balls at first but gets better a few episodes in. Did you watch?

Hi Catherine,
You're welcome! Best blog reader ever!

Hi Anon 2:53,
True about the Class. I'll give Donnellys a few more episodes.. and I totally agree on the lack of good music post-OC. Hopefully one of Josh Schwartz's pilots get picked up and he can re-stock our iTunes agian.

Hey Michelle,
Yeah, can't imagine Minnie Driver doing a Southern accent. Yikes.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

I did watch the first episode of October Road, and I was a little disappointed. I know it's hard to tell much about a show from the pilot, so I'll give them a few episodes. They have some problems writing-wise, but maybe they can work that out.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous jayne said...

Accents aside, I didn't think the Riches was too horrible. I'm willing to give it a few episodes and see how it goes. I didn't care much for Minnie Driver's character, but I liked the kids (at least, the girl and the younger boy. The older boy didn't get to do much beyond smoking and being all broody.)

1:13 AM  
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