Thursday, March 29, 2007

Under The Covers

This week, we go "Under The Covers" with The Strokes. Last week's Radiohead covers didn't go over too well with some of you, so I hope you find these pleasing to your ears.

Ever since The Strokes' debut album hit stores in 2001, they've often been dubbed "the saviors of rock." And in many ways, they are. In my opinion, all three albums are stellar, with Room On Fire actually being my favorite. (P.S. Purchase Albert Hammond Jr.'s new solo album, it is bitchin'.)

Sure, everyone from hipsters to frat guys to your mom all listen to The Strokes now, but for good reason: they freaking rule (The Strokes, not your mom. Though I'm sure your mom rules too. I hear she makes a mean quiche). But when a band rules this much, they are bound to eventually attract the attention of a variety of people, including douchebags, which was very evident at the Strokes concert I went to last year. B-T-Dubs, that was one of the best live shows I've ever attended.

I've collected a few covers below, but the ones I'm dying to hear are from Ryan Adams' scrapped project, where he covers the entire Is This It album. I hear there may or may not be a song or two floating around in the blogosphere. If you happen to have an mp3, or even a live track of Ryan Adams covering The Strokes, please do send my way.

Check out the tunes below and leave a comment! Next week: The Rolling Stones.

"Heart In A Cage" - Chris Thile (Nickel Creek) [buy album]
VIDEO: "Heart In A Cage (live)" - Chris Thile
- My favorite cover on this list, and maybe one of my favorite covers ever. Absolutely amazing.

"Someday" - Basia Balut
VIDEO: "Someday (live)" - Basia Balut
- Definitely check out the video over the mp3 for a more polished rendition. I really hope she releases an "official" recording soon.

"Reptilia" - Howie Beck

"Last Nite" - Detroit Cobras [buy album]
"Last Nite" - Off The Beat (UPenn a cappella)

"Is This It" - Royal City [buy album]

And of course, The Strokes have covered a few songs as well...
"Clampdown (live)" - The Strokes (The Clash cover)
VIDEO: "Clampdown (live)"- The Strokes

"Life's A Gas (live)" - The Strokes (Ramones cover)
VIDEO: "Life's a Gas (live)"- The Strokes

"Walk On The Wild Side (live)" - The Strokes (Lou Reed cover)
VIDEO: "Walk On The Wild Side (live)"- The Strokes

"Mercy, Mercy Me" - The Strokes, Eddie Vedder and Josh Homme (Marvin Gaye cover) [buy album]



Anonymous megan said...

Youve been posting up a storm lately Cap'n!

On the general subject of covers... I caught Cold War Kids in concert last night (great show!) and they did a great cover of that John Lenon song "Well, Well, Well" so maybe John Lennon covers can feature in some future edition of Under the COvers.

Also, Delta Spirit, one of the opening acts was great too. Very folksy and soulful, and I bizzarely have a thing for the harmonica. :) You should definitely check them and CWK out if you havent already.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

Okay... I'm just going to put this out there, you can accept or not, but will you marry me?

I LOVE acapella groups and love, love, love UPenn's Off the Beat :)

And this is muchhhhh better than Radiohead, but I'm still waiting for my cheesy pop covers :P

5:38 PM  
Blogger Jin said...

please don't ever say btdubs again. please. i dont know that i could claim you as my brother if you did.

and speaking of cheesy pop covers (above comment)... i heard this hilarious but great cover of beyonce's crazy in love when i was in starbucks the other day. acoustic guitar + guy + girl + folksy rock beyonce. it may not be excellent music but it sure does entertain.

10:39 PM  
Blogger NYOne said...

Oh, I have TOTALLY incorporated B-T-Dubs into my daily conversations. I think it's totes brill.
Rolling Stones covers sound promising. Can I request the cover of Wild Horses by...some female singer (Beth Orton? Heather Nova?) from some movie? Helpful, I know.
Thanks as always, Cap'n!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hey Megan,
Yes, I have been posting more, but the comments seem to be lessening, which makes Captain sad. =( So thank you for commenting!

I love Cold War Kids! I will have to track down that live cover... will check out Delta Spirit as well. Thanks for letting me know!

Hi Katie,
I will accept after a dinner and a movie.

I actually went to Penn and was in an a cappella group there. We performed a few times with Off The Beat and were continually floored by how amazing they were year in and year out.

Glad you liked this week's post better!

Hi Lil Sis,
I'll try to find that beyonce cover for ya.. sounds... interesting. Beeee-Teeee-Duuubs, did you find an apartment yet?

Hey NYOne,
Haha thanks for backing me up on the b-t-dubs. I think the Wild Horses cover you are thinking of is by The Sundays. One of the best covers in all the land. The lead singer, Harriet Wheeler, has one of the most soothig voices ever.

Thanks for the feedback!

1:04 PM  
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