Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wusical Wednesday

How I Met Your Mother - "Moving Day" (B+)
For the most part, I was slightly disappointed with this episode. Then, the tag happened: Barney's Letterman impression while reading his "Top Ten Names I Would Have Given My Place If Ted Had Let Me Keep The Truck." And that bumped the episode up an entire grade point in my book. I just love puns that much. Watch the clip below in its extended, dirtier hilarity. My favorite: The Starship Enter-her-prise.

On an extremely disturbing note, there is a rumor that the show is on the bubble for next year. Does that stir a fire in your belly? If so, then sign the online petition here.

The Black Donnellys - "Lies" (B-)
Definitely better than the first two I watched, but still not enough to get me hooked. Oh well, at least you guys get the songs below.

Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll (F/A)
Before you judge, let me just say that my friend Michelle forced me to watch this show with her. It was not a voluntary viewing. Okay, now feel free to judge.

I cringed non-stop for about the first fifteen minutes. But after a while, somehow, something changes inside of you, probably your soul dying, and then the show's awfulness begins to morph into awesomeness. I really can't explain it. I'm in a downward spiral, and I need help. Someone please put Veronica Mars back in this timeslot.

P.S. OmG i'M LiKe sO ToTaLLy TeAm ChELsEa CaUsE ShE LiKe sO LoSt aLL ThAt FaT AnD StUfF, AnD LiKe ThAT BiTcH MeLiSsA S. AnD SiSsLy CaN LiKe sO GeT HiT bY a BuS CaUsE I'm LiKe ToTaLLy OvEr ThEm.

You know, it actually takes a lot of effort to type like that. Current Youth of America please take note, it's not worth the effort.

Andy Barker, P.I. - "Fairway, My Lovely" (B)
Co-written by screenwriter and blogger Jane Espenson, this episode was much more enjoyable than the pilot. It's still a bit lacking in the LOL department, but here's my quick fix: give Tony Hale more screentime. Check out his clips from this episode below:

Friday Night Lights - "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes" (A)
Absolute perfection. I cannot stress enough just how much I want you all to watch this show.


For those of you who do watch, did you think the scene with Jason Street helping Saracen with his plays was foreshadowing a future for Jason as an assistant coach for the Panthers? Or do you think the fact that I put this much time and thought into fictional characters explains why I go to bed clutching a body pillow every night? Either way, I would love to see Jason eventually join the coaching staff of the Panthers. It'd bring Jason back into the fold and help his stories interweave with the others again. Of course, this is only possible if the show gets renewed. So again...

CATCH UP ON ALL EPISODES HERE. Tell everyone you know to support the show.

Grey's Anatomy - "Scars and Souvenirs" (C+)

Grey's Anatomy - "My Favorite Mistake" (C)

They've taken Izzie, a character I onced loved, and somehow made her more annoying than Meredith, a feat I once thought as impossible as George and Izzie shackin' up. If the show's slipping this much this season, can you imagine how heinous the spin-off will be? At least I still have my Pussycat Dolls for some good drama.

And did anyone else think that the make-up deparment went a little overboard on George this episode? I know he was supposed to be tired and all, but he looked sicker than Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. Get some rest, George, and stop banging Izzie.

Speaking of banging Katherine Heigl, my writing partner and I are going to a screening of Knocked Up tomorrow. I've been looking forward to this film for quite a while. Judd Apatow can do no wrong in my eyes. He's created some of my all-time favorite comedies in both television and film: Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, Anchorman, and 40 Year Old Virgin, just to name a few. In Knocked Up, he's bringing together a lot of actors from past projects, including Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Martin Starr, Jay Baruchel and Leslie Mann. Watch the trailer here, get excited and stop by later this week for a review. Also check out Judd Apatow's recent column for MTV concerning critic reviews. Oh, and can someone please prescribe some Ritalin for Their website needs to bring it down a notch.

South Park - "Lice Capades" (A-)
I never imagined laughing so hard at an episode devoted entirely to the lives of lice, but hey, Trey Parker is a genius, and he can make it happen. This is the best comedy on air. The ending was brilliant.

South Park - "Cartman Sucks" (B+)
Another solid episode. The show is getting even better with age; there's rarely been an off-episode over the past two seasons. Here's a clip from this episode:

Next week is the 24-themed episode, so make sure to tune in!

The Whitest Kids U'Know (A-, A-, B+)
Check out my previous post for a little intro to these guys, but hopefully, you all are already watching. Most of the sketches from the first two episodes were sketches they've performed before, but it was still great seeing them on television. A little surreal at times too because a lot of them were shot a few years back and often feature some mutual friends as extras. Shout-out to former roomie and one of my best friends, Devin, for his on-air cameo last night in this sketch.

I posted most of my favorites from the new material in my past post, but here's one more I watched for the first time last week and absolutely loved:

The first two episodes did really well ratings-wise for Fuse, not sure about last night's, but I imagine the numbers must have went up with the press starting to write more about them. Check out the recent NY Post and NY Times articles. So, again, tune into Fuse on Tuesdays at 11 PM ET/8 PM PT. Or pretty much every other hour since Fuse is re-airing the eps quite a bit. Let them know what you think on their website!

Alright, that's all folks. Click below for the songs, buy the albums and leave a comment!

The Black Donnellys - "Lies"
"Losing" - Tina Dico [buy album]
"40'" - Franz Ferdinand [buy album]
"The Salt Wound Routine" - Thirteen Senses [buy album]
"Goodnight Moon" - Shivaree [buy album]
"Cobrastyle" - Teddybears [buy album]
"Shelter" - Ray LaMontagne [buy album]
"Hold You In My Arms" - Ray LaMontagne [buy album]

Grey's Anatomy - "Scars and Souvenirs"
"Come To Me" - Koop [buy album]
"Girlshapedlovedrug" - Gomez [buy album]
"Hi" - Psapp [buy album]
"Land Of No Return" - Wild Sweet Orange
"Move You" - Anya Marina [buy album]

Grey's Anatomy - "My Favorite Mistake"
"Black Cat John Brown" - Alamo Race Track
"La Familia (Remix by Guy Sigsworth)" - Mirah [buy album]
"Still Alright" - Adam Merrin [buy album]
"All I Want From You Is Love" - Let's Go Sailing [buy album]
"Sideways" - Let's Go Sailing [buy album]

Scrubs - "My Scrubs"
"Courage" - Glen Phillips [buy album]

Scrubs - "My No Good Reason"
"Ain't No Reason" - Brett Dennen [buy album]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...did you think the scene with Jason Street helping Sorenson with his plays was foreshadowing a future for Jason as an assistant coach for the Panthers?

Absolutely, I think you predicted it exactly. -J

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tunes! I can't believe that you actually made me regret not watching Andy Parker, PI! Those clips were awesome!

5:37 AM  
Anonymous megan said...

"But after a while, somehow, something changes inside of you, probably your soul dying"

Haha, that made me laugh.

And yeah I agree on Grey's... WTF Shonda Rhimes? Seriously.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous megan said...

Oh and thanks for mentioning the petition to keep HIMYM. I was totally going to mention that, but you beat me to it. I dont think most people realize the show is in trouble (I know I didn't until I read it somewhere else. You can also vote for it on Watch With Kristin's Save One Show:

6:10 AM  
Blogger NYOne said...

I too voted for HIMYM in the Save One Show poll. Sadly, I would rather see VM wrap things up this year than continue with the proposed Veronica-as-undercover-FBI premise. I can't stand to watch this once-beloved show to go any further off the rails.
Music from Scrubs but no comments? Still think Zach Braff deserves that reported raise?

8:39 AM  
Anonymous the mercy fox said...

when did southpark change cartman's voice. tragic.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Scribe LA said...

Thanks for the HIMYM clip - hilarious. I liked the "Escalaid" myself. I love that show - it's funny and sweet.

Speaking of funny, Tony Hale produces tears of laughter down my face. Just watching him reminds me of how much I miss Arrested Development. At least AD helped improve the careers of many talented people that we'll get to see more of, ie. Tony et al. And have you seen the trailers for Blades of Glory with Will Arnett and (his wife) Amy Poehler? The movie looks fairly ho-hum, but I love them in a movie together.
My birthday's the 14th... an update on the fun soon.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Grey's music!! And major props to scrubs for using Brett Dennen!! All of his music is simply amazing and "Ain't No Reason" is definitely my favorite. If you haven't heard any of his other stuff I highly recommend it.
Thanks again!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Mona said...

word to the Grey's comments. booooo Izzie. remember when that show was fun and light-hearted and sometimes devastating, without bashing it over our collective head? goodtimes. (but seriously, that dollhouse? I could barely watch it.)

also, no mention of Scrubs? these last two episodes have been the best of the entire season - I almost forgot how totally awesome it is. here's hoping they can keep it up!

and I have to mention that I kept looking for some mention of OC in your post, until I remembered... :( heartbreaking.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hi J,
I hope so!

Hi Anon 5:37,
Watch while you can, I don't think it's coming back next year!

Hey Megan,
Seriously, Shonda. Seriously.

Thanks for the Watch w/Kristin link! I didn't know about that!

Hi NYOne,
Yeah I think it's time for VM to go. Don't tell anyone but I hear from a reliable source that VM is definitely NOT coming back. Shhh.

Re: Scrubs, though the past two eps were a bit better, they're still so painful to watch for me. But with staffing season going on, I'm staying away from scathing reviews of most comedies just in case certain potential employers stumble upon the site...

Hey Mercy Fox,
Cartman's voice has been changing for quite a while, no? Even in Season One, you hear a change over the episodes. The "old" Cartman's voice was a bit scratchier, and I kind of prefer the "new" one personally.

Hi Scribe,
Escalaid is indeed hilarious.

I have not seen Blades of Glory yet, but I do intend to. Though my writing partner watched it recently and did not give it that great of a review.

I actually don't find Amy Poehler THAT funny.. I like her somtimes, but she tends to only do the crazy-neurotic bit.. which tires over time. Will Arnett is absolutely amazing though.

Looking forward to your birthday!

Hi Anon 12:59,
You're welcome! I do enjoy Brett Dennen as well, good stuff.

Hi Mona,
Glad you agree on the Grey's comments, the show has changed SO much since the beginning of season one, when, like you said, things were much more light-hearted. I tuned in because I related with these 20something characters, all starting a new career together. But those days are gone. Sadness. With all the criticism The OC received for veering off course, I think Grey's has actually gone off track much more than The OC ever did in its first three seasons.

Re: Scrubs. Yeah, see above response to NYOne. Just not feeling it... hurts my soul it does.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous FNL Rally Girl said...

Captain Oats, I say this only out of our mutual love for Friday Night Lights and my insane love for this particular fictional character (and because I'm a little nitpicky).

did you think the scene with Jason Street helping Sorenson with his plays

Saracen. QB1 and the current Best TV Boyfriend is Matt Saracen. It's what's written on the NBC-downloaded wallpaper on my computer. hee

That being said, that scene on the field with the boys was gold and singularly eliminated the bad taste Shonda and co. left on my tv tastebuds.

I too mourn the loss of my Izzie love. Shonda, your story choices boggle the mind.

Can't wait to hear your take on Knocked Up. I've been hearing great things about it.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Sunshine said...

I remember when Grey's was an amazing show about young doctors trying to become great surgeons without losing their humanity, balancing personal lives and beliefs with the difficult demands and restrictions of their chosen field while maintaining some humor about it all.

Now, it's verging on Melrose Place in a hospital.

While it doesn't make my soul die a little (I wouldn't want to give Shonda that satisfaction), it does make me sad for the cast because they really deserve better.

Thanks for the music, as always.

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Krissi said...

I guess I'm in the extreme minority here and might get booed and hissed, but I don't think that Grey's Anatomy has completely gone down the tubes and off the tracks. It is not as light-hearted a show as it was, granted, but I think the writers have rounded out the characters and tried to show the audience their good and bad sides. If the show would have stayed exactly the same, there would have been complaints that the writing hadn't deepened. Just my humble opinion, but I'm stickin' to it. I still think it's a great hour of television.

And on a side note, Cap't, where did you ever find the Anya tune?!? I looked forever for that one, so I could send it to you!! Nice going!!

Thanks, for the clips, posts, and tunage. You are totally awesome!

7:33 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

The Black Donnellys is going to win you over !!!! :D

5:34 PM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hi FNL Rally Girl,
Love the name, and thank you for pointing that out. I've spelled his name correctly before, but I think the combination of no sleep and the fact that I used to have an elementary school friend with the last name Sorenson confused me. I will never misspell your TV boyfriend's name ever again. =)

Katherine Heigl's so great in Knocked Up, you will easily forget all the bad vibes that Grey's has put on her.

Hi Sunshine,
I definitely agree. I hope they make like The OC and return to goodness in their 4th season.

Hey Krissi,
Thanks again for all the music. You're the best. Thus, I will only boo and hiss you a little. =)

I don't think Grey's is a BAD show now by any means, it's still better than most of the dramas out there, I still watch every week, so I can definitely still say that it's entertaining... but come on, don't you miss the episodes of old?

And I just ended up purchasing the Anya tune on iTunes and burned it to mp3 format for you guys. I actually do that for many of the songs. My wallet's loss is your gain!

Hi Katie,
I love your optimism. =)

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Christin said...

I don't like the last couple of Grey's either but... may be the writer will redeem themselves with the finale (and the episodes leading up to it). I don't like the fact that Christina and Burke is still together. That gets to me. I used to watch it cuz of that pair but now they've definitely gone down hill. They're no longer a good match. Friday Night Light is going on strong! The last couple episodes (with Tara's story) has been extremely good. I used to hate her but now the show has made her somuch more than she used to be. Good for her

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Kate L. said...

And did anyone else think that the make-up deparment went a little overboard on George this episode? I know he was supposed to be tired and all, but he looked sicker than Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. Get some rest, George, and stop banging Izzie.

Well, since he had drunk half a bottle of bourbon, had wasted sex with his best friend, and basically blacked out, I think the makeup was just right. There's a world of difference between Tired and Hung The Fuck Over.

Thanks for the tunes, as ever, and thanks for the HIMYM clip. Dear Lord I love that show.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tunes and clips! I personally enjoyed Grey's "My Favorite Mistake" except for the fact that it *gag* emphasized the George/Izzie hookup. It felt like the "old" Grey's to me, more intern-centric and more patient storylines. Sorry you were disappointed.
I am going to have to start watching FNL and HIMYM just to join in the fun.
Oh, what do you think of October Road? I'm not sure I like the storylines but I have enjoyed a lot of the music!

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Krissi said...

Thanks, Cap't, for only booing and hissing me a little. And yeah, I do miss the lighter side of Grey's; that I can't deny! :-)

I kinda like the Burke/Christina pairing because they are such an odd couple. I still wish they weren't going to spin off a show with Addison . . .

Anytime you need help with tunes, I'm here for you. For the most part, I buy them, too, and never mind sharing them with you and the rest of the gang.


8:56 PM  
Anonymous Piney said...

I am with you Krissi on Grey's. I still enjoy it and not going to give up yet. I think the spin-off is a bad idea. Addison is one of the best storylines they have.
And yes, thanks for the tunes.


4:26 PM  
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