Thursday, August 30, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: Day One

You and I, we used to be good together. There was a spark, an excitement. But I've neglected you, I've let it die. I believe the poetic words of Boyz II Men best express my emotions:

"Can we go back to the days our love was strong?
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong?
Can somebody tell me how to get things back the way they use to be?
Oh God, give me a reason, I'm down on bended knee."

Sing it, Nathan, Michael, Shawn, and Wanya. Sing it. Can't we go back to the days of heavy web traffic and heavy groping? When I'd post regularly and you'd regularly shave your legs? Let's give this another shot.

Hello friends, the past month has been a new low for Silly Pipe Dreams, both in posts and web traffic. A lot of things are happening on the writing front over here, but still, I've let things slide for too long. My good friend, Devin, finally staged an intervention yesterday. It was painful, there may have been tears, but I now realize I need Silly Pipe Dreams in my life. WWJD? I'm fairly certain Jesus would blog 40 posts in 40 weekdays. Thus, I will do the same. Am I scared? A little. Am I crazy? Maybe. I'll probably need to stock up on Gatorade, and you on some Hatorade, but I'll be damned if you don't get 40 posts in 40 weekdays!! I'm not saying they'll be pretty.. some will be well-thought out playlists, some will be a simple sentence reading "I'm drunk." But there'll be 40 of 'em. And they'll be better than the Josh Hartnett movie of similar name. Which is like saying they'll be better than chlamydia. Spread the word, but not the disease.

To start things off, I wanted to take a moment and hear how you're doing, what you've been up to, what you've been enjoying. Whether you've been loving a new novel, a walk in the park to stare at little children, or perhaps the crack pipe... I want to know. I may alert authorities, but I'm here to listen. So leave a comment, and here's what I've been making love to recently:


I've been loving the new Rilo Kiley album, Under The Blacklight. A few weak tracks, but overall delicious. I'll be adding Jenny Lewis to the "You Should Lust" sidebar, which is long overdue. Check out the music videos for "The Moneymaker" and "Silver Lining". I'll leave you with my favorite track off the album:
"Silver Lining" - Rilo Kiley [more tracks] [buy album]

Also, while you can, download the new Bruce Springsteen single, "Radio Nowhere," for FREE on iTunes. Song starts rocking socks from the first second in. If you don't have iTunes, I suppose I can just offer it for you here:
"Radio Nowhere" - Bruce Springsteen

Last, but certainly not least, the new Tegan and Sara album, "The Con." I absolutely these love lesbian sisters, and their music too. They do not disappoint here. Non-stop catchy melodies and harmonies, definitely purchase this album. Here are my two favs:
"The Con" - Tegan and Sara [more tracks] [buy album]
"Back In Your Head" - Tegan and Sara [more tracks] [buy album]


I don't know if you guys have heard, it's pretty under the radar, but I think you might wanna check out this little show called Cheers. I know it's pretty random to start re-watching this classic series from the very beginning, but I've had Season One and Two collecting dust on my shelf for about a year now, and as you can tell, I'm all about turning over a new leaf lately. I had forgotten how much better these episodes are compared to 99% of what's on today. Almost every joke makes me LOL, the stories are simple yet engaging, and it all takes place in one location. In the current climate of hooks and gimmicks, it's so refreshing to go back and watch a show about everyday people talking about everyday things in an incredibly hilarious way.

Jumping from 1982 to 2007 now, I also loved the pilot for Reaper. I'll be doing a Fall TV Preview at some point, so I'll save the "deets" for that post, but this is probably the best new dramedy this fall. The pilot was directed by Kevin Smith and stars Bret Harrisson from the short-lived and pretty funny show, The Loop. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 25th at 9 pm on The CW.


Thanks to a special someone, I've attained nirvana with this life-changing device: the iPhone. Wait 'til Version 2.0 of course, but do get it at some point, it'll make you a better human being.


Anonymous anouck said...

right now i'm watching die hard (1), and a documentary on hong kong cinema, listening to France Gall, laisse tomber les filles and eating rice. all that at the same time. Good luck for your own little miracle, i'll be back !

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*And they'll be better than the Josh Hartnett movie of similar name. Which is like saying they'll be better than chlamydia. Spread the word, but not the disease.

That was beautiful. Marry me?!

1:51 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

I finally read "Middlesex". Now I'm reading "Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors At The Playboy Mansion". Keepin' it classy!

Also, loving Pelle Carlberg's new album "In A Nutshell". And hating Rilo Kiley. Sorry! Jenny and Blake are great with their side projects, but I think RK is the most overrated group in indie rock right now. Did you read that whiny trainwreck of an interview they gave to SPIN?

2:21 PM  
Blogger Laura. said...

Oh no - more posts means I'll get even less accomplished than usual here. Oh, who am I kidding? It's not like I'm very productive to begin with.

There have been some mixed reviews on the new Rilo Kiley album, but I do share your stance on it. It's not wholly perfect (Neutral Milk Hotel, anyone?) but overall, it works well. 'Dreamworld' happens to be my favorite at the moment.

I love the new Springsteen single - my only issue with it is that his voice is almost entirely overrun by the music...not that he's usually particularly coherent. I'm seeing him Oct. 10th here in Jersey - looking forward to it.

Haven't heard the new T&S album...will have to look into it.

Hope all is well, Sonny!

6:20 PM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hi Anouck,
Quite the multi-tasker. Die Hard is one of the best action movies of all time, no question, but what did you think of the fourth one?

Hey Anon 1:51,
Dinner and a movie first?

Hi Lauren,
I haven't read a book in so long, it's sad. I need to block off more time for that, I have a long list of must-read, which include "The Namesake." How was "Middlesex"? I may have to put that Playboy book on the must-read list too!

I have to say you're opinion on Rilo Kiley is incorrect. =) I love Lewis' side project, I love even more The Elected, but Rilo Kiley is better than both. You didn't even like the last album?? Do you not like puppies or babies either?? Jk. To each his/her own. And I'll have to check our their whiny interview...

Hi Laura.,
Yeah the reviews for "UTB" have been very polarizing. Guess people aren't feeling the new direction in songs like "The Moneymaker," which quite honestly makes me shake mine everytime. And I agree that Neutral Milk's ITAOS album is wholly perfect. I also feel that way about The Bends.

Have fun at the Springsteen concert (jealous), and let me know what you think of the T&S album!

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Erica said...

I like this 40 posts promise - Silly Pipe Dreams, you might just be my most fulfilling relationship!

I've been up to very little, unfortunately. Even my appointment TV seems to be less appointment-y than usual. I don't know what's up with that. I'm reading Harry Potter, which I know makes me a total loser, but were you expecting anything else?

Music-wise, I wouldn't mind a little push. Nothing is really grabbing me as much as it should be (maybe I'm lazy), but I plan to do some exploring and change that.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous derek said...

definitely a fan of the rilo kiley album. really like dreamworld too, not sure if i can admit i like the breakin' up song too. quite catchy.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous maria said...

Everything sounds great!
Rilo Kiley (silver lining is very, very catchy)
The Boss
Tegan and Sara (when I move to States, I will most certainly drag my husband to one of their concerts...just that he doesn't have to know that...just yet...)
and yes, Cheers is a great show. I used to watch it a long time ago. and no, I'm Not That old.
I've missed you! :D

2:43 AM  
Blogger L said...

hey man,
silver lining is a very poppy tune. No messing around there!

I'm not a great fan of Tegan and Sara but The Con is growing on me unlike Under the Blacklight. It is weak and I find myself reverting back to Portions for Foxes after a while.

Could't remember if you like Heroes but I just wanted to express how awesome that it is (and by awesome I mean to increase the value of the noun "awe") that KRISTEN BELL! is now a Hero.

Yay at your iPhone!


6:40 AM  
Blogger NYOne said...

Hey there! So happy to have you back. Was starting to think you forgot all about us, or had gotten too Big for little ol’ SPD. Even though I am the laziest laze that ever lazed when it comes to blogging, so I can’t really come down on you too hard.
Rilo Kiley = love, if not the same level of OMGLOVE I feel for some earlier albums. Currently on heavy rotation on my iPod is anything overly happy, snappy and hand-clappy. Mika, Junior Senior, Jens Lenkman, Patrick Wolf, etc. It must be all the sun. Upcoming concerts: the Old 97’s and Kelly Clarkson (not playing together).
Reaper definitely looks worthwhile and am I crazy for wanting to check out Aliens in America? The little preview clip made me giggle and now that Scott Patterson has been subbed in as the dad, I think I need to at least see an ep or two. Also looking promising: Chuck, Pushing Daisies and…Kid Nation. Don’t judge.
Anyway, welcome back and I can’t wait for the next 39 installments!
Much love,
NY One

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay! it's gonna be a wonderful 40 days. :D by the way, rilo kiley and tegan and sara, i love very much, and by extension, you.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Katie said...

Hello my TV Soulmate ! Have you seen the youtube video of what the Office has been up to this summer?! How great was it? And how much do I love Stanley?! SO VERY VERY MUCH.

Glad to see you back - hope you're doing well !


2:43 PM  
Anonymous Megan said...

Glad to have you back!

I too have been listening to Rilo Kiley a lot lately (and Im going to see them next week- woot!). This album wasnt love at first listen for me though, however its grown on me. I can'thelp but dance around my apartment to the porno-funky groove of "Moneymaker". My favorite lyric off the whole album though comes from "15"- "he was deep like a graveyard; wide like TV"- good stuff.
I'm also really liking the new New Pornographers album. Fav track- "Myriad Harbour."

7:25 PM  
Anonymous CT said...

You're back after a loooong time. Yayness.

I'm re-appreciating all those songs you posted previously. Currently rotating in cardiology now. It's fun.


8:26 AM  
Anonymous Piney said...

I need Silly Pipe Dreams in my life too! I thought we had broken up but glad to have you back. And with music too! Been watching Greeks and loving it. Have you? I'll be here for 40 days too.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I've never posted before, stalking someone is much more my style, but I've missed your updates so much I feel compelled to tell you hello and welcome back. Also I can't wait to see what the next 38 days have in store.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Zany said...

Welcome back!

I have recently got hooked on THE OFFICE. Better late than never, right? I now understand all the hype about "Jam".

Kristen Bell on Heroes! Woohoo!

Love Tegan and Sara, but THE CON is still growing on me. SO JEALOUS is still my favorite album of theirs.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hey Erica,
You're certainly not a loser for reading Harry Potter. I'm the real loser cause I'm two books behind.

Hi Derek,
Breakin' Up is superfun.

Hey Maria,
I've missed you too! Glad you enjoyed the songs!

Hey Lumie,
I am not a big fan of Heroes, I think it's a bit overrated. And I also think they're going a bit overboard with the casting and marketing. That being said, I'm excited that Kristen Bell is on a show!

Hi NYOne,
Super jealous you're going to an Old 97's concert! I'm glad you're in a happy song mood, I'm a fan of Mika and Patrick Wolf as well. Though I hear they aren't fans of each other, did you hear about their recent rift?

I also watched Chuck and Pushing Daisies recently. You might be surprised with my opinion on both, but I'll save that for a future post.

Hi Anon 8:54,
Thanks! Keep pourin on the love.

Hey Katie,
I guess you didn't see my Office post! Four hour-long eps to start the season, should be awesome.

Hi Megan,
Do let me know how Rilo is in concert, I've never seen 'em live. The New Pornographers album was a bit underwhelming but still enjoyable. I like a lot of songs, especially "Myriad Harbour", but it just doesn't pack the punch of the past two albums. That's what happens when you set the bar too high! Which is why I set it low in all my endeavors...

Hey CT,
Check out the new iPod Roulette for even more songs!

Hi Piney,
A lot of my friends have been watching Greek too.. I need to start DVRing!

Hey Elizabeth,
Glad you finally came out of lurking! Hope there are many more comments to come...

Hi Zany,
Glad you've joined the Office craze, are you all caught up?

Totally agree that So Jealous is a much better album

10:40 AM  
Blogger Spunky said...

Missed ya! Glad you're back!

10:55 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hey Spunky,

12:04 PM  
Blogger Jarrett said...

Dude, I must thank you for The Con recommendation. That album is crazy-good, and I've been listening to it pretty much non-stop since discovering it... here. ('Discovering' is probably the wrong word.)

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jarrett I want that dog!!!

10:27 PM  
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