Tuesday, September 04, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: iPod Roulette

OK, Day Three. After seeing a few comments from yesterday, I'd like to say that in my original 40 Posts declaration, I excluded weekends, holidays and sick days in the fine print. Go back and check for yourself, it's at the bottom of the page. Keep scrolling. You think it's the end, but it's not. Scroll more please. Alright, now you gotta get real close to the screen. No, no. Closer. Yeah, that's pretty good. It's the print in 2 pt font. Do you see it? It's in white. Yeah, the 2 pt. white fine print at the bottom of the page. In Korean. Trust me, it's there. But basically, for this 40 Posts goal, I'm operating under similar work days as Congress. And much like Congress, I will probably accomplish nothing of benefit to the human race.

Anyway, we haven't played iPod Roulette in about two months, so let's get shufflin'! Just like last time, hit shuffle in your iPod or iTunes or iPhone or iAmACheaperRipoff, and jot down the first ten songs that come up in the comments! Aaaaand go!

"Save Us S.O.S." - Hot Hot Heat [buy album] [more tracks]
Fun band, this one's off their Make Up The Breakdown album. I much prefer Elevator, which has great tracks like "Middle of Nowhere", "Goodnight Goodnight", and "Dirty Mouth". If you dig the song, check out their new single on the band's MySpace. It's hot...hot. Heat.

"Wow" - Snow Patrol [buy album] [more tracks]
Wow. That was bad. I like some Snow Patrol here and there, but generally, I think of them as the new Collective Soul. Anyone else concur? I wish they were called Yellow Snow Patrol.

"Well Thought Out Twinkles" - Silversun Pickups [buy album] [more tracks]
These guys really "blew up" this past year. Often said to be the "new Smashing Pumpkins," I don't think they come close to being as good as SP in their prime, but still pretty badass nonetheless. Speaking of Smashing Pumpkins, how do you all feel about the "reunion"? Pretty apathetic? I miss the Siamese Dreams days quite a bit. One of my most played album in junior high behind Nevermind and The Bends.

"Jupiter and Teardrop" - Grant Lee Buffalo [buy album] [more tracks]
Remember Grant Lee Phillips' old band? Loved their song, "Mockingbird". If you haven't yet, check out Grant Lee Phillips' cover album, Ninteeneighties.

"Alive With The Glory Of Love" - Say Anything [buy album] [more tracks]
This entire album is great. Not the best singer here, but his lyrics more than make up for it. Also featured on last season's Scrubs' finale.

"This Will Be Our Year" - The Zombies [buy album] [more tracks]
My 2007 theme song. I believe Ok Go covers this song.

"Variations on a theme by Corelli" - Tartini (arr. Kreisler) performed by Arturo Delmoni
Fiddle me this, who used to be concert master of Clark HS orchestra? Sonny effin' Lee, bitches. Jealous? Didn't think so.

"In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach)" - Elliott Smith [buy album] [more tracks]
Often battling Either/Or as my favorite Elliott album, Figure 8 is a masterpiece. Anyone purchase the New Moon CD that came out back in May?

"D Is For Dangerous" - Arctic Monkeys [buy album] [more tracks]
D is for Delicious. Or Dynamite. Or Do Go Buy This Album. I for some reason neglected to jump on the Arctic bandwagon with their first album, probably just to go against the hype cause I'm sometimes pretentious, but I'm fully on board with their second record.

"Eulogy" - Camilla
A fitting song to end the shuffle! I knew these guys in college, they released an EP that was incredibly impressive, but have since changed their name to The Anthem Sound and have gone a different direction with their sound. Their anthem sound. If you live in NJ, go check 'em out, they put on a great live show.

And that's all, folks. See ya tomorrow with some Fall TV Preview!


Blogger Heather said...

Welcome back Captain!

1. "Soul Meets Body [live piano version]" Ben Gibbard- Not a bad opening....

2. "Passion Play" William Fitzsimmons- I think I got this from you, actually. Always reminds me of Jars of Clay's "Worlds Apart" in the beginning.

3. "Monarch" Feist- I do love Feist. Did you see her Letterman appearance? Musical orgies are nice.

4. "Jezebel" Iron & Wine- My favorite rainy day song. I'm gonna jinx myself, but so far so good!

5. "You and Whose Army? [live]" Radiohead- this song always reminds me of a crazy night I had in Paducah, Kentucky. I know, of all places, right?

6. "Mother of Pearl" Roxy Music- Coming around the corner whooooooooo! Love this song.

7. "Saint Simon" The Shins- No matter what song they sing, they ARE Garden State to me.

8. "The Theme from the Chalets" The Chalets- Another one I got from you. Describes so many nights in my past.

9. "Fluorescent Adolescent" Arctic Monkeys- I can't describe how much I love them. A constant on my player.

10. "That's Entertainment" Morrissey- Ooooh, so close! My least favorite song he's ever done. Oh well.

Not bad, not bad at all!

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Nessa said...

O Captain My Captain! I've missed these, my friend.

1. "Deconstructing Venus" Kevin Max~ Holdover from my childhood crushes.

2. "Fred Jones, Pt. 2" Ben Folds~ I literally ran into him yesterday, and it pretty much made my life. :D

3. "Very Loud" Shout Out Louds~ Swedes are pretty much amazing in every respect.

4. "In the City" Good Shoes~ I absolutely love this band. Extremely underrated. You should check them out.

5. "Tears are in Your Eyes" Yo La Tengo~ great song that I don't listen to often enough.

6. "Cigarette Smoker Fiona" Arctic Monkeys~ Brit rock at it's finest. AM is popular today!

7. "The Dress Looks Nice on You" Sufjan Stevens~ I swear this guy has 300,000 songs out there.

8. "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" Andrew Lloyd Weber ~ What? So a girl likes the occasional musical.... I hate myself. ;)

9. "What a Good Boy [live]" Barenaked Ladies~ I have no excuse, I just like BNL. Yeah, I'm white.

10. "Mind, Space and Time" Elsinore~ a good local band from Champaign, IL. They put on a great show.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Laura. said...

Hey Sonny - Siamese Dream was definitely one of the most complete albums of its time...and really of all time, I think. As far as the reunion goes, I saw them perform and they were pretty amazing. I was skeptical but they were very impressive.

1. "In A Little While" - U2
Great start - happen to love this song and the summer feel it has.

2. "If You're Wondering" - Eisley
Off the new album Combinations (which is very good,, by the way). Not one of my favorite tracks though.

3. "The Summer Wind" - Madeleine Peyroux
Sinatra cover by an incredibly talented woman. One of the better female artists out there right now.

4. "If I Am A Stranger" - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Can't say enough about Ryan Adams...and this album, actually.

5. "Talk Tonight" - Oasis
Live acoustic cover. Haven't heard this one in awhile.

6. "My Sharona" - The Knack
Automatic happiness.

7. "The Wall" - Kansas
Not a favorite Kansas song. But good, nonetheless.

8. "Across The Night" - Silverchair
Not characteristic of them at all but surprisingly enjoyable.

9. "Can't Let Go" - Landon Pigg
Fantastic acoustic artist. Highly recommend him.

10. "Still Beating" - Josh Ritter
Off the new album (one of the best released this year), this is actually my favorite new track of his.

That's it. Exciting, eh?

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Niall said...

"Good Fortune" - PJ Harvey. Starting off on the right foot. I would have to put her albums "Stories from the City..." and "To Bring You My Love" in my top ten list of albums by female artists. The former is a solid rocking album with guest vocals on a couple tracks by Thom Yorke, while the latter is more bluesy and gritty. Go out and buy one of them if you haven't already.

"Call it a Day (live)" - The Raconteurs. Some good rocking sh*t, with the live version a little harder and faster. I really like Jack White's side project, as it is able to add more variety than the Jack and Meg formula. Still love the Stripes though.

"Stories for Boys (Original Version)" - U2. Holy crap! I should quit this shuffle now, as it is kicking ass. I haven't heard this version in ages, but it is great. It is from the U2 Three EP - the band's first official release. CBS records didn't sign them to a contract though, and Chris Blackwell took a chance with them on his Island Records label. The A&R rep for CBS still curses the day his bosses wouldn't let him sign them.

Bottle Up and Explode! - Elliot Smith. He wrote great songs that I always enjoy listening to on rainy days. RIP

"N2U" - Outkast. I haven't listened to this song more than twice. After typing this in, I sat and tried to figure out what N2U stood for, B4 realizing that my eighteen year old niece would be ROTFLMAO about my cluelessness. OMG. This is from the soundtrack to their movie Idlewild. Not a bad soundtrack, but the album doesn't measure up to past Outkast releases.

"Spitting Venom" - Modest Mouse. Off their latest album which includes guitarist Johnny Marr, formerly of The Smiths. I enjoy the flourishes of bombastic guitar that he adds to the Modest Mouse equation.

"The Way Young Lovers Do" - Jeff Buckley. From Live a Sin-E album. Such an amazing voice. I was watching the Leonard Cohen doc, "I'm Your Man", and Rufus Wainwrights' version of "Hallelujah", although good, reminded me of how just amazing Jeff's version is. Second artist on this list that we lost too soon.

"Rock me" - Liz Phair. This is like Michael Jordan playing for the Wizards. Yeah, it is Michael Jordan, but he is a step slower and plays for the Wiz. Some Matrix produced crap. I would add "Exile on Main Street" to that top ten list with PJ Harvey's albums though.

"Ships" - New Ruins. I downloaded this album from emusic a few months ago. They hail from Champaign-Urbana, Il (yeah, I had to look that up). Decent tunes.

"Break You Off" - The Roots. Often called the best live band in hip hop, but I can't think of too many other live bands in hip hop to compare them too. I still don't think they ever reached the potential everyone expected. Good stuff anyhow.

Wow, I avoided having to disclose any of my guilty pleasures.


1:19 PM  
Anonymous Megan said...

Shuffle up and deal...

1. "Hey Lloyd Im Ready to be Heartbroken," Camera Obscura. Saw them in concert and they seemed kind of depressed. But I like this song.

2. "The President's Dead," Okkervil River. Not my favorite of theirs, but this reminds me I need to listen to more Okkervil River. Check.

3. "Cheers Theme," Gary Portnoy. So yeah I am officially a sappy, sappy, dork. But hey I just moved across country and sometimes I really do want to be somewhere where everybody knows my name.

4. "Falling or Flying," Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Cool band name, pretty song, think I got it from you Captain.

5. "Hero," Kate Earl. Also a pretty song that I think I also got from you. Must have been on Grey's or something.

6. "Back to Black," Amy Winehouse. Love, love, love to blast this song and sing along, but yikes is that woman a mess!

7. "The War on Love Song," Sons and Daughters. I love how angry and twangy this song starts out but I have to be in the mood for it.

8. "What we Had," Handsome Furs. I really like this song. Kind of dark and yet still sort of poppy.

9. "Salt," The Biltmores. Energetic and fun with lots of guitar.

10. "Whatlight," Wilco. Wilco=good.

Oooh fall TV preview eh? Crap, that reminds me I need to buy a TV since I ditched my old one while moving.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Megan said...

Oh and I totally agree about Snow Patrol. I got sucked in and bought one of their albums (must have been their first?) and it was extremely underwhelming. I always thought of them as the deaf person's Coldplay. Oh wait, that's insulting to deaf people.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

1. "Abandoned Love" - Bob Dylan. Oooh, didn't even know I had this song. For such a sad title, it's actually making me feel all happy inside... I think it's the harmonica.

2. "La Conga De Santiago" - Los Cubaztecos. This has The OC written all over it. Oh, the good old days of Season One, when nobody actually made fun of me for being completely hooked on the show.

3. "Shout Out Loud" - Amos Lee. Another song I didn't know I had, a mere tune lost in a sea of thouands until the iPod shuffle game came along. It's a very pretty song, actually... much more uplifting than "Colors."

4. "Just The Two Of Us" - Will Smith. Eh boy. I think I actually have three versions of this song - this one, the original, and the one featuring the dulcet tones of Dr. Evil.

5. "Intervention" - Arcade Fire. I don't know what's more awesome - this song, or the fact that Arcade Fire is from Montreal. My little Montrealer heart is bursting with pride.

6. "Better Days" - Robbie Seay Band. I'm pretty sure I found this song on iLike. And iLike it.

7. "Jack The Pumpkin King" - Danny Elfman. Oh yes, shameless Nightmare Before Christmas fan here. I can't decide who I like more - Tim Burton or Danny Elfman. I think I'll have to say both - together.

8. "Punky" - Sean Paul. Is it weird that I understand this guy better when he speaks in bad Spanish? Still, the song is kind of catchy. It also hasn't been played since the summer of 2005, making it the oldest last played song on iTunes until today.

9. "Symphony No. 40" - Mozart. Well, this playlist is just getting weirder and weirder. Next song is going to be a Veggie Tales song, I can feel it.

10. "Stellar" - Incubus. I downloaded all of Incubus for a friend, and never listened to them. They're pretty good, actually.

Not the best playlist, but definitely a change after having "Sweet Home Alabama" on repeat for the last two days... I knew I shouldn't have rewatched that movie. Funny thing is, I now feel like pelting Patrick Dempsey with tomatoes when I watch it. Stupid Shonda.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Well Sonny, I officially have no life since I've resigned myself to commenting on your blog. Thanks, thanks a lot for not playing ping pong with me and allowing me to rot away in boredom. Anyways, my ten song shuffle goes....

1. Oye Como Va - Santana (if you make a Mexican joke...)
2. Boy named Sue - Johnny Cash
3. Passenger - Deftones (one of my favorites)
4. Follow Me - Breaking Benjamin
5. Rock DJ - Robbie Williams (wow, possibly the most embarrassing thing I've ever disclosed)
6. Windows - Thriving Ivory (I'm sure you've never heard of them)
7. Lady In Red - Eric Clapton
8. You got me all wrong - Dios Malos
9. House of the Rising Sun - Led Zepellin
10. Foolish Games - Jewel (don't judge me hahahaha)

7:29 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

1. "Mushaboom"--Feist
OK, not a terrible way to start.

2. "In Your Eyes"--Jeffrey Gaines
I love, love, love this cover. It was one of the first songs I downloaded, back in 2000.

3. "Like a Lily"--Out of Clouds
Got this from 3hive. They're a Swedish band. I don't care for this song particularly.

4. "Broken Drum (Boards Of Canada Remix)"-- Beck

5. "I Love My Car"--Belle and Sebastian

6. "At Seventeen"--Tara MacLean
I love this singer-songwriter, so when I found out she had done a cover of this song I thought I had to have it. Eh. It's good, but her original stuff is better.

7. "What Do We Call Love?"--Sainte Chapelle
I'm guessing I got this off of Salon, but I can't remember.

8. "Where Have You Been?"--Brian Wheat and Groggy Darlin'
Acoustic folk.

9. "Flake"--Jack Johnson
Ripped from one of my CDs because I was using it on a mix CD.

10. "The Rapture"--Jill Sobule
Another of my favorite underappreciated singer-songwriters. She offers unreleased tracks for download on her web site, and this one was featured a couple of months ago.

And just so you don't think I'm cheating, #11 is the Finale from Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back!

8:14 PM  
Anonymous CT said...

Here's mine,

Jim Noir - Eanie Meanie (This from the Adidas commercial where they picked teams)
Belle & Sebastian - Ease Your Feet In The Sea
Sugababes - Easy
Simple Plan - Untitled
Daughtry - Breakdown
Azure Ray - Sleeping
U2 - Beautiful Day
Nickelback - Learning the Hard Way
Matchbox Twenty - Push
Green Day - Give Me Novocaine

The next song is Backstreet Boys's As Long As You Love Me. Ahh, high school.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous mh said...

I do so love this concept. Here goes:

1. "Son of Neckbone" Beastie Boys. This is the instrumental version; I already feel like I'm in a Steven Soderbergh crime caper.

2. "Lily (My One and Only)" Smashing Pumpkins. Speaking of the Pumpkins, their new album is okay. I always preferred lite Pumpkins to hard rock Pumpkins, but "Tarantula" has a hot beat. This song feels a bit like filler.

3. "Hard To Find" American Analog Set. For all you Ben Gibbard fans, if you haven't heard this band, check 'em out. Similar vibe.

4. "There goes the fear" Doves. I had a whole Doves phase, where I listened to them non-stop like three years ago. It passed, but this song is still fun once the drums kick in.

5. "Shot Through the Heart" Bon Jovi. Okay. I downloaded this to listen to whilst I write my comedic screenplay. What? That still makes it cheesy? Dammit.

6. "Driving Sideways" Aimee Mann. She falls under my "alt crush" band category. My wife says it sounds like she's perpetutally clenching her teeth, but she's just jealous of the alt crush.

7. "Treading Water" Nada Surf. Love this band, but I'm ashamed to say I had to look up the song title on Amazon because I downloaded this song for free. Sorry, Nada Surf!

8. "Next Exit" Interpol. I like this band, but I'm never that wild about their songs. It's more background music.

9. "Clementine" Elliott Smith. Is this like his take on that old Clementine song? I'm confused. I second the comment above: RIP Elliott.

10. "Love is Like a Bottle of Gin" The Magnetic Fields. 69 Love Songs is a constantly surprising album. I didn't even know this was on there. Eh, it's kind of boring.

Just dodged a bullet -- the next song was Moby! THAT would have been embarrassing.

11:52 AM  
Blogger NYOne said...

So I started another list shuffling my work iTunes playlist, but it was so innocuous and boring. I was almost asleep when Lullaby by Grizzly Bears came on. I took it as a sign and scrapped that list for a more realistic shuffle through my actual iPod.
1. Don’t Be Sad – Whiskeytown. Aw, yay, a little Ryan Adams is almost always good. Don’t know this particular song too well, but still a decent start.
2. Books Written For Girls – Camera Obscura. A definite Silly Pipe Dreams find, this band.
3. The House We Live In – The Stills. Huh, I really love this song. I can’t believe how normal and dare I say, cool, the shuffle is coming out so far…
4. Marching Bands of Manhattan – Death Cab. Dude this is crazy – I really, really love this song too. And I’m not the biggest Death Cab fan ever, but this song always makes me rethink that stance.
5. Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You) – Air Supply. FINALLY! Something really representative of my deep musical closet of skeletons. Too bad it’s not Making Love out of Nothing At All.
6. Montage #2: Mother – Chorus Line. Oh crap, here we go! Why do I always get the stupidest selections from showtunes? It’s never Defying Gravity from Wicked; it’s always an entr’acte or something equally useless.
7. Rocks In My Bed – Duke Ellington. Well this makes me seem way more sophisticated than I am.
8. Step Into My Office, Baby – Belle & Sebastian. Awesome! And in related news, I need a new job.
9. Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill. Wow, we’re actually approaching my threshold for embarrassment, which as we all know is pretty darn high.
10. Melt With You – Modern English. You know, I think this perfectly straddles the line between kitschy and cool and thus serves as a fitting end for this list.

I’ll add more about how happy I am to have you back posting in another comment. But thanks for this; I hadn’t done iTunes Roulette in forever! FWIW, I happen to love Snow Patrol and have no use for Coldplay. Nyah.

8:17 AM  
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