Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall TV Preview - Mondays

Day Four of the 40 Post Pledge brings you a little Fall TV Preview.

But first, a disclaimer...

As Silly Pipe Dream's readership grows, and as my writing partner and I take more and more meetings around town, I've realized that it's best not to write anything horribly negative about potential employers on the blog. Thus, even though I'm only highlighting a few shows below, let it be known that I love all shows. Every single show on television with a budget for a writing staff. Love 'em. Except Sesame Street. I will dump on the SS. I'm calling you out Big Bird. Where's the fresh material? Where's your motivation? Get it together, man. For the kids. Think about the kids.

Alright, all that being said, click below to see how I'm setting up the dual-tuner DVR for Mondays...

Returns 9/24/07

I recently re-watched Season One, and it was great to see how far the show has come since the so-so pilot. Click the above video to see some outtakes and bloopers from the first season. The show really hit its stride in Season Two (DVD comes out Oct. 2nd), which included the amazing Robin Sparkles episode, and it looks like the creators want to utilize the world wide web some more this third season.

Familiar faces will be playing love interests this upcoming season:

Robin's hooking up with Enrique Iglesias. Which Ted reacts to by sucking face with Mandy Moore. Totally relatable. Same thing happened to me once. Iglesias was a firecracker.

Also, Danica "Winnie Cooper" McKellar will return as Ted's one-night stand from Season One in an episode where she fights for his affection with Busy Phillips (woo Freaks and Geeks reunion!).

8:00-9:00 PM: CHUCK (NBC)
Premieres 9/24/07

I've watched the pilot, and I'm going to plead the fifth here. You all know I'm a big Josh Schwartz supporter, so I'll be following at least the first few episodes no matter what. Here's hoping the show becomes more "Alias meets The Office" than "She Spies meets Four Kings."

Watch more videos here. NBC is also offering the pilot for free on Sept. 10th through Amazon Unbox. But really, who uses Amazon Unbox? You can find it through other sources instead.

Also, since this is a Josh Schwatz show, you may also be wondering what music he used in the pilot. Here are a few tracks, which may have been placeholders, so they might change for air:

"Cobrastyle" - Teddybears [buy album] [more tracks]

"Into Your Dream" - Foreign Born [buy album] [more tracks]
*Josh brings back a little Bait Shop-esque band placement by having Chuck and his "date" go to a Foreign Born show

"A Comet Appears" - The Shins [buy album] [more tracks]

"The Missionary" - Brothers Martin [buy album] [more tracks]

Premieres 9/24/07

While reading and watching many of the pilots this past staffing season, my writing partner and I noticed that a lot of comedies, with the hopes of getting picked up, replaced jokes for plot twists and "edgy" or "different" setups. Which is a shame. Cheers took place in a bar. Seinfeld was about nothing. And Friends revolved around... friends. They weren't plot-driven, they were all about the jokes and characters. I miss these shows.

So, even though The Big Bang Theory has a premise that's been around since the big bang (two nerds get a hot new neighbor), it is somewhat refreshing to see a traditional, multi-cam sitcom that tries to pack in as many punchlines as possible. Sure, some of these punches miss, but overall, this show from Two and a Half Men creator, Chuck Lorre, made me laugh more than most of the other half-hour pilots.

It's no Office or 30 Rock, there's nothing ground-breaking going on here, but do give this show a shot. It's entertaining, Kaley Cuoco is smoking hot, it's reuniting Roseanne alums, Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert, and most importantly, it has jokes.

9:00-10:00 PM: HEROES (NBC)
Returns 9/24/07

There are three things I've come to expect on a daily basis: horrible LA traffic, poorly worded porn spam, and a new addition to the cast of Heroes. For a show that was already bloated with too many characters, this recent casting spree seems like a purely marketing-driven move. The world tour, the interactive spinoff, the online comics... it all seems a bit much for a show that's one season old. I completely agree with this critic's take.

I watched all the episodes last season, and while it's not a bad show, I'm not quite sure what all the hype is about. I find it very slow-moving, with less payoff than Lost. Yet, I still watch. And I will continue to watch now that Kristen Bell is on board. Alright, putting foot in mouth, I guess some of the marketing is working.

9:30-10:00 PM: SAMANTHA WHO? (ABC)
Premieres 10/15/07

Very low LOLPMs here (laugh out louds per minute), but the pilot was still really entertaining. The lovely Christina Applegate is wonderful as Samantha Newly, a woman who wakes up from a coma with amnesia and slowly rediscovers that she used to be a horrible human being. Hits pretty close to home, this is every Sunday morning for me.

I think this could be ABC's much-needed comedy hit, but the mid-October premiere date doesn't help. Neither does the lingering memory of Applegate's old sitcom, Jesse.

The episode ends with a reference to this Tom Waits song:
"Blind Love" - Tom Waits [buy album] [more tracks]

Premieres 10/01/07

I'll be watching this show online. It airs at 8:30, so it didn't make the DVR cut, but I enjoyed the pilot script enough to stick around for a few episodes. For you Gilmore Girls fans, they recently re-cast the father with Scott Patterson.

For a full listing of all fall shows, click here. So, what are you guys watching on Mondays? I'll be back soon with my Tuesday lineup selections. Leave a comment!


Anonymous Piney said...

Pretty much my choices too. I usually tape one show and watch the other (in the same time slot)until one wins out. Can't wait for HIMYM. I will be watching Heroes again this year and not because of Kristen Bell. I'm done with CW and won't go back...not even for Scott Patterson. What no Journeyman?

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Krissi D said...

Hey Cap't!

Nice to have you back bloggin' a bit; you've been missed. It'll be nice to see the HIMYM group back, and I am looking forward to Pushing Daisies and The Reaper as far as new shows go.

Thanks for the previews and the tunage!


1:19 AM  
Blogger Varga said...

Hey! Thank you for this Monday lineup!
Most of the shows look good, but I stay with HIMYM and Samantha Who.

9:43 AM  
Blogger NYOne said...

I'm down with giving Aliens in America a try, even before they added Scott Paterson. The clip that was released around the upfronts made me laugh.
I loved most of Heroes last season except for the underwhelming finale, so I'm not as excited as I thought I would be, but I will certainly keep it on the DVR Season Pass for now.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Captain Oats said...

Hi Piney,
Thanks for the comment! Did you like the Heroes finale last season? And why are you done with the CW?? I haven't seen Journeyman yet, but the clips I've seen didn't really intrigue me. Just seems too serious. I like my time travelin' with a side of funny (Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, etc).

Hey Krissi,
It's great to be back! Missed you too. Pushing Daisies and Reaper are two of the best new shows this fall, I'll be giving my mini-reviews of 'em as my daily breakdown of the fall schedule continues... more tuneage to ocme too!

Hey Varga,
Glad you'll be checking out Samantha Who!

Hi NYOne,
Yeah, I really hope AiA does well, I miss having funny family comedies to watch.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your blog/site. I love that you are going to update more regularly (although I do have to admit that I hate how it takes forever and a year to try and leave a comment. I'd do it more often if it didn't take so long). I'm no HIMYM fan, but I have to agree with your take on Heroes, but the addition of Kristen Bell, well I will take her wherever I can get her. But the cast was already bulging at the seams. I prefer the much underated show Friday Night Lights, but I do like Heroes. I'm excited for Samantha Who but I have this feeling it will be cancelled. Looking forward to your weekly schedule.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw CHUCK at the NY TV festival and the crowd loved it. After the standing ovation it got at Comic-Con I think a lot of people have loved it way more than you. To each his own - I thought Big Bang Theory was awful...

5:20 PM  
Blogger The Franchise said...

I liked but did not love Chuck, although i'm giving it the benefit of the doubt because of Mr. Schwartz. I dont know about you but I really disliked his best friend character; like with a passion. Still the show has potential. I think my DVR might blow up from overuse on Thursdays this season...Glad to have you back internet friend.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

sonny you big wuss, don't sell out on us.

11:43 AM  
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