Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Silly Halloween

*DISCLAIMER: If you want to go straight to the music, head to the bottom of this post and click on "Click Here to Continue Reading."*

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

Almost every year, I get quite amped up for my second favorite holiday. Unfortunately, this year I spent it writing and incredibly frightened by this news (for strike stories, I find that this site, this site, and this site are the best). The strike truly affects everyone in entertainment, even non-Guild writers like myself. My writing partner and I had two showrunner meetings in the next week, both of which will most likely be postponed indefinitely now. Here's hoping The Great Pumpkin bestows a negotiating miracle...

Despite the subdued spirit this year, I did dress up for work. I'm fairly certain I won the costume competition. In keeping with my TV theme from last year and the year before, my 2007 costume was "Kenneth the Korean Page"...

It was nice to dust off the old Page uniform. Still smelled like poverty and alcohol. Ah, the Page Program. Best time of my life.

Anyway, email me your Halloween costume and I'll post it here, or just tell me what you were in the comments! I've put together a little 31-song Halloween mix, so click below and enjoy while you eat the best treat ever invented.

Halloween 2007
A Silly Pipe Dreams Mix

1. "Monster Hospital" - Metric
[buy album] [myspace]

2. "Monster Mash" - The Misfits (Bobby "Boris" Pickett cover)
[buy album] [myspace]

3. "Chase The Devil" - Eagles of Death Metal
[buy album] [myspace]

4. "Ghostbusters" - Ray Parker Jr.
[buy album] [myspace]

5. "I'm Afraid Of Americans" - David Bowie (ft. Trent Reznor)
[buy album] [myspace]

6. "Burn The Witch" - Queens of the Stone Age
[buy album] [myspace]

7. "Halloween" - Mudhoney
[buy album] [myspace]

8. "Dethbed" - Alkaline Trio
[buy album] [myspace]

9. "Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But?" - Arctic Monkeys
[buy album] [myspace]

10. "Pet Sematary" - The Ramones
[buy album] [myspace]

11. "The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead" - XTC
[buy album] [myspace]

12. "Walking With A Ghost" - Tegan and Sara
[buy album] [myspace]

13. "Chrissy Kiss The Corpse" - Of Montreal
[buy album] [myspace]

14. "Halloween Head" - Ryan Adams
[buy album] [myspace]

15. "Little Ghost" - The White Stripes
[buy album] [myspace]

16. "Halloween" - Matt Pond PA
[buy album] [myspace]

17. "The Ghost Of You Lingers" - Spoon
[buy album] [myspace]

18. "Wave Of Mutilation" - Pixies
[buy album] [myspace]

19. "Ghost" - Neutral Milk Hotel
[buy album] [myspace]

20. "Pretty Girls Make Graves" - The Smiths

21. "Skeleton Key" - Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos
[buy album] [myspace]

22. "Is There A Ghost?" - Band Of Horses
[buy album] [myspace]

23. "Skeleton Jar" - Youth Group
[buy album] [myspace]

24. "I'm A Monster" - Ours
[buy album] [myspace]

25. "We Suck Young Blood (Your Time Is Up)" - Radiohead

26. "In The House - In A Heartbeat" - John Murphy (28 Days Later)
[buy album]

27. "Werewolf" - Cat Power
[buy album] [myspace]

28. "Thriller" - Ben Gibbard (Michael Jackson cover)

29. "I Put A Spell On You" - Nina Simone (Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover)
[buy album]

30. "Demons" - Guster
[buy album] [myspace]

31. "Devil Town" - Bright Eyes (Daniel Johnston cover)
[buy album] [myspace]

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Birthday Mix

Hello friends. My 40 Posts In 40 Days Pledge fell apart in a Britney Spears kind of way, but there's still one more day left to post twenty more times! Britney can still be saved!

Fortunately, the main reasons I've been MIA are writing-related. Some updates...

*About a month ago, my writing partner and I were accepted into NBC's Writers Program, which has been absolutely wonderful but quite time-consuming. In a large nutshell, the program picks eight writing entities (this year, three writing teams and five solo writers) who are "on the verge" of success, and they invest time and resources into bettering us as writers and human beings. Not only do we get help specing a show via weekly group notes, the program also assigns each writer an executive mentor and show mentor (my writing partner and I are coupled with The Office, woot woot) to guide you through the soul-drowning waters of staffing season. It's all pretty awesome, I'm amazing, and everything I touch turns to sexual intercourse. I just realized I might be bragging, but really, this program is the bee's knees.

*Also, our amazing agent has been sending us out for many late night shows, which has kept us busy with submission packets. We have a HUGE meeting coming up next Monday, so please send out some good vibes that day. Especially if your name is God.

*We may or may not have some more feature news to report in addition to the SCI FI Channel movie we're working on. To be continued...

*And lastly, I was interviewed for a small little feature here (beware, there is an unnecessarily large picture of my face that may cause you to jump back in shock, something I am accustomed to). They cut my jokes, but hey, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of being in an online teeny-bopper magazine, so I can't complain.

Those are the the writing updates for now. On a personal note, I celebrated my 26th birthday a few weeks ago, on Oct. 2nd to be exact. Big thank you to the kind folks who remembered and left a comment. And, on Oct. 11th, Silly Pipe Dreams celebrated its second year of existence.

But this post isn't about making you feel guilty for forgetting the most important days of the calendar year. Rather, it's about celebrating all the upcoming birthdays that seem to be flooding my calendar via evites. So Libras and Scorpios, click below and enjoy a little playlist made just for you, happy birthday.

I'm Glad You Were Born
A Silly Pipe Dreams Mix

1. "Birthday" - Sunnyboys (Beatles cover)
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

2. "We Will Rock You In Da Club" - Queen/50 Cent

3. "Oh My" - Mellowdrone
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

4. "The Good Life" - Weezer
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

5. "Blankest Year" - Nada Surf
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

6. "C'mon C'mon" - The Von Bondies
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

7. "You Only Live Once" - The Strokes
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

8. "Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn & John
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

9. "Anything Can Happen" - The Finn Brothers
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

10. "Happy Birthday" - Concrete Blonde
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

11. "So Alive" - Ryan Adams
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

12. "Birthday" - The Lord Henry
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

13. "At Last I Am Born" - Morrissey
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

14. "Birthday Girl" - The Replacements
[more tracks]

15. "I Was Born" - The Magnetic Fields
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

16. "Happy Birthday To Me (Feb 15)" - Bright Eyes
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

17. "Unhappy Birthday" - The Smiths
[more tracks]

18. "Still Fighting It" - Ben Folds
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

19. "Forever Young" - Youth Group (Alphaville cover)
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

20. "Life Is A Song" - Patrick Park
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

Thursday, October 11, 2007

You're Welcome: Free Veronica Mars DVD

*UPDATED: Thanks to everyone who participated in this little giveaway. It was fun reading your favorite VM moments, and enlightening to know that "The Worst Date Ever" is almost everyone's favorite post. I will continue sucking at dates solely to please you readers.

Anyway, I literally put everyone's names in an actual hat and picked two randomly. The winners are....

Sara (
Jordan (

I'll be emailing you two shortly to get your shipping information. Thanks again for playing, and there'll be another giveaway announced on Monday!


Does the Fall TV Season feel a little off to you without Veronica Mars? Is your desktop wallpaper a collection of Kristen Bell pictures from her Giant Magazine shoot? Did you pick "0" as your price when you downloaded the latest Radiohead album?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may be interested in the latest Silly Pipe Dreams giveaway!

With the upcoming DVD release of Veronica Mars Season Three on Oct. 23rd, the kind folks at Warner Brothers and M80 are allowing two DVD sets to be given away here.

1. Tell me your favorite Veronica Mars moment from any season, as well as your favorite Silly Pipe Dreams post ever.
2. Post your answer by clicking on the 'COMMENTS' link at the bottom of this post. Those without Blogger accounts can always click 'Other' or 'Anonymous' when leaving a comment.
3. In your comment, leave your first name and your email address, so I can contact you if you win.
4. You have until 11:59 pm PT next Thursday, Oct. 18 to leave a comment.
5. On Friday, Oct. 19, I will pick at random two people from the comments who have left a proper answer, name and email.


In our last giveaway, Neel and Jen walked away with prizes and a restored belief in the goodness of mankind. Perhaps you too can feel as awesome as Neel and Jen did. Just follow the instructions and leave a comment, good luck!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wusical Wednesday

Good Lord, there's a lot of good music on TV this season. Not surprisingly, Mr. Josh Schwartz is providing most of the choice tracks through his two new shows, Gossip Girl and Chuck. Make sure to watch both! Chuck is growing on me (an odd sentence out of context), and I am fully addicted to GG, which really swung into gear last week (haven't watched the new episode yet (I'm using a lot of parenthesis)). The adult version of Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, is also quite entertaining. I'm going to save the rest of my episode opinions for my Fall TV Preview posts.. which are quickly turning into Fall TV Reviews. Ah, story of my life.

Anyway, gotta keep this short, but much thanks to Krissi and for making my life a little easier.

So without further adieu, the moment most of you have been waiting for...2007 Fall Season's First Wusical Wednesday. Click below and leave a comment!

How I Met Your Mother - "Wait For It"
"Nothing That You Are" - Mandy Moore [buy album]
"Alguien Soy Yo" - Enrique Iglesias [buy album]
"Ladies' Choice" - Mandy Moore [buy album]

How I Met Your Mother - "We're Not From Here"
"Somebody's Me" - Enrique Iglesias [buy album]

How I Met Your Mother - "The Third Wheel"
"Passenger Side" - Wilco [buy album]

Chuck - "Pilot"
"Cobrastyle" - Teddybears [buy album]
"Cellphone's Dead" - Beck [buy album]
"Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" - Jet [buy album]
"See The World" - Gomez [buy album]
"Into Your Dream" - Foreign Born [buy album]
"A Comet Appears" - [buy album]
"The Missionary" - Brothers Martin [buy album]
"Any Way You Want It" - Journey [buy album]
"For A Fistful Of Dollars" - Ennio Morricone [buy album]

Chuck - "Chuck vs. The Helicopter"
"Lust For Life" - Iggy Pop [buy album]
"Don't Make Me A Target" - Spoon [buy album]
"Gone Daddy Gone" - Gnarls Barkley [buy album]
"Challengers" - The New Pornographers [buy album]

Chuck - "Chuck vs. The Tango"
"Don't You Evah" - Spoon [buy album]
"The General Specific" - Band Of Horses [buy album]
"Slow Show" - The National [buy album]
"Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" - Gotan Project [buy album]
"Short Skirt/Long Jacket" - Cake [buy album]

Reaper - "Pilot"
"Devil's Haircut" - Beck [buy album]
"Deadwood" - Dirty Pretty Things [buy album]
"(Don't Fear) The Reaper" - Heaven 17 (Blue Oyster Cult cover) [buy album]
"Such Great Heights" - Iron & Wine (Postal Service cover) [buy album]
"Date With The Night" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs [buy album]
"Myth Takes" - !!! [buy album]
"Henrietta" - The Fratellis (pre-air) [buy album]
"Into Your Dream" - Foreign Air [buy album]
"Devil In Me" - 22-20s [buy album]
"Lazy Eye" - Silversun Pickups [buy album]

Reaper - "Charged"
"3s & 7s" - Queens Of The Stone Age [buy album]
"Watch Me Go" - The Dollyrots [buy album]
"Hurricane" - Division Day [buy album]
"Believe" - The Bravery [buy album]

Reaper - "All Mine"
"Get Excited" - Saturn Missiles

Dirty Sexy Money - "Pilot"
"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn & John [buy album]
"Wake Up" - Rage Against The Machine [buy album]

Dirty Sexy Money - "The Lions"
"Money" - Jesca Hoop [buy album]
"Cruisers Creek" - The Fall [buy album]

Gossip Girl - "Pilot"
"Something To Believe In" - Aqualung (theme song) [buy album]
"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn and John [buy album]
"What Goes Around Comes Around" - Justin Timberlake [buy album]
"99%" - The Mooney Suzuki [buy album]
"Back To Black" - Amy Winehouse [buy album]
"Space For Rent" - Who Made Who [buy album]
"Send You Back" - Matthew Dear [buy album]
"Diamond Hipster Boy" - Washington Social Club [buy album]
"Hang Me Up To Dry" - Cold War Kids [buy album]
"Photograph" - Air
"Hard To Live In The City" - Albert Hammond Jr. [buy album]
"Go" - Hanson [buy album]
"Knock Knock" - Lyrics Born [buy album]
"The Gift" - Angels and Airwaves [buy album]
"If It's Lovin That You Want" - Rihanna [buy album]
"The Way I Are" - Timbaland [buy album]
"Don't Matter" - Akon [buy album]

Gossip Girl - "The Wild Brunch"
"Hit Me Up" - Gia Farrell [buy album]
"Shut Up & Drive" - Rihanna [buy album]
"When Did Your Heart Go Missing" - Rooney [buy album]
"The Ballad Of Gus & Sam" - Ferraby Lionheart [buy album]
"Tell Me 'Bout It" - Joss Stone [buy album]
"The Queen & I" - Gym Class Heroes [buy album]
"Believe" - The Bravery [buy album]
"Stick With Me Kid" - The Broken Remotes [buy album]

Gossip Girl - "Poison Ivy"
"I Feel It All" - Feist [buy album]
"Dusk Till Dawn" - Ladyhawke [buy album]
"I Got It From My Mama" - [buy album]
"Can't Be Happening" - The Marlows [buy album]
"Raise Your Hand (Lifeblood Remix)" - The Lights [buy album]

Grey's Anatomy - "A Change Is Gonna Come"
"Oversleeping" - I'm From Barcelona [buy album]
"Knock 'Em Out" - Lily Allen [buy album]
"23" - Blonde Redhead [buy album]
"Reasons To Love You" - Meiko [buy album]
"To Build A Home" - Cinematic Orchestra ft. Patrick Watson [buy album]

Grey's Anatomy - "Love/Addiction"
"From My Heart To Yours" - Laura Izibor [buy album]
"The Yard" - Trolle Siebenhaar [buy album]
"Castle-Time" - Chris Garneau [buy album]
"Little Bit of You in Everything" - The Rentals [buy album]
"Carousel" - Amy Obenski [buy album]
"Moon & Sun" - Gomez

Friday Night Lights - "Last Days Of Summer"
"Bang A Gong (Get It On)" - T. Rex [buy album]
"Evergreen" - The Brian Jonestown Massacre [buy album]
"Muzzle of Bees" - Wilco [buy album]

Rainbow Connection

It's a happy day for the lovers, the dreamers and me. It's Universal Radiohead Day! If you haven't done so already, go to their website and name your price for the digital download of their much-anticipated album, In Rainbows.

On first listen, I have to say this is pretty wonderful. My favorite track so far is "Nude". Sure, it's not The Bends, but nothing will ever be. I've only listened through once, but I can already say that this is their best post-OK Computer album.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Alan Freakin' Alda

Hello blogosphere. I have four big posts still in "draft" stage that will be coming your way very soon. They include a Tunerrific Tuesday, Wedding Mix, Birthday Mix, and a Writing Update. I know I'm making like Time Warner here and continually placing you all on hold, but please know that Time Warner greatly appreciates your business and a customer service representative will be with you shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the following digital short from the mind of my writing partner, Patrick Walsh:

DISCLAIMER: Put headphones on if you're at work, church or anywhere near Alan Alda.

Speaking of digital shorts, I'm sure you've all seen this already, but this is still quite hilarious no matter how many times you watch it:

[click here for lyrics]

Monday, October 01, 2007

Not Too Musical, But Still Very Monday

Gathering all the songs from past week's shows is becoming a bit cumbersome, so please hold.

In the meantime, here are two tracks that I've been absolutely loving lately:

"Scar That Never Heals" - Jeremy Fisher
[buy album] [more tracks] [myspace]

"Oh My" - OFFICE
[buy album] [more tracks] [myspace]