Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 Posts of Christmas: Free Wallace & Gromit DVD

*UPDATED (12/17): Honestly, the best part about these giveaways is reading all your responses. You guys picked some great moments from animated movie history!

Regarding "Musical Monday," I think I may have to do a "Best of TV Music" year-ender because there are just WAY too many songs to post. This will happen sometime between now and Christmas. Of 2009. Har har.

However, I finally finished my Top 20 Covers of 2007 list. Once I get everything uploaded and my little commentaries written, this post will be up later today. Keep checking back please.

So, this contest's winners are....

Amy (amymcw)
Jane (narilily)
Stephanie M (wacky_tangerine)
LJ (ilovesecondhandsmoke)!!

I'll be emailing you four shortly to get your shipping information. Thanks for playing!


"Backstreet's back - alright!!"

Hello interweb friends! Thanks for all the emails/complaints/threats telling me to get back to blogging. They've picked up quite a bit over the past week. Thus, today starts Post #1 of a 12-Post Christmas series.

I realize I overpromised and underdelivered with my "40 Days 40 Post" pledge, so I want to make sure your expectations are really, really low here. It's gonna be pretty underwhelming. The blog version of an NBC Christmas special if you will. But with less Al Roker. There will be free gifts though. And Christmas music. And year-ender lists. What more can you ask for? Well, a lot more. Like I said, it's gonna be pretty weak.

OK, disclaimer finished.

So, on the first post of Christmas, your true love gives to you...a chance to win the Wallace & Gromit: Three Amazing Adventures DVD!

[pausing for Oprah audience reaction]

Alright, I know it's no iPhone, nor even a DVD on your wish list probably, but still, it's a great collection of award-winning claymation shorts. Oh yeah, and it's free. You can always re-gift (looks like Mamma Lee's present is taken care of!).

For anyone not familiar with the Wallace & Gromit collection, they come from the genius mind of Nick Park, who also did Chicken Run (not to be confused with Chicken Little). The shorts follow the adventures of an absent-minded inventor, Wallace, and his dog, Gromit. I still need to watch the Wallace & Gromit movie, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, but I did watch all the shorts in high school and purchased all of them on VHS. Each one is absolutely wonderful. The Wrong Trousers is probably my favorite of the bunch.

The DVD contains all three of the original half-hour shorts: A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, and A Close Shave. As an extra, the DVD also has Cracking Contraptions, which is a series of ten shorter shorts (1-3 minutes). Another extra is a behind-the-scenes featurette that details the incredibly pain-staking process of creating these clay worlds, where they have to shoot literally one frame at a time.

I'm giving away FOUR COPIES. Contest rules are the same as usual. See below and good luck!

1. Tell me your favorite moment from your favorite animated movie.
2. Post your answer by clicking on the 'COMMENTS' link at the bottom of this post. Those without Blogger accounts can always click 'Other' or 'Anonymous' when leaving a comment.
3. In your comment, leave your first name and your email address, so I can contact you if you win.
4. You have until 11:59 pm PT THIS Sunday, Dec. 16 to leave a comment.
5. On Monday, Dec. 17, I will pick at random FOUR people from the comments who have left a proper answer, name and email.


A clip from The Wrong Trousers:


Blogger NYOne said...

Oh, I LOVE W&G. Curse of the Were Rabbit isn't my favorite of the Aardman works, but it's still entertaining enough for a hungover Sun afternoon. Anyway...
Wow, this is really tough. I'm sure I'll think of a different moment every hour or so and kick myself for not picking something different, but for now I have to go with Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid. I could watch that on repeat for hours.

Happy to have you back, Captain! Looking forward to 12, or 8, or even three Christmas posts. I'll take what I can get! ;-)

Joslyn Hansen

jteubner at

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite moment is probably from The Nightmare Before Christmas, at the end where Jack and Sally sing their duet in the moonlight


9:00 AM  
Blogger ^kat^ said...

My favorite is the opening scene with all the animals from the Lion King--I watched that movie to death when I was younger, and it's such a majestic, grand start to a great film. (Plus, who doesn't like "Circle of Life"?)


frugrrl at hotmail dot com

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer in GA said...

I still get goosebumbs of the good kind when Belle and the Beast are walking down the stairs toward each other, and then Mrs. Potts begins singing "Beauty and the Beast" as they dance. That movie coming out on DVD is what finally made me buy a DVD player. :P


12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that you do these give aways but I must admit I miss Musical Mondays.... I realize that makes me greedy but you always kept me updated with who I needed to get on itunes & I feel lost without you. I hope you haven't given it up. Again, sorry for coming off as petty & (again) greedy, I just miss coming here to find new music. But my bank account thanks you.

I haven't seen this movie though everyone I know that has loves it. I should put it on my netflix. As always good luck with all your future writing endeavors.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

Nightmare before Christmas, when Jack is singing his solo and walks over the ledge of the cliff with the full moon behind him. It's pretty much the essence of Tim Burton. (I also love the scene from Burton's Victor Malloy when he gets sent up the stairs.)

Stephanie M.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love W&G, I still have W&G cover on bed, even though i'm way to old to still have it.

My fav moment is in Finding nemo, when Dory sings 'just keep swimming, keep on swimming'. That fish cracks me up!

Amy -

3:27 PM  
Anonymous lindsay said...

Hands down.. meet the robinson's: "but why aren't you seizing the boy?!"
"I have a big head-- and little arms!"

and p.s. i miss musical monday, wusical wednesday, and even the attempt of a 'threnodic thursday'. I do hope they'll return when you get the chance!


6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Anoymous 7:40 from your last giveaway.

All I want for Christmas is the tv music ...

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Sigh* If I had a reputation - this comment would ruin it. But I really like "Jack Jack attack" from the incredibles. That movie is great. My guess is that you'll post 5 times before Christmas.

- Chris (

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite animated moment of all time is from The Jungle Book - the whole King Louie / Baloo dancing sequence - HILARIOUS!!!


9:04 PM  
Blogger Pound said...

toy story:
when Buzz uses his "uni-directional bonding strip." (scotch tape)


11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Difficult ... But I have to say the Sarah MacLachlan song/Cowgirl flashback from "Toy Story 2." When it starts, you're like, Oh great. Another dumb song written just to get an Oscar nod, and by the end you. Are. SOBBING.

I miss every toy I ever put under the bed.


10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite moment from an animated movie is from the Lion King. The scene where Simba's dad is pushed off the cliff by Scar and then gets trampled to death was an unforgetable moment for me because it made me cry. Years later and this scene always makes me cry.


1:06 PM  
Anonymous Maria said...

all i got to say is:

Sonny, you're a darling, but please bring back the "Musical Days". I check your blog every single day. So, here's a serious addict. Please be kind. Seriously.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Krissie said...

I'm going way back...
My favorite animated movie moment is in the old Disney Robin Hood. I laugh like crazy when he and Little John dress up like fortune tellers and meet with the Prince and Hiss is in the basket... hilarious.

The only W&G I've seen is the Were Rabbit, and I really liked it. I miss the job where I took kids to the movies. Animated films are my favorite!

krissie dot bentley at gmail dot com

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Wallace and Gromit! I also love that Creature Comforts film with all the zoo animals. Anyways...

One of my favorite childhood movies was the Brave Little Toaster. A very specific favorite moment is when Lampy and the radio had a little mini-duet during the City of Light song.

Sonny, we miss you and your posts!


6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES. My favorite animated moment might actually be from "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit."

Vicar: "I have a hunch this is going to be a night to remember!"
Hunchback: "...I just have a hunch."


10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favourite scene has no words; toward the end of Spirited Away, Chihiro is sitting on the train with the little mosquito and the mouse and the No-Face spirit, watching all the shadow-people getting off at their stops as the sunset falls across the ocean. The sounds of the train and the shadows' murmuring voices, and the last warm light off the water as the train moves onward, have always been a profoundly peaceful moment for me.


1:01 AM  
Anonymous beth said...

hello!! wallace and gromit are CLASSIC. i can't believe i had forgotten about them!
wow, picking just one animated moment is really hard - i've never really thought about it. I guess I'll say aladdin...the part in the beginning in the cave of wonder, the creepiness, the wonder, the daring carpet-fleeing shenanigans!
elizabeth.seaver AT

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes, just one favorite scene? Call me a sentimental girly girl, but I love Beauty and the Beast and the best moment is when Belle finally admits to the Beast that she loves him which leads to his transformation back into the prince. Awesomeness and girly sigh.

Um, can I add to the chorus of missing Musical Monday too?


9:50 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

Great contest!

My favorite animated movie is Anastasia, and my favorite moment is when they sing "At the Beginning." I'm such a dork, but I love that song, and it's such a sweet moment!


5:23 PM  
Blogger Carolina said...

My favorite animated moment is when Maleficent turns into the dragon and attacks Prince Philip as he's trying to reach Sleeping Beauty in the castle.


7:05 PM  
Blogger ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

My favorite moment is definitely from the first Shrek movie when Gingy is being tortured by Lord Farquaad and he screams, "Not my buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons!"


11:51 PM  
Blogger aa said...


12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite moment from an animated movie is from the Lion King. The scene where Simba's dad is pushed off the cliff by Scar and then gets trampled to death was an unforgetable moment for me because it made me cry. Years later and this scene always makes me cry.


5:23 AM  
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