Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tunerrific Tuesday

The rundown...

How I Met Your Mother - "Arrivederci, Fiero" (B-)
I thought this episode was pretty weak. I'm also still peeved from last week's episode when Robin actually gave away the dogs! Wtf. I was hoping this episode would pick up with Ted and Robin getting the dogs back. Unfortunately, there was no continuation in story whatsoever. Actually, there really wasn't any story at all in this ep, at least not in the present tense. They're really going overboard with the flashbacks, and I'm not a fan. Still some funny moments though...

COLLEGE TED: "My parents live in Ohio; I live in the moment..."

The Class - "The Class Rides A Bull" (B)
A bit heavy on the relational drama, and a little weak on the laughs this week. Nonetheless, this'll be the second or third time in a row now that I've enjoyed this show more than HIMYM. Duncan still needs to cut his hair though. For serious.

The Black Donnellys - "Pilot"
I haven't watched yet, but you can watch it online.

Veronica Mars - "Mars, Bars"
Haven't caught up yet, I'm actually two episodes behind. But in the meantime, here's a cute behind-the-scenes video of Kristen Bell & Chris Lowell. P.S. I still hate Piz.

Friday Night Lights - "I Think We Should Have Sex" (A)
Another amazing episode. FYI, if there were a show based on my own high school years, every episode would be titled, "I Think We Should Have Sex." The topic of sex in high school has been covered a million times over, but this episode still somehow felt original and refreshing. I love the innocence of Matt and Julie. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton both deserve Emmys. And though I'm still interested in Jason Street's storyline, I really do hope they bring him back into the mix with the other characters soon. Not a fan of tattoo girl.

The Office - "Cocktails" (B)
I though this episode was average. Roy's rage blackout at the end there was unexpected and unsettling, but I liked it. Some of my favorite lines...

JAN: "I am taking a calculated risk. What's the upside? I overcome my nausea, fall deeply in love, babies, normalcy, no more self-loathing. Downside, I date Michael Scott publicly and collapse into myself like a dying star."

JAN: "Why is this so hard? That's what she said. Oh my god. What am I saying?"

MICHAEL: Here's to Mr. Iacocca, and his failed experiment, the DeLorean.

Also, check out Rainn Wilson on SNL this past weekend:

While you're at it, check out Arcade Fire too. New album is delicious.

Scrubs - "My Therapeutic Month" (B)
This episode was much, MUCH better than the previous few. Hopefully, this trend continues. Lloyd's air-drumming to speed metal cracked me up. You can watch the episode here.

30 Rock - "Hard Ball" (B+)
Again, this show made me LOL the most this past week. The best one-liners on television right now. Unfortunately, while the show continues to rock, the ratings continue to drop with every episode. This past week was its lowest yet. Thanks a lot, Grey's. Seriously people, just watch Grey's on Friday or online. Some of my favorite lines from this past week...

JACK: "Lemon, what happened in your childhood to make you believe people are good?"

LIZ: "Hey, would Sharon Stone worry about that? Would Richard Gere?"
JENNA: "No."

JACK: "The worm, that's so degrading. Are its origins German?"

JACK: "The crab is getting aroused. Shut it down. Shut it down."

TRACY (yelling at the tv): "TV on! Pornography!"

Oh, and Jane Krakowski looked hot at her Maxim shoot.

Grey's Anatomy - "Some Kind of Miracle" (B)
Over-the-top, at times annoying, at times cringe-worthy, yet somehow, I found myself choking up a bit during the episode. And I guess that's also Grey's Anatomy as a whole in a nutshell. I have a lot of complaints, but I still watch, and I'm still entertained.

I enjoyed seeing Denny and Dylan/Coach Taylor/Watch Friday Night Lights. But Monica Keena's character (loved her on Undeclared fyi) was a bit much. I actually started laughing the second time she started bleeding.

The best part of the episode, and the part where I got a bit teary, was when Cristina stood at Meredith's feet. Well done, Sandra Oh.

How do you all feel about the Addison spinoff show? Taye Diggs is apparently lined up. I'm kind of dreading it.

The O.C. - "The End's Not Near, It's Here" (B)
We've already said our goodbyes, but I forgot to ask, where was Mr. Roberts during the wedding scene? Did he die in the ferry accident up at Seattle Grace? Way to go, Grey's.

The 79th Annual Academy Awards (B)
Well, I didn't do so hot with my Oscar predictions. Got 5/6 of the main categories correct, but went a dismal 12/24 overall. Everyone's talking about how boring the Oscars were this year, but honestly, I enjoyed them. Our Oscar get-together TiVoed it and started a little later so we could fast forward through the boring parts, I highly recommend this. Ellen wasn't bust-your-side hilarious, but I found her really endearing. The sound effects choir was amazing, and I loved the shadow dancers. When they formed into a gun and shot a bullet, I so freaked. Best part of the show:

Alright, you know what to do. Click below, listen, buy albums, leave a comment.

How I Met Your Mother - "Arrivederci, Fiero"
"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" - The Proclaimers [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "Mars, Bars"
"Solfeggio in C Minor" - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
"Lost To The Lonesome" - Pela
"Swimmers" - Broken Social Scene [buy album]
"Undone" - Todd Deatherage [buy album]
"Lovers Who Uncover" - The Little Ones [buy album]

Friday Night Lights - "I Think We Should Have Sex"
"Eyes" - Rogue Wave [buy album]
"Political Scientist" - Ryan Adams [buy album]

Grey's Anatomy - "Some Kind of Miracle"
"The Lake" - Aqualung [buy album]
"Sleep Don't Weep" - Damien Rice [buy album]
"Swans" - Unkle Bob [buy album]

Scrubs - "My Therapeutic Month"
"Turn" - Travis [buy album]

The O.C. - "The End's Not Near, It's Here"
Songs previously posted here

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Grab My Long Golden Statue...Predictions

I'm a sucker for awards shows.

I'm not sure why, they're usually ridiculously boring. Yet, I'm always there in front of my television like a Coked-up four year old (the soda not the drug, though I wouldn't be surprised to see a coked-up four year old in LA), with all my snacks prepared and my ballot completed. Anyway, do please join me in my eager anticipation and print out your own ballot here.

These picks probably won't win you any money in a pool. In fact, I went with different choices in other pools I've entered, but I decided to go a little risky on Silly Pipe Dreams. I know, I'm just a crazy, livin'-on-the-edge kind of guy. Please note that these are not necessarily the nominations that I think should win. Leave a comment with your own predictions!!

PICTURE: The Departed
Little Miss Sunshine or Babel could easily win as well, but I'm gonna stick with the Scorsese sentiment and star power of The Departed.

DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese
This is the year.

ACTOR: Peter O'Toole
I know, I know. I'm a huge O'Toole for not picking Forest Whitaker. He's won every other award out there, including the Pulitzer and the Nobel Prize. I may regret this decision, but I think an upset is in the works.

ACTRESS: Helen Mirren
The only pick I'd bet my life on.

The safe bet would be Eddie Murphy. He won the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards, so I'm probably gonna regret this choice later.

99% sure with this one.

Click below for my full predictions.

Kinda worried about Babel.

For suresies.


Just watched Pan's recently, and I freaking loved it.


Have you seen this movie?? It kills the competition. Please let this win. The movie's been unjustly shunned all year.

COSTUME DESIGN: Marie Antoinette
Worried about Dreamgirls here.

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: An Inconvenient Truth

Going with EW's pick here because I have no idea. But judging by its synopsis, it sounds like a winner to me.

Babel seems like the better choice, but I think United 93 will get this as consolation for getting shut out everywhere else.

MAKEUP: Pan's Labyrinth
Just look at that picture ---->
I think it should win. And how is Click nominated for anything???

VISUAL EFFECTS: Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
It kind of hurts my soul that this awful movie is even a choice.

I think Babel has a chance here, but The Queen won at the Golden Globes.

ORIGINAL SONG: "Listen" (Dreamgirls)
Whoever wins, I think Three 6 Mafia should go up again to receive the award.

ANIMATED SHORT: The Little Matchgirl
Thanks to the beauty of YouTube, I can, for once in my life, make an educated choice with this category.

You can watch it here.

SOUND EDITING: Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
My heart aches.

SOUND MIXING: Dreamgirls
It's a musical. It will win.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome To Syndication, Bitch

August 5, 2003 - February 22, 2007

It's not nice to speak ill of the dead, so I'm not going to talk about the finale that much. At least not the first forty minutes. I did notice the trailer for Adam Brody's upcoming movie, and I kind of can't wait to see it. I know, I know, email me if you find my testicles.

I will say that Taylor was great as usual, and it was nice to see that last montage: Ryan's flashbacks as he walked around the house one last time, Sandy as a law professor, Julie finishing college, Seth and Summer getting married... it was happily ever after, and for that, I am happy.

Anyway, I know many of you stopped watching this show a long time ago, but my moniker is Captain Oats for heaven's sake, so bear with me as I wax nostalgic.

I started watching this show when I first moved to NYC. I lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at the time, it was winter, and it was quite a trek to the G Train, which shouldn't even be considered a real subway train. Thus, I stayed in and watched a LOT of OC episodes. Hot, I know. Ladies?

While in the NBC Page Program, I was leading a group of high-schoolers through 30 Rock and a few 14 year old girls turned to me and said very loudly, "God, you're SO Seth Cohen!!!" I smiled, took it as a compliment, and looked up to find another Page shaking his head at me in disgust. I would later be beat down by all the Pages.

A year later, I went to a Halloween party dressed as Seth Cohen from "The Rainy Day Women" episode. Again, a group of 19 year old girls walked in and screamed, "O.M.G. You're Seth Cohen!!!" They took pictures with me, I smiled, then looked up to find that all my friends had deserted me. I would later be beat down by Jose Cuervo, as I got very, very drunk.

Oh yes, we had ours up and downs, but my dear show and I stuck by each other until the very end, braving all the naysayers and bullies out there. No one else could understand what we had, O.C. Thanks for the good times (Taylor) and the bad (Johnny). I will remember you. Especially when in syndication on SoapNet. R.I.P. old friend. R.I.P.

Click below and you'll find my top ten musical moments and the tunes from last night. Leave your thoughts and goodbyes in the comments!

"The End's Not Near, It's Here"
"Shine On" - Jet [buy album]
"The New Seeker" - Clinic [buy album]
"On A Saturday" - Jacob Golden [buy album]
"Life's A Song" - Patrick Park [buy album]

11. The Rainy Day Women
"End of the Road" - Boyz II Men [buy album]

The song plays while Seth mopes under the covers in his bed. Ryan enters.
RYAN: You're listening to Boyz II Men.
SETH: I can think of no sadder song in the world.
Then, Eureka... Eu-freakin-reka.

And the kicker is when we cut to Summer's bedroom, and she's listening to Boyz II Men as well.
ZACH: You're listening to Boyz II Men, this song is so sad.

10. The Heartbreak
"Hello Sunshine" - Super Furry Animals [buy album]

9. The Dearly Beloved
"Hide and Seek" - Imogen Heap [buy album]

8. The O. Sea
"Fix You" - Coldplay [buy album]

7. The End's Not Here, It's Here
"Life's A Song" - Patrick Park [buy album]

6. The Goodbye Girl
"If You Leave" - Nada Surf (covering OMD) [buy album]

5. The Rainy Day Women
"Champagne Supernova" - Matt Pond PA (covering Oasis) [buy album]

4. The Countdown
"Dice" - Finley Quaye & William Orbit [buy album]

3. The Pilot
"Honey and the Moon" - Joseph Arthur [buy album]

2. The Heartbreak
"Wonderwall" - Ryan Adams (covering Oasis) [buy album]

1. The Ties That Bind
"Hallelujah" - Jeff Buckley (covering Leonard Cohen) [buy album]


*The Heartbreak
"Night Moves" - Bob Seger
One of the funniest OC scenes ever. The song plays as Julie opens the door with a glass of wine to find Luke standing there.
LUKE: Mrs. Cooper, you are an amazing girl.. woman.. lady, uh, and if Mr. Nichol doesn't appreciate you...

*The Chrismukk-huh?
"California" - Mates of State (covering Phantom Planet) [buy album]

I know many of you didn't like this episode, but I actually found it to be one of the best episodes of Season Four. And this cover of "California" during the opening credits perfectly sets the eerie tone for the rest of this "alternative universe" episode.

*The Metamorphosis
"Love You 'Till The End" - The Pogues [buy album]

Hands down, the best episode of Season Four. This song was perfect for the end montage. Absolutely loved Taylor's expression outside the pool house.

*The Power Of Love
"Don't Give Up On Me" - Peter Gallagher [buy album]

Sandy sings this at the bait shop to Kirsten for their suprise anniversary party at the end of the episode.
SETH: He sounds good huh?
KIRSTEN: You know you've created a monster.
SETH: Yeah I do, so there's somebody I want you to meet.
Seth introduces Alex.
KIRSTEN: Oh, lovely tattoo.
ALEX: Thank you. Your husband rocks by the way. I mean...[puts her hand to her chest]...wow.
KIRSTEN: Well, please don't tell him that.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

O.C.u on the Other Side

"The End's Not Near, It's Here."
Watch the finale tonight, 9/8 PM on FOX.

To quote the group that Seth Cohen turns to in times of grief (no not Death Cab), Boyz II Men...

"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye." I'll be posting a proper goodbye post tomorrow, but in the meantime, head over to Give Me My Remote for an exclusive interview with Josh Schwartz, a selection of favorite quotes, and a few pics from the finale.

And because no OC post is complete without a little music, here's the much-talked-about last song to be used on tonight's episode:
"Life's A Song" - Patrick Park [buy album]

Leave your favorite OC moment in the comments!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


As heard on the trailer for Reign Over Me...

"Love Reign Over Me" - Pearl Jam (covering The Who) [Buy More Pearl Jam]

Welcome back, Eddie. I missed you.

Tunerrific Tuesday

Hi friends. Let's not dilly-dally, here we go (nothing hotter than a 25 year old male using the vernacular of a 75 year old woman)...

HIMYM: I'm all about creative writing with the misdirections, backwards-building plots and clever flashbacks. But the "Lucky Penny" episode was a bit much. Nonetheless, still a decent episode (B). Enjoyed the training montage shout-out to every 80's movie ever. The ending left us with the big question: will we get to finally see "the mother" in the next episode?

The answer: no. The next episode, "Stuff," didn't even address it. I thought this one was a bit weak (B-), but again, it's hard not to at least moderately enjoy this show because of the cast. The best part of the episode was the callback to the "Slap Bet." And very clever using the song, "I Wanna Be Your Dog." Don't want to spoil anything for those who still have it on the DVR, but I really wish the episode would've ended the way it seemed to have been heading prior to the little twist.

The Class: Another two funny episodes with "The Class Has A Snow Day" and "The Class Springs A Leak" (B). I think that's four in a row now? I may have to go out on a limb and support this show. Again, catch up on Innertube. This latest episode was actually pretty emotionally-satisfying as well.

Heroes and Lost: I have not watched either since their return from hiatus. Tell me how much I'm missing out in the comments and urge me to catch up. Also note, next week after Heroes, The Black Donnellys will be replacing Studio 60's spot. I'm intrigued by this show. I am generally wary of all things Paul Haggis, but he didn't write this, only directed, so I'll keep an open mind. Looks kind of like the TV version of The Departed (A+).
*UPDATE: You can watch The Black Donnellys pilot here.

Veronica Mars: I just watched "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves." And though it was an episode that took its hooker plot way too seriously, I still kinda liked it (B). I dunno though, something's still missing from this season. Is it just me? Am I just longing for the past? I have a tendency to do that in life. Oh, how I miss velcro shoes...

Friday Night Lights: I've noticed in the comments that the FNL Fandom is growing. Nice, very nice. Welcome, new viewers, make yourselves comfortable. Would you like something to drink? Soda, some OJ, Yoohoo? Anything to keep you guys here. Because this show deserves dedicated viewership from all of you.

Another amazing episode with "Black Eyes and Broken Hearts" (A). This show does such an incredible job delving into family dynamics. The Taylor family drama this past week was really well written and acted. Especially the scene when Coach Taylor walks into his wife's office for advice. "The three of you scare me," great line. And of course, the ending with Matt and Julie had me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Alright, so we're all gonna watch this week right? Cool. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!!! Wow, I am going to be single for a long time.

Grey's: Just caught up on the past two episodes, (A-) and (B+) respectively. And yeah, I did not see that coming. As many articles have noted, Shonda's going down the Magnum P.I./St. Elsewhere/Sopranos road here, but the ending just seems too far of a departure from the general tone of the show. I mean, Grey's is fairly grounded in "reality," and watching Meredith in "limbo land" does not sit well with me.

And we all know that Meredith's not going to die. Her name's in the show title for crying out loud.

That being said, I REALLY enjoyed most of the two-parter. That scene when Alex has to tell the husband about his dead pregnant wife? Tears. Lots of them. Good thing I watch these episodes in my room alone. And Patrick Dempsey's performance? Damn convincing.

But all my enjoyment came to a screeching halt with the "I Believe" speech.
a) I cannot take a person seriously when they start ten consecutive sentences with "I believe..."
b) "I believe Denny is always with me..."?? That's what Izzie's thinking about when one of her best friends is dying a mere four feet down the hall???
c) Was that really the best time and place to tell your other best friend that he married the wrong woman?
d) ...I got nothing. I just like the letter 'd.'

It was pretty cool to see Kyle Chandler/Coach Taylor fly up all the way from Texas during the Dylan Panthers' playoff season for a quick cameo in the "afterlife." Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!! Seriously, watch Friday Night Lights.

The Office: The eagerly-awaited-by-nerds-everywhere episode directed by Joss Whedon. And it was the most touching Office episode to date (A-). I was surprisingly moved by the ending.

The set-up was so simple and well-executed. They had us shaking our heads at Michael all episode (loved the Dead Poet's Society (A) allusion, as Michael ripped out pages from an Econ textbook). Then, when we all expected Jim to come waltzing in as Pam's knight in shining armor at the end, they bring in Michael, who, by simply being himself and completely unaware, ends up doing the sweetest thing possible for Pam. Loved it.

Some favorite scenes...
Michael: What's the most inspiring thing I ever said to you?
Dwight: "Don't be an idiot." Changed my life.
Cut to Dwight's interview.
Dwight: "Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, "Would an idiot do that?" And if they would, I do NOT do that thing.

Kelly: Don't hurt that bat, Creed! It's a living thing with feelings and a family!
The bat escapes and flies at her.
Kelly: Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!!

I believe next week is the J.J. Abrams episode? Wonder if they'll start the episode mid-story and jump-cut a few days prior like Abrams always does.

30 Rock: If I had to rank my favorite on-air sitcoms by the number of LOL's alone, 30 Rock would be at the very top. Another hee-larious episode here with "The C Word" (B+). And we got a Rip Torn cameo! His DUI mug shot still haunts me at night...

Sure, the whole "C-word" story has been done before (HIMYM earlier this season, Curb Your Enthusiasm), but this episode still offered some great lines:

Tracy: "Yeah, I don't have a daughter."
Jack: "Let's have a casting session on Monday."

Liz: "Hey look everybody, Sherlock Homo is here to solve the case of the gay sweater."

Jack: "God, it's like dating Katie Couric all over again."

Liz: "You do NOT cross a Sugarbaker woman!"

The OC: I was two episodes behind, so I'll try to keep this short. Enjoyed "The Shake Up" (B), the ending with Ryan and Taylor was really endearing.

Next, "The Night Moves." This episode boasted some of the best music ever. I never would've imagined when I first listened to Amnesiac that a teen dramedy would someday use one of its tracks. But lo and behold, we have "Like Spinning Plates" on The OC. Also tack on some Silversun Pickups, Bloc Party, Sufjan, an awesome cover of an already awesome song, and what do you get? You get an eargasm. A delightful, 45-minute eargasm.

The episode title alone brought me back to the good old days when Julie was getting drunk at home while listening to Bob Seger and banging an underage boy who dated her daughter. Here I go longing for the past again. Anyway, it was nice to see Seth be somewhat active again. It was nice to hear all the old episode allusions (Luke, Johnny, Trey, Jimmy, etc). Overall, that's what this episode was... it was nice. Not the best episode ever, but "The Night Moves" was a great way to reflect on seasons past (B+).

I'm gonna miss this show a lot, a proper goodbye will be in order later this week.

Alright, you guys know what to do now. Click below for the tunes, if you like what you hear, buy the album through the links, and most importantly, leave a comment!

How I Met Your Mother - "Lucky Penny"
"Nine Words" - Oppenheimer [buy album]

How I Met Your Mother - "Stuff"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog" - Iggy Pop & The Stooges [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "Postgame Mortem"
"Too Much To Ask For" - Radio 4 [buy album]
"White Balloons" - Stephen Ashbrook
*MySpace link
"What's Left Of Me" - Nick Lachey
*Hopefully this if the first and last time you see the name, Nick Lachey, on this blog. Well, until next week, when Nick will be guest-blogging Musical Monday.

Friday Night Lights - "Black Eyes & Broken Hearts"
"The Right Thing" - Prophet Omega [buy album]
"The Only Moment We Wore Alone" - Explosions In The Sky [buy album]

Grey's Anatomy - "Walk On Water"
"The Hop" - Radio Citizen (feat. Bajka) [buy album]
"Liar" - 8MM [buy album]
"Make This Go On Forever" - Snow Patrol [buy album]
"Opposite Direction" - Union of Knives

Grey's Anatomy - "Drowning On Dry Land"
"The Great Escape" - Patrick Watson [buy album]
"A Bitter Song" - Butterfly Boucher
"Timeless" - Kate Havnevik

Scrubs - "My Road To Nowhere"
"Hands Of Time" - Ron Sexsmith [buy album]

Scrubs - "My Perspective"
"Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)" - Billy Ocean [buy album]
"I Summon You" - Spoon [buy album]

The OC - "The Shake Up"
"I Still Remember" - Bloc Party [buy album]
"Broken In All The Right Places" - I Am Jen [buy album]
"Debaser" - Rogue Wave (covering Pixies) [buy album]
"What Were The Chances" - Damien Jurado [buy album]
"The Sad Song" - Fredo Viola

The OC - "The Night Moves"
"I Turn My Camera On" - Rock Kills Kid (covering Spoon) [buy album]
"The Incarnation" - Sufjan Stevens [buy album]
"Rusted Wheel" - Silversun Pickups [buy album]
"Kreuzberg" - Bloc Party [buy album]
"Like Spinning Plates" - Radiohead

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

VD Is For Lovers

Oh, Valentine's Day. A day set aside for couples to appreciate and enjoy one another, a day for sweethearts to shower each other with sweets and sweet-nothings. A day to celebrate the great gift of love...

Um, yeah, I hope all you lovers catch a venereal disease. I hate you.
*But congrats to my friend Amber who just got engaged. I only sort of hate you. Okay fine, I'm super excited for you!

Anyway, I guess I could just throw up the rest of my break-up mix here, but that would be unfair to those that are happily in love and joyous on this day (although, if you are one of these people, I'm not sure why you're still reading because I just wished a venereal disease upon you). Either way, whether you love or hate VD, click below for a mix to suit your mood.

Couples, I have a "VD is for Lovers" mix for you. Just download in the order provided, hit play and have your love making be heightened to new levels.

Lonely people, I have a "VD is for Leavers" mix for you. Just download in the order provided, hit play and have your tears act as a lubricant while you pleasure yourself.

Leave a comment, let me know what you're thinking. If you like a song, support the artist and buy the album through the links!

Oh, and someone please shoot me in the face.

VD is for Lovers
SPD Valentine's Mix '07

1. "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" - Muse (covering Frankie Valli)

2. "My Coco" - Stellastarr* [buy album]
Just went to their show in LA. Awesometown. Will be posting a full review of the concert later this week...

3. "I Love You" - The Pipettes

4. "Nobody Does It Better (live)" - Radiohead (covering Carly Simon)
Nobody does it better than Radiohead.

5. "Inches and Falling" - The Format [buy album]
I mentioned the Format in the break-up post, but I need to keep pimping these guys until everyone here buys their album. Great songwriting, kinda like Queen meets The Shins.

6. "Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits" - The Magnetic Fields [buy album]
"Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits
Let's do it all day long
Let abbots, Babbitts and Cabots
Say Mother Nature's wrong
And when we've had a couple of beers
We'll put on bunny suits
I long to nibble your ears
And do as bunnies do"

Stephen Meritt, you're a genius.

7. "Love Me Like You" - The Magic Numbers [buy album]

8. "Kung Fu Grip Kiss" - The Damnwells [buy album]
The Damnwells were one of my favorite new bands last year. Also check out their song, "Texas."

9. "Dear Valentine" - Guster [buy album]

10. "Someone To Die For" - Jimmy Gnecco (feat. Brian May) [buy album]
Gnecco is the new Mercury. Blasphemy to some, I know. But just listen to this song?? They even teamed him up with Brian May to drive my point home.

11. "I Know You Love Me" - Smoking Popes [buy album]

12. "In The Aereoplane Over The Sea" - Neutral Milk Hotel [buy album]
"And one day we will die
And our ashes will fly
From the aeroplane over the sea
But for now we are young
Let us lay in the sun
And count every beautiful thing we can see
Love to be
In the arms of all I'm keeping here with me"

Grab your guitar, learn the four chords (G Em C D), and make your lady (or man) happy.

13. "You Got It" - Roy Orbison [buy album]

14. "Baby I'm Yours" - Artic Monkeys (covering Barbara Lewis) [buy album]
This cover actually trumps the original.

15. "Be Still My Heart" - The Postal Service [buy album]

16. "Heart of Mine" - Peter Salett [buy album]
I did not watch Keeping the Faith, but this is a great song off that soundtrack. Was the movie any good?

17. "Fresh Feeling" - Eels [buy album]
"Birds singing a song
Old pain is peeling
This is that fresh, that fresh feeling

Try, try to forget what's in the past,
Tomorrow is here

Love, orange sky above, lighting your way
There's nothing to fear"

18. "Love Song" - The Cure [buy album]

19. "Let's Dance" - M. Ward (covering David Bowie) [buy album]
I'll have to do a long overdue review of the M. Ward show I went to last year as well.

20. "I've Been Thinking" - Handsome Boy Modeling School & Cat Power [buy album]
Make out to this one. You're welcome.

21. "My Funny Valentine" - Elvis Costello (covering Mitzi Green? Judy Garland?) [buy album]
Could've gone with many other versions... Chet Baker, Ella, Rufus Wainwright... but it always comes back to Costello for me.

22. "I Found A Reason" - Cat Power (covering The Velvet Underground) [buy album]
Almost a completely different song here, absolutely beautiful.

23. "The Luckiest" - Ben Folds Five [buy album]

24. "Hey There Delilah" - Plain White T's [buy album]
For all you lovers in long-distance relationships, this is a wonderful song to send to your significant other. Fyi, long-distance never works. But hey, it's your life. I kid, I kid. I'm right there with ya... love conquers all distances. Unless one of the end points resides in CA. Then, you're fucked.

25. "Songbird" - Eva Cassidy (covering Fleetwood Mac)
Her voice has me on the floor every time.


VD is for Leavers
SPD Valentine's Mix '07

1. "When You Sleep" - My Bloody Valentine [buy album]
What's Valentine's Day without a My Bloody Valentine track?

2. "This is Everything" - Tegan and Sara [buy album]

3. "Abandoned Love" - Bob Dylan [buy album]
"One more time at midnight, near the wall
Take off your heavy make-up and your shawl
Won't you descend from the throne, from where you sit?
Let me feel your love one more time before I abandon it."

Damn, Dylan. Damn.

4. "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight" - James Taylor [buy album]
What you'll hear if you walk by my window tonight.

5. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Fall Out Boy (covering Joy Division) [buy album]
Great song, great cover. I kind of like Fall Out Boy's new album. [braces for stones to be cast]

6. "She's Gone" - Stellastarr* [buy album]

7. "There Goes My Baby" - The Walkmen (covering the Drifters) [buy album]
My friend, Mike Russo, just told me that three of The Walkmen used to be in a band called Jonathan Fire Eater? Anyone heard their stuff? I hear it's like a sober-version of The Walkmen? That would kind of take away the charm of The Walkmen, but nonetheless, I'm intrigued.

8. "Luv" - Travis [buy album]
"Singing this song, singing along
Makes it easier for me to see you go
But in doing so, in letting you go
It only serves to show me
That I'm still in love with you"

9. "Valentine" - Old 97's [buy album]
"Heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again
Of late, I've had some thought of movin' in
Of all the many ways a man will lose his home
Well, there ain't none better than the girl who's movin' on

True love, I knew some though of, some though of leavin' you
Bad thoughts I had, when Valentine's were due
Of all the many ways a man will break his heart
Well there ain't none meanter than he pulls his own apart"

Thanks NYOne for suggesting this one, I just wept for 5 hours. =) I kid. 6 hours. I needed a song to round out this mix to a nice 35, so I appreciate it! You... complete me?

10. "Love Ridden" - Fiona Apple [buy album]

11. "Enola Gay" - OMD [buy album]
A break-up song named after the plane that dropped the Hiroshima bomb. Doesn't get better than that.

12. "I Think I Need A New Heart" - The Magnetic Fields [buy album]

13. "Become The Enemy" - The Lemonheads [buy album]
"It's not our fault
Yeah things never turn out the way we plan
Something we can never understand
And it's both our faults
When we pass the blame instead of trying to change
Babe, we just need to rearrange

And oh, what you say to me
It's not how love's supposed to be
And oh, what you do to me
When you become the enemy."

How did I leave this off the original Break-Up mix?

14. "I Hate Everyone" - Get Set Go [buy album]

15. "All You Need Is Hate" - The Delgados [buy album]

16. "I Don't Love Anyone" - Belle & Sebastian [buy album]

17. "Fuck and Run" - Cassettes Won't Listen (covering Liz Phair)

18. "Lover I Don't Have To Love" - Bright Eyes [buy album]

19. "Lonely Day" - Phantom Planet [buy album]

20. "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" - The Smiths [buy album]
I did not know until recently that this song title was inspired by Sandie Shaw's "Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now."

21. "Waltz #2" - Elliott Smith [buy album]

22. "I've Loved and Lost Again (live)" - Patsy Cline [buy album]
No one sings heartache better than Ms. Patsy Cline.

23. "Farewell" - Rosie Thomas [buy album]
Saddest. Song. Ever. First time I heard it was on Alias of all places. That show had amazing music, kind of wish JJ would bring some more solid tunes to Lost as well.

24. "Love Itself" - Leonard Cohen [buy album]
Okay wait, I lied above there. THIS is the saddest song ever.

25. "I Want To Vanish" - Elvis Costello
"I want to vanish
This is my fondest wish
To go where I cannot be captured
Laid on a decurated dish...

...If you should stumble upon my last remark
I'm crying in the wilderness
I'm trying my best to make it dark
How can I tell you, I'm rarer than most
I'm certain as a lost dog
Pondering a sign post."

This is why I love Elvis Costello.

26. "Unsuffer Me" - Lucinda Williams [buy album]
I didn't really get into Lucinda Williams until recently, but from what I can tell, she seems to be getting better with age. Her new album, West, just came out yesterday. Buy the album! I also like the song "Are You Alright?"

27. "Valentine" - The Replacements [buy album]

28. "Do You Love Me Now?" - The Breeders

29. "We Were Lovers" - Bloc Party
I've been hearing very mixed reactions to their new CD. If this song is an accurate reflection of the rest of the album, then I'm on board. Really like the lyrics.

30. "Grey Room" - Damien Rice [buy album]
I'm surprised Grey's hasn't used this one yet.

31. "Johnny Cash" - Kelley McRae [buy album]
I met Kelley through a friend of a friend that I went to church with in New York. She was having a gig, a group of our friends were gonna go, so I tagged along, not really having high expectations. By the end of her show, I was in love. I even asked her out on a date, I was rejected. Ah, memories. But seriously, this girl is truly remarkable. If you like Patsy Cline, you should give Kelley McRae a listen. Check out her myspace here.

32. "Inside of Love" - Nada Surf [buy album]
"I want to know what it's like on the inside of love."

33. "It Was Love" - The Elected [buy album]
"When we made love in the van, and I drove with your hand on my lap
And when San Diego got too unkind, we just picked up and left it behind
And we had some love and some hope, a full tank of gas and a wide open road

It was love to us, it was all that we had
And there's just a day when you just break
The best thing you had
And I still call it love
For now, it's the closest I've come"

Love those lyrics. This song was wonderfully used in the How I Met Your Mother episode, "The Scorpion and the Toad."

34. "Come Around" - Rhett Miller [buy album]
"Am I gonna be lonely for the rest of my life?
Unless you come around"

One of my favorites. Wonderfully used in this Scrubs episode.

35. "True Love Waits (live)" - Radiohead [buy album]
"And true love waits in haunted attics
And true love lives on lollipops and crisps
Just don't leave, don't leave"

Thom Yorke has reportedly said that the line "on lollipops and crisps" is from an article where he read that a child, who was left on his own for a week in a house while his parents left for a holiday, lived solely off of lollipops and crisps.

I just love the line "true love waits."

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Threnodic Thursday

Ah, alliteration. I'm a fan. Here are my thoughts for the week (sorry, haven't watched tonight's episodes yet). Alright, boom, check it.

HIMYM: A decent episode. Not amazing, but enjoyable. I liked how they referenced Marshall's obsession with the Loch Ness monster, I chuckled at the TiVo prayer, and I loved the "Sensory Deprivator 5000." This episode was a little weaker in terms of plot compared to the rest of the season, but still, I'm continually amazed at how much this show has improved this season. A friend of mine recently spoke to someone on the HIMYM set, and this anonymous source mentioned that a big part of the improvement has to do with the addition of Greg Malins as an executive producer. Having been a huge part of the Friends-era, Greg has used his experience to apparently help refine the storytelling of the show. Thank you, Greg. TV Squad has an interview with the creators, who also discuss this season's different tone and a forthcoming wedding on the episode.

The Class: There is something very wrong with the world right now. I've really enjoyed the Class lately. Am I crazy here? For the first time ever, I laughed more during the Class than I did during HIMYM. You can check out the episode on Innertube. Now, if someone would just cut Duncan's heinous hair, I might start spreading the word about this show.

Heroes: Still need to catch up on the last two, but I've heard ca-ra-zay things. Looking forward to it.

Veronica Mars: Ditto the above, minus the "ca-ra-zay."

Office: Some great lines in this one, but overall, a so-so episode. Favorite bit was Michael addressing the stripper as Stripper.

30 Rock: The funniest episode of all the sitcoms this past week. You must watch the episode here. If only to see Paul Reubens as Gerhardt Habsburg, the last male member of the Habsburg family, so inbred to the point that his body no longer produces joint fluid. Amazing. Isabella Rossellini also guest-starred as Jack's ex-wife, and it was great to see Will Forte too (nicest of all the SNL cast members). Oh, and Jane Krakowski was surprisingly smokin' in that dress.

Grey's: Princess Sparkle and I had a friendly wager going regarding the previous proposal cliffhanger. Unfortunately, I bet that Christina would say 'no.' Christina and Burke's last scene was quite endearing though, so I'm kinda glad I lost the bet. I thought this episode was okay, I enjoyed the Meredith-Mom-Chief story, I loved and will always love all things Katherine Heigl and Kate Walsh, but that was about it. George and Callie need to bring it down a notch. Holler at your boy Denny though, he's coming back from the dead.

The OC: "The Case of the Franks" was, to be frank, pretty weak. Thank you. There were some cute moments, but not even Taylor Townsend could save this episode for me. The flashbacks, the forced resolutions, it was all a bit too much. Still, only three episodes left, I will "love you till the end," OC. Anyway, one fun side note, Michael Schur, JJ Philbin's husband and writer for the Office, made a little cameo appearance in this episode as the G.E.O.R.G.E. rep. Max Greenfield, aka Deputy Leo, from Veronica Mars also dropped by as a young Sandy Cohen. Check out Give Me My Remote for the full report.

Friday Night Lights: Not up to par with the last two episodes, but still pretty good. I don't really get into the big-issue episodes regarding race and things with, you know, actual substance. I prefer the simple relationship drama, what can I say, I'm a simple man. It was great seeing Tyra closeline Lyla during the powderpuff game. And now, many of you will not watch this show because I just said "powderpuff game." But no, really, this is the best drama on television right now! Episodes are finally available on iTunes, where you can download the pilot for free. Now go and catch up, I'll be waiting right here for your thoughts. Seriously, go now. [waiting] Okay, you're back, wow that was fast. You didn't really watch, did you? Fine, whatever, you never listen to me. I hate you.

Click below for the tunes. I've noticed that some of you are actually purchasing albums through the links! Huzzah! Go capitalism, keep spending that hard-earned cash, my friends! Keep. Spending. Leave a comment!

How I Met Your Mother - "Monday Night Football"
"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn and John [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "Poughkeepsie, Tramps & Thieves"
"Yeah!" - The Golden Dogs
"Wheels" - Mark Lanegan
"A Thousand Kisses Deep" - Leonard Cohen [buy album]
*thanks Princess Sparkle!
"Never The Same Again" - Moonlight Towers [buy album]

Veronica Mars - "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill"
"I'll Take Care Of You" - Mark Lanegan [buy album]
"Western Meadowlark" - Brown Recluse Sings

Friday Night Lights - "Upping the Ante"
"I Remember" - Chris Brokaw [buy album]
"Sexyback" - Justin Timberlake [buy album]
"Jesus Christ" - Brand New [buy album]
"So Divided" - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [buy album]

Friday Night Lights - "Blinders"
"Lord Give Me A Sign" - DMX [buy album]
"Huddle Formation" - The Go! Team [buy album]
"U & Ur Hand" - Pink [buy album]

The OC - "The Case of the Franks"
"Theme From Picnic (Moonglow)" - Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra [buy album]
"Talk About The Passion" - R.E.M. [buy album]
"Start Today Tomorrow" - Youth Group [buy album]
"Unaware" - The Midway State [buy album]

Grey's Anatomy - "Wishin' and Hopin'"
"Runaway (feat. Psapp)" - Sybarite [buy album]
"Elevator Music" - Beck [buy album]
"Barracuda" - Miho Hatori [buy album]
"Canal Song (End of Sentence)" - Iain Archer [buy album]
"Believer" - Susanna & The Magical Orchestra [buy album]
"Fireworks" - The Whitest Boy Alive [buy album]

Scrubs - "His Story IV'"
"Thrift Store T-Shirt" - Brent Jordan [buy album]