Friday, September 28, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: Fall TV Cheat Sheet

Hey friends, the past two weeks have been insanely busy. I'll post more on the writing career later, but please know that the time away from the blog has been used towards productivity and the general betterment of mankind. I mean, I haven't even touched my DVR nor myself in about a week, and you all know how incredibly important both activities are to me. In the words of Elvis Costello, I'm a "man out of time."

Speaking of, if you haven't already, please do check out my "time" playlist and let me know what you think.

Anyway, I'll finish up my Fall TV Preview series soon, and perhaps a Musical Monday or Tunerrific Tuesday is in the works for next week, but in the meantime, check out this Fall TV Cheat Sheet I took part in last week.

[click to view larger]

1 - Don’t waste your time unless you find ACCORDING TO JIM ‘funny’
2 - Not great but at least doesn’t offend me.
3 - Fun to watch if nothing else is on.
4 - Has potential. Worth a second look.
5 - Set your TiVo to Season’s Pass!
N/A - Haven’t watched yet.

The fine folks over at The TV Addict and TapeWorthy surveyed a group of bloggers, including myself, to rank all the new fall shows. BuzzSugar, DaemonsTV, DuckyDoesTV, GiveMeMyRemote, GlowyBox, MikeyLikesTV, ScooterMcGavin, Seat42f, TapeWorthy, theTVaddict, TiFaux and TubeTalk all participated.

The cheat sheet above will hopefully help you in your DVR decision making. Of course, the only column you really need to look at is mine. Because I'm always right. Sophia, are you reading this? I'm ALWAYS effing right. Just kidding. I don't know any Sophias.

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Moore Good News

I’ve blogged about my buddy Trevor Moore a few times before. You may know him from his hilarious sketch group on Fuse called The Whitest Kids U’Know. They’re currently hard at work on season two, which will actually air on IFC, so episodes will be completely uncensored and have no commercial breaks! Bring on the boobies!

Anyway, the reason I'm posting about him today is because Variety just announced that Trevor will be the lead in an upcoming comedy based on Warren St. John's NY Times article, "Hey Coach, Do You Need A Timeout?".

Pretty huge news, and very much well-deserved.

The movie will apparently be about "college fraternity brothers who decide to get together and coach a pee-wee football team, but find themselves overwhelmed by the competitive nature of the league." I really hope they add Zach Cregger, fellow WKUK member, to the mix. Trevor and Zach play off each other so well on their show, why not take their chemistry to the big screen? Who do I have to get on the horn to make this happen? When will I stop using the expression "get on the horn"?

Answers: Can't think of a reason not to; Brad Grey; and never.

When you have a moment, browse on over to Trevor's blog and leave him a congralutaroy comment!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall TV Preview - Tuesdays

Hey friends, I've read your comments, some a bit more strongly worded than others, and I know I've let you down the past few days. Been incredibly busy... deadlines, weddings, flossing, you know, the time-consuming stuff. But I wanna be a lovemaker not a heartbreaker, so I'm gonna try and make up for it by posting mulitple times in the next two days. And I'll also do the dishes. Happy? Fine, I'll finally go to Bikram's Yoga with you too.

Keep in mind though, the pledge was 40 Posts In 40 Days, so technically... we're still on track, I will still hit my goal. Hi, Sonny "Loophole" Lee here, pleasure to meet you.

Anyway, continuing from my previous Fall TV Preview post, let's now talk Tuesdays. Actually, this'll be a very short conversation, since there's only one show to DVR...

9:00-10:00 PM: REAPER (CW)

Definitely the most entertaining pilot out of the new fall shows. Loved the script back in April, love the finished product even more. In the first episode alone, Reaper is already what NBC's Chuck should try to become.

Starring Bret Harrison from the short-lived and underrated comedy, The Loop, the show revolves around his character, Sam, a slacker who finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the Devil, played perfectly by Ray Wise (Twin Peaks). Sam must now work for the Devil, retrieving souls that have escaped from Hell.

Mixing humor, action, and a sprinkle of heart, Reaper is getting a lot of comparisons to Buffy. I see the obvious similarities, but Reaper seems more like a 20-something slacker comedy, kinda like Clerks (Kevin Smith fittingly directed the pilot), that happens to be set in a supernatural action setting. Whereas Buffy was more of a supernatural action drama that happened to be set in a lighter, high school setting, allowing for small doses of comedy. I'm hoping the main trait Reaper shares with Buffy is staying on-air for many, many seasons.

One of the best aspects about the show is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. When your main character's balancing his job at a retail store with catching demon souls into a Dirt Devil vacuum, you really shouldn't be giving heavy-handed Sorkin monologues. However, Reaper does try a little too hard with the Sam/Andi relationship. Everytime the two share a scene Iron & Wine's "Such Great Heights" cover begins playing in the background. After the fifth time, you start to wonder if the network's just desperately trying to capitalize on the Grey's music formula: slow indie song + relationship scene = viewers making fansites, wallpapers and telling their Nielson-box owning friends.

But hey, at least it's good music. The show does boast a good soundtrack so far. Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Silversun Pickups, etc. A full list of pilot songs will be posted in a Musical Monday post-premiere, but in the meantime, here are some tracks from the pilot you might enjoy:

"Deadwood" - Dirty Pretty Things [buy album] [more tracks]
"Such Great Heights" - Iron & Wine [buy album] [more tracks]
"Lazy Eye" - Silversun Pickups [buy album] [more tracks]
"Henrietta" - The Fratellis [buy album] [more tracks]

If this show seems intriguing to you, check out more videos, including an interview with Kevin Smith, right here. Leave a comment and let me know what you'll be watching on Tuesdays! Should I be watching House? I stopped after Season One...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Recent Gossip: Download For Free!

Many of you fellow OC-fans are probably eagerly awaiting the premiere of Josh Schwartz's new series, Gossip Girl. Well, eagerly await no longer! You can now download the pilot for free on iTunes!

This show will be your guilty pleasure for the fall season. Well, aside from your meth habit. But this one won't leave you with rotting teeth. So, download the pilot and let me know what you think in the comments!

Also check out this NY Times article about the show.

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: Bob Pitches A Movie

Hi all, I failed to post yesterday. BUT I do believe if I post multiple times today, the 40 Post Pledge is still alive and well! Right? Of course, I'm right. I make up the rules.

Right now, I'd like to point you to the video below by Bob Odenkirk of Mr. Show fame. My buddy, Bryan, also helped make this short clip of hilarity. Believe it or not, this video is pretty true to life. My writing partner and I have had some pretty mind-boggling meetings over the past year...


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: Once

Kind of old news, but I've been listening to this song non-stop for the past two months:

"Falling Slowly" - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
[buy album] [more tracks]

Definitely not a song for the work-out mix, but hey, I don't work out. The track's originally by The Frames, and the band's lead singer, Glen Hansard, stars in the movie Once, which has been universally praised and boasts quite a wonderful soundtrack. Watch the trailer here:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: Time

Hello friends. My writing partner and I have been working harder than usual to meet a few deadlines this week, so I'm posting Day Eight of my 40 Post Pledge just barely before midnight. The streak's still alive, bitches!

Thus, I thought it'd be appropriate to leave you with ten songs about that fleeting bastard called Time. What songs come to mind for you? The song must have the word 'time' in the title. Let me know in the comments!

"Time Has Come Today" - The Ramones (Chambers Brothers cover)
[buy album] [more tracks]

"Time Is Running Out" - Muse
[buy album] [more tracks]

"Running Out Of Time" - Hot Hot Heat
[buy album] [more tracks]

"Time Waits For No One" - The Rolling Stones
[buy album] [more tracks]

"Man Out Of Time" - Elvis Costello
[buy album] [more tracks]

"There's Never Enough Time" - The Postal Service
[buy album] [more tracks]

"Time Fades Away" - Neil Young
[buy album] [more tracks]

"All Kinds Of Time" - Fountains Of Wayne
[buy album] [more tracks]

"All In Good Time" - Ron Sexsmith
[buy album] [more tracks]

"Time" - Kelley McRae
[buy album] [more tracks]

Monday, September 10, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: GRΣΣK

Gotta make Day Seven of 40 Post Pledge quick unfortunately.

I was hoping to get YOUR feedback on the ABC Family show, GRΣΣK. Its mid-season finale aired last night. I've been meaning to check it out, but have heard mixed things. Have you guys been watching? Let me know what you think in the comments!


Also, check out this video that my buddy Trevor of The Whitest Kids U'Know made at Comic-Con with Clark Duke (Greek, Clark and Michael, brief cameo in Superbad). For you Heroes fans, you'll enjoy the little bit between Trever and Clark and Zachary Quinto.

See you all tomorrow with another post!

Friday, September 07, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: Here To Please

I noticed in the comments that many of you enjoy finding new music here more than anything else. Duh, Sonny, free mp3s. Thus, I shall take a break from the TV reviews for a day to highlight five songs that have been in heavy rotation on the iPhone lately (yep, any excuse to bring up the iPhone again). Two of the songs were sent to me on a compilation CD from Lyle at Bank Robber Music. Thanks Lyle! He's like the male Alexandra Patsavas, with his company also placing great indie bands on TV shows. Check out his site here.

Anyway, I digress. Listen to these tracks on repeat, buy some albums, do a random act of kindness, and let me know how you bettered someone else/what you think of the songs!

Changing the world one post at a time,
Sonny Lee

"Unless It's Kicks" - Okkervil River [buy album] [more tracks]

"Selfish Jean" - Travis [buy album] [more tracks]

"The Magic Position" - Patrick Wolf [buy album] [more tracks]

"Lake Michigan" - Rogue Wave [buy album] [more tracks]

"Fa-Fa-Fa" - Datarock [buy album] [more tracks]

Thursday, September 06, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: Recycle

Day Five of the 40 Post Promise is going to be a short one.

I just want to point out that I've thrown up a few more songs from the Chuck pilot in yesterday's Fall TV Preview post. So check it out below and leave a comment! Your interaction is the only way I'll make it through the remaining 35 days!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall TV Preview - Mondays

Day Four of the 40 Post Pledge brings you a little Fall TV Preview.

But first, a disclaimer...

As Silly Pipe Dream's readership grows, and as my writing partner and I take more and more meetings around town, I've realized that it's best not to write anything horribly negative about potential employers on the blog. Thus, even though I'm only highlighting a few shows below, let it be known that I love all shows. Every single show on television with a budget for a writing staff. Love 'em. Except Sesame Street. I will dump on the SS. I'm calling you out Big Bird. Where's the fresh material? Where's your motivation? Get it together, man. For the kids. Think about the kids.

Alright, all that being said, click below to see how I'm setting up the dual-tuner DVR for Mondays...

Returns 9/24/07

I recently re-watched Season One, and it was great to see how far the show has come since the so-so pilot. Click the above video to see some outtakes and bloopers from the first season. The show really hit its stride in Season Two (DVD comes out Oct. 2nd), which included the amazing Robin Sparkles episode, and it looks like the creators want to utilize the world wide web some more this third season.

Familiar faces will be playing love interests this upcoming season:

Robin's hooking up with Enrique Iglesias. Which Ted reacts to by sucking face with Mandy Moore. Totally relatable. Same thing happened to me once. Iglesias was a firecracker.

Also, Danica "Winnie Cooper" McKellar will return as Ted's one-night stand from Season One in an episode where she fights for his affection with Busy Phillips (woo Freaks and Geeks reunion!).

8:00-9:00 PM: CHUCK (NBC)
Premieres 9/24/07

I've watched the pilot, and I'm going to plead the fifth here. You all know I'm a big Josh Schwartz supporter, so I'll be following at least the first few episodes no matter what. Here's hoping the show becomes more "Alias meets The Office" than "She Spies meets Four Kings."

Watch more videos here. NBC is also offering the pilot for free on Sept. 10th through Amazon Unbox. But really, who uses Amazon Unbox? You can find it through other sources instead.

Also, since this is a Josh Schwatz show, you may also be wondering what music he used in the pilot. Here are a few tracks, which may have been placeholders, so they might change for air:

"Cobrastyle" - Teddybears [buy album] [more tracks]

"Into Your Dream" - Foreign Born [buy album] [more tracks]
*Josh brings back a little Bait Shop-esque band placement by having Chuck and his "date" go to a Foreign Born show

"A Comet Appears" - The Shins [buy album] [more tracks]

"The Missionary" - Brothers Martin [buy album] [more tracks]

Premieres 9/24/07

While reading and watching many of the pilots this past staffing season, my writing partner and I noticed that a lot of comedies, with the hopes of getting picked up, replaced jokes for plot twists and "edgy" or "different" setups. Which is a shame. Cheers took place in a bar. Seinfeld was about nothing. And Friends revolved around... friends. They weren't plot-driven, they were all about the jokes and characters. I miss these shows.

So, even though The Big Bang Theory has a premise that's been around since the big bang (two nerds get a hot new neighbor), it is somewhat refreshing to see a traditional, multi-cam sitcom that tries to pack in as many punchlines as possible. Sure, some of these punches miss, but overall, this show from Two and a Half Men creator, Chuck Lorre, made me laugh more than most of the other half-hour pilots.

It's no Office or 30 Rock, there's nothing ground-breaking going on here, but do give this show a shot. It's entertaining, Kaley Cuoco is smoking hot, it's reuniting Roseanne alums, Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert, and most importantly, it has jokes.

9:00-10:00 PM: HEROES (NBC)
Returns 9/24/07

There are three things I've come to expect on a daily basis: horrible LA traffic, poorly worded porn spam, and a new addition to the cast of Heroes. For a show that was already bloated with too many characters, this recent casting spree seems like a purely marketing-driven move. The world tour, the interactive spinoff, the online comics... it all seems a bit much for a show that's one season old. I completely agree with this critic's take.

I watched all the episodes last season, and while it's not a bad show, I'm not quite sure what all the hype is about. I find it very slow-moving, with less payoff than Lost. Yet, I still watch. And I will continue to watch now that Kristen Bell is on board. Alright, putting foot in mouth, I guess some of the marketing is working.

9:30-10:00 PM: SAMANTHA WHO? (ABC)
Premieres 10/15/07

Very low LOLPMs here (laugh out louds per minute), but the pilot was still really entertaining. The lovely Christina Applegate is wonderful as Samantha Newly, a woman who wakes up from a coma with amnesia and slowly rediscovers that she used to be a horrible human being. Hits pretty close to home, this is every Sunday morning for me.

I think this could be ABC's much-needed comedy hit, but the mid-October premiere date doesn't help. Neither does the lingering memory of Applegate's old sitcom, Jesse.

The episode ends with a reference to this Tom Waits song:
"Blind Love" - Tom Waits [buy album] [more tracks]

Premieres 10/01/07

I'll be watching this show online. It airs at 8:30, so it didn't make the DVR cut, but I enjoyed the pilot script enough to stick around for a few episodes. For you Gilmore Girls fans, they recently re-cast the father with Scott Patterson.

For a full listing of all fall shows, click here. So, what are you guys watching on Mondays? I'll be back soon with my Tuesday lineup selections. Leave a comment!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

40 Posts In 40 Weekdays: iPod Roulette

OK, Day Three. After seeing a few comments from yesterday, I'd like to say that in my original 40 Posts declaration, I excluded weekends, holidays and sick days in the fine print. Go back and check for yourself, it's at the bottom of the page. Keep scrolling. You think it's the end, but it's not. Scroll more please. Alright, now you gotta get real close to the screen. No, no. Closer. Yeah, that's pretty good. It's the print in 2 pt font. Do you see it? It's in white. Yeah, the 2 pt. white fine print at the bottom of the page. In Korean. Trust me, it's there. But basically, for this 40 Posts goal, I'm operating under similar work days as Congress. And much like Congress, I will probably accomplish nothing of benefit to the human race.

Anyway, we haven't played iPod Roulette in about two months, so let's get shufflin'! Just like last time, hit shuffle in your iPod or iTunes or iPhone or iAmACheaperRipoff, and jot down the first ten songs that come up in the comments! Aaaaand go!

"Save Us S.O.S." - Hot Hot Heat [buy album] [more tracks]
Fun band, this one's off their Make Up The Breakdown album. I much prefer Elevator, which has great tracks like "Middle of Nowhere", "Goodnight Goodnight", and "Dirty Mouth". If you dig the song, check out their new single on the band's MySpace. It's Heat.

"Wow" - Snow Patrol [buy album] [more tracks]
Wow. That was bad. I like some Snow Patrol here and there, but generally, I think of them as the new Collective Soul. Anyone else concur? I wish they were called Yellow Snow Patrol.

"Well Thought Out Twinkles" - Silversun Pickups [buy album] [more tracks]
These guys really "blew up" this past year. Often said to be the "new Smashing Pumpkins," I don't think they come close to being as good as SP in their prime, but still pretty badass nonetheless. Speaking of Smashing Pumpkins, how do you all feel about the "reunion"? Pretty apathetic? I miss the Siamese Dreams days quite a bit. One of my most played album in junior high behind Nevermind and The Bends.

"Jupiter and Teardrop" - Grant Lee Buffalo [buy album] [more tracks]
Remember Grant Lee Phillips' old band? Loved their song, "Mockingbird". If you haven't yet, check out Grant Lee Phillips' cover album, Ninteeneighties.

"Alive With The Glory Of Love" - Say Anything [buy album] [more tracks]
This entire album is great. Not the best singer here, but his lyrics more than make up for it. Also featured on last season's Scrubs' finale.

"This Will Be Our Year" - The Zombies [buy album] [more tracks]
My 2007 theme song. I believe Ok Go covers this song.

"Variations on a theme by Corelli" - Tartini (arr. Kreisler) performed by Arturo Delmoni
Fiddle me this, who used to be concert master of Clark HS orchestra? Sonny effin' Lee, bitches. Jealous? Didn't think so.

"In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach)" - Elliott Smith [buy album] [more tracks]
Often battling Either/Or as my favorite Elliott album, Figure 8 is a masterpiece. Anyone purchase the New Moon CD that came out back in May?

"D Is For Dangerous" - Arctic Monkeys [buy album] [more tracks]
D is for Delicious. Or Dynamite. Or Do Go Buy This Album. I for some reason neglected to jump on the Arctic bandwagon with their first album, probably just to go against the hype cause I'm sometimes pretentious, but I'm fully on board with their second record.

"Eulogy" - Camilla
A fitting song to end the shuffle! I knew these guys in college, they released an EP that was incredibly impressive, but have since changed their name to The Anthem Sound and have gone a different direction with their sound. Their anthem sound. If you live in NJ, go check 'em out, they put on a great live show.

And that's all, folks. See ya tomorrow with some Fall TV Preview!