Friday, January 25, 2008


If you're tired of all the reality shows flooding your TV screens during the strike (how disappointing was Moment of Truth? I wanna see lives ruined dammit!), one place you should check out for fun scripted fare is BBC America.

Though I've never seen the first season, and though it has one of the lamest titles of recent memory, I just watched a screener for the second season premiere of Torchwood.

And I liked it. A lot!

For you Buffy fans, this is right up your alley, combining fun dialogue, drama and procedural paranormal cases into each episode. Oh, and James Marsters too, who is awesome as a conniving Time Agent with quite the hungry libido. Click here for a two-page TV Guide interview with him.

I also enjoyed the very cute Eve Myles, who plays Gwen. I want to make love to her eyes and that oddly endearing gap between her teeth. I think I'm revealing too much about myself. Check out Pop Candy's podcast interview with her here.

The production value leaves a bit, okay a lot, to be desired, especially if you're used to watching something like Friday Night Lights, but it's still a step above Doctor Who. And once the story gets going, it really doesn't matter.

Basically, if you're looking for an entertaining, slightly campy SCI FI ride, with a bi-sexual protagonist, cool British accents, and lots of "whoosh" audio effects, then Torchwood is the show for you!

The second season premieres tomorrow, Jan. 26th, on BBC America at 9pm ET/PT. Here's the trailer:

P.S. Check out the playlist from the first episode. Every song has the word "time" in it. And if you read this blog religiously, then all three of you will know that I did a "Time" playlist not long ago.

Jake and Amir

So many posts in draft stage. In the meantime, check out

I'm usually not a fan of online comedy groups, but these guys are "so ace" as their Busted Tee shirts say.

I hear most of the sketches are done off-the-cuff, so the writing's not the highlight here. But still, the videos are oddly entertaining, and the two guys play really well off one another.

They have more videos available on their Facebook group as well.

I've been told that Amir seems like a Jewish version of me. If for some reason you read this Amir, I am sorry. Here's a video from their collection:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Favorite Album of 2008

Granted this is the only album I've purchased so far this year, but the new Magnetic Fields release, Distortion, will probably remain one of my top 2008 albums for a while. Just bought it today and have listened all the way through four times.

The album is aptly titled, as it's similar to their 69 Love Songs collection, but with, um, distortion. I think that's a pretty solid review, and I'm very sleepy, so that's all I got.

Check out these two choice tracks for ya and purchase the album via the links below!

MP3: "Too Drunk To Dream" - The Magnetic Fields
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

Favorite lyric:
Sober, life is a prison. Shitfaced, it is a blessing.
Sober, nobody wants you. Shitfaced, they're all undressing.

MP3: "California Girls" - The Magnetic Fields
[buy album] [myspace] [more tracks]

Favorite lyric:
So I have planned my grand attacks, I will stand behind their backs
With my brand new battle ax, then they will taste my wrath
They will hear me say as the pavement whirls
"I hate California girls..."

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Breakup Song

Hey friends, I've been working on editing the interview I promised you with my buddies Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg. Their answers were great, but it's just taking a bit to edit out my awkwardness and random loud snorts of laughter.

While I was messing around with the interview in GarageBand, I ended up recording a song I wrote after "The Breakup". I intended on recording it solely for my friend Lauren -- she and I recently decided to start performing together here and there in LA. For you haters, no, this isn't a career move. We both individually used to perform or be in bands growing up, we both stopped at some point, and we both made new year's resolutions to start again. Just something we miss doing.

Anyway, despite the fact that I recorded this on an internal laptop mic, and despite the fact that I had to twist my body into ways I had never thought possible to work with said mic, I'm content with the outcome. I figured I'd upload it here since I haven't blogged in a while.

I will probably delete tomorrow when I realize this post is the blog equivalent of a college dorm room. But in the meantime, why don't you put that Econ book away, have a seat in my bean bag chair, and listen to this song about my ex? Leave my door open. I want people in the hallway to hear.

MP3: "A Breakup Song" - Sonny Lee

*click on the "continue reading" link below for lyrics

by Sonny Lee

This is the day when you turned colder
Freezing alone
While I wait by the phone
But I know it's good

Don't start the day until it's over
Where I'm happy again
Pretending we didn't end
But I know it's good

Well maybe some time by myself could make it right
Maybe last night is the last time that we fight
Say goodbye to the life
Where you stood by as my wife
Cause baby, I know that you had to go, but I know it's good.

Long live the day when we grew older
You and I have turned grey
And we've faded away
But I know it's good

God bless the day when I got sober
Never drink you again
I can see it's the end
But I know it's good

Well maybe some time with someone new
Could make it right
Maybe last night is the last time that we fight
Goodbye to the life
Where you stood by as my wife
Cause baby, I know that you had to go, but I know it's good.

The silence you hear is the sound of me giving up and down
The empty space that fills your bed is where we left all of our dreams for dead
But we tried and it never was everything that we thought because
I've re-written history to where you were never in love with me at all.
It helps the fall.

When my birthday comes in October
Don't send me a card
I won't know who you are
But I know it's good

Don't put that head down on my shoulder
Don't touch me at all
Don't write and don't call
I know it's good

Maybe the time already passed to make it right
Maybe some wine and some whiskey could warm the nights
Maybe I'm trying too hard
Cause I'm falling apart
Baby I know, that you had to go, but I don't know...
Why you went away, why we ended today, why I thought we could.
But it's time to part, please give back my heart, cause I know it's good.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mark Your Calendars

Just got back from a very cool screening of Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay. It was a cast & crew & friends affair, so a lot of extremely funny people were in attendance: Ed Helms, Rob Corddry, David Krumholtz, NPH!, and of course, the writers and directors of the film, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.

If you enjoyed the first movie, you will love this one even more. If you didn't enjoy the first movie, then go take a good, hard look at yourself in the mirror, but you will also love this one even more.

I'll be doing a full review next week, as well as an interview with Jon & Hayden (I know I promised this way back in September of '06, but better late than never?). In the meantime, do check out the redband trailer below and mark your calendars for April 25th!

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Premiere!

You guys trust me, right? No, I'm not asking you to take our cyber-relationship to the next level and meet in person (how do you feel about phone though?).

No, no, I'm asking you to watch an episode. An episode titled "Poop In The Pool."

Look, you trusted me and watched Veronica Mars. You walked by my side through Friday Night Lights. Now, have faith in my remote and tune in to the Season 3 premiere of Rob & Big. Tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 8th at 10:30 PM on MTV!


Well, first, laughter is good for your health.

And also, as mentioned before, my writing partner and I helped write, I mean "creatively consult," the new season. This will be our first official on-air credit, and God/AMPTPTPTPTP-willing, not our last.

So check it out if you can. The credits will most likely be covered by a promo for True Life: I'm In An Interfaith Relationship With My Gay Knocked Up Cousin In Rehab And We're Moving To Vegas!, but you can definitely see our one second of fame by downloading the episode FOR FREE on iTunes this week. Okay, mom?

Someone with a lot of time on their hands told me "Sonny Lee" and "Patrick Walsh" come up exactly 21:00 minutes in. God, that someone is so lame and so not named "Sonny Lee" or "Patrick Walsh."

I never thought I'd feel so much gratification from watching a 33 year old skateboarder and his big black bodyguard, but it was really cool to see the ideas thrown around in the room actually take place on screen.

Anyway, check out the trailer, watch the episode, and leave a comment! Thanks!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Just wanted to say thanks to all who read Silly Pipe Dreams in 2007. Here's hoping 2008 brings an end to the strike and an end to broken post promises from yours truly.

Also, in the spirit of a "greener" year, my first 2008 post will recycle tracks from years past. So, check out my new year's mixes from '06 and '07!

Happy New Year!!